So far they’ve played 7 games…

… to a draw.

The World Chess Championship is on.  So far, Magnus Carlsen, the World Champion, and Sergey Karjakin, the challenger have played 7 games to 7 draws.

There for a moment in game 7 it looked like Carlsen had gotten himself into a pickle, but they agreed to draw after 34 moves and two hours of play.

It’s a nail-biter in New York City!

More HERE.

Game 8 will be Monday, Nov 21, at 2 PM EST. The game can be viewed live on, the official site of the match.

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  1. Phil_NL says:

    Would it be an idea to set up a wdtprs chess championship? A full tournament for the readers, the winner gets to take on Fr Z himself? (winning from Fr Z would of course require confession…)

    And of course, all games annotated in red and black bold type, and automatic excommunication for anyone who promotes a pawn to a bishop! However, you’d still be allowed to draw the game after that by mutual agreement.

  2. acardnal says:

    A 2 PM start time?! I guess they’re not “morning” people. 2 PM is nap time for some folks.

    Phil_NL, I like your idea.

  3. MWindsor says:

    Phil_NL – I’m game for a game or two. I haven’t played in 20 years and haven’t a single chess book in my library anymore, but can certainly remember how to lose gracefully.

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