Christmas isn’t too far away

I just received an email from my baker who made stunning homemade panettone for me, for the bishops, and for my Supper For The Promotion of Clericalism.  This got me to thinking about Christmas shopping preparations.  It is good to get some of these things out of the way now, so that Advent can be more about what it is supposed to be about.  Why wait?   Right?

So, I’ll remind you that when you Christmas shop online, pretty please use my Amazon search box?  I’ll get a small percentage, the price remains the same for you, and you get stuff delivered to your doorstep.  Easy peasy.

Also, remember to frequent the wonderful Wyoming Carmelites and their coffee, tea and religious products.  HERE

The Summit Dominicans make soaps and the foofy things.  HERE  Women seem to like this stuff, and I believe they appreciate it when men use soap.

There is Z-Swag.  HERE  Irritate libs.

Another great option would be to get beautiful art work from Daniel Mitsui and have it framed.   That’s what I have done.  It is edifying and much appreciated.  The latest I did was a housewarming gift to a priest friend when he moved. Mitsui has a great variety of works.  Also, I am pretty sure that, right now especially, you’ll do him a great service by frequenting his site in a timely manner and getting his art.  HERE

I just noticed his coloring pages for children.  Very spiffy.  Please go look.

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