Pray against Hurricane Matthew! BISHOPS & PRIESTS – ACTION ITEM!

Please pray to the angels and saints to intercede with God to repress Hurricane Matthew which is barreling down on the Bahamas and then on to the Florida.  It could be a bad one.  It looks like it the eye will slide up the East Coast off shore.  It might loop back.

People are getting ready.  My mother lives right where it is now headed.

Priests and bishops…

Put on all your best gear.  Get some people together.  Get out your copy of the older, traditional Roman Ritual and…


Use the old Roman Ritual and pray the Litany with the deprecatory prayers against storms. A procession could be done even in doors… even with a very few.

You don’t have to be directly in the line of the storm to pray for others!

PROCESSION FOR AVERTING TEMPEST [Better in Latin, but here is the English from Sancta Missa.]

The church bells are rung, and all who can assemble in church. Then the Litany of the Saints is said, in which the following invocation is said twice:

From lightning and tempest, Lord, deliver us.

At the end of the litany the following is added:

P: Our Father (the rest inaudibly until:)
P: And lead us not into temptation.
All: But deliver us from evil.
Psalm 147
P: Glorify the Lord, O Jerusalem; * praise your God, O Sion.
All: For He has strengthened the bars of your gates; * He has blessed your children within you.
P: He has granted peace in your borders; * with the best of wheat He fills you.
All: He sends forth His command to the earth; * swiftly runs His word!
P: He spreads snow like wool; * He strews frost like ashes.
All: He scatters His hail like crumbs; * the waters freeze before His cold.
P: He sends His word and melts them; * He lets His breeze blow and the waters run.
All: He has proclaimed His word to Jacob, * His statutes and His ordinances to Israel.
P: He has not done thus for any other nation; * He has not made known His ordinances to them.
All: Glory be to the Father.
P: As it was in the beginning.
P: Our help is in the name of the Lord.
All: Who made heaven and earth.
P: Lord, show us your mercy.
All: And grant us your salvation.
P: Help us, O God, our Savior.
All: And deliver us, O Lord, for your name’s sake.
P: Let the enemy have no power over us.
All: And the son of iniquity be powerless to harm us.
P: May your mercy, Lord, remain with us always.
All: For we put our whole trust in you.
P: Save your faithful people, Lord.
All: Bless all who belong to you.
P: You withhold no good thing from those who walk in sincerity.
All: Lord of hosts, happy the men who trust in you.
P: Lord, heed my prayer.
All: And let my cry be heard by you.
P: The Lord be with you.
All: May He also be with you. [oooops]

Let us pray.
God, who are offended by our sins but appeased by our penances, may it please you to hear the entreaties of your people and to turn away the stripes that our transgressions rightly deserve.

We beg you, Lord, to repel the wicked spirits from your family, and to ward off the destructive tempestuous winds.

Almighty everlasting God, spare us in our anxiety and take pity on us in our abasement, so that after the lightning in the skies and the force of the storm have calmed, even the very threat of tempest may be an occasion for us to offer you praise.

Lord Jesus, who uttered a word of command to the raging tempest of wind and sea and there came a great calm; hear the prayers of your family, and grant that by this sign of the holy cross all ferocity of the elements may abate.

Almighty and merciful God, who heal us by your chastisement and save us by your forgiveness; grant that we, your suppliants, may be heartened and consoled by the tranquil weather we desire, and so may ever profit from your gracious favors; through Christ our Lord.

All: Amen.
He sprinkles the surroundings with holy water.

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  1. Charivari Rob says:

    “COULD BE a bad one”???

    Trust me, Father Z – it already has been.

    Category 4 landfall in Haiti – strongest storm to hit there in 45 or 50 years. Massive flooding, crops destroyed, a major bridge linking the impact region to the rest of the country destroyed…

    You know Haiti – the country that gets all the respect (as if political unrest, poverty, deforestation, mudslides, earthquake and the hurricane weren’t enough)
    – A Weather Channel on-screen person, talking about Haiti this week, said the people eat trees
    – Another weather reporter wrote how Matthew passed over the Gulf of Gonave and was headed for Cuba – never glomming on to the fact that the gulf is called Gonave because the land there is called Gonave
    – the American Red Cross raised $500,000,000 a few years ago for earthquake relief and recovery – did some emergency relief but only managed to build 6 permanent houses (
    – the UN earthquake relief efforts added cholera to the crisis (
    – and then there’s The Clinton Foundation (

    Pray for Haiti, folks.

    Information is only just starting to come in, and not a lot is getting into US media (understanding that there is a lot of attention being paid to the topic of where Matthew may yet go). Early indications are that it is another major disaster.

  2. Supertradmum says:

    Prayers for you mum and all others down there. I have a great friend Jenna who had to evacuate with her elderly mum.

    May God allow this hurricane to weaken and go off into the Atlantic.

  3. petrus69 says:

    When a Tropical system threatens the Texas coast line, we sing the hymn “Queen of the Waves and also thru out the hurricane season. Some people may know this hymn. It was the hymn sung by the 93 children and 10 nuns of St. Marys Orphanage in Galveston during the 1900 Storm. Unfortunately, with the exception of 3 children, all perish. Im sure we will sing it this Sunday.

  4. Charivari Rob says:

    Information still only trickling out of Haiti.

    As of Thursday the 6th, the official toll was 283 dead, with several areas not reached or heard from yet. Communication links down in many places. Destruction of that bridge confirmed – it’s the major road link from the capitol region to the southwest. Flyovers of some areas estimate 80-99% of houses destroyed. US advance prep aide dispatched from Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst and some Navy ships en-route – the article I read mostly referred to clearing airfields & staging areas. Clean water/sanitation (cholera) and the availability of food are expected to be emerging problems.

  5. Sonshine135 says:

    St. Medard, oro pro nobis.

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