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NYC Day 1-2: Hot Dog Carts and Chop Sticks

On Saturday evening, there was an Advent “O Antiphon” dinner sponsored by the traditional council of KCs associated with Holy Innocents parish in midtown. I think you have all heard of the place. It was great to see the former … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Can we listen to talks by SSPX priests?

From a reader… QUAERITUR: As SSPX priest and bishops are canonically suspended, would it be a sin to listen, read or propagate a book or a talk by a priest or bishop of the Society ? For example, if I wish to … Read More

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Brick by Brick in Australia

From an Aussie reader comes proof that it can be done. G’day Fr, Thanks for all you do! I just wanted to drop you a note of recent happenings out here in regional Victoria, Australia! Long story short: I, along … Read More

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The Blood of San Gennaro

On Saturday early I got a text message from a friend in Italy that, in Naples, San Gennaro’s blood did not liquify on one of the dates that it was… supposed to. Now I see the story at La Stampa. The … Read More

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I had a note the other day.  It included a frustrated phrase and list: Steamroller. That’s the right image. Exaltation and exaggeration of Amoris, feckless bishops, seminarian repressions renewed, undermining Summorum, synod idolization, devolution danger, homosexuals, deaconesses, intercomnunion hucksters, admiration of Luther, … Read More

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I received some sad news today.  The woman who made the most beautiful rosaries I have ever seen or used died, under tough circumstances. I spoke with her daughter tonight and told her that I would ask for prayers.  I … Read More

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WDTPRS – 4th Sunday of Advent (TLM): Mass is a glimpse of heaven

We are drawing close, though because Christmas falls on Sunday we still have a week to go. COLLECT (1962MR): Excita, quaesumus, Domine, potentiam tuam, et veni: et magna nobis virtute succurre; ut, per auxilium gratiae tuae, quod nostra peccata praepediunt, … Read More

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1000 years of border changes in 3 minutes

This is mesmerizing. Think of all the strife and grief which produced those arbitrary changes.

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WDTPRS – 4th Sunday of Advent (O.F.): Seeing really is believing

The 4th Sunday’s Collect in the Novus Ordo is also the Post Communion for the Feast of the Annunciation (25 March) in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite (1962MR). The Annunciation was the moment of the Incarnation of our Lord. … Read More

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The defense of ‘Amoris laetitia’ by recourse to the Two Synods on the family

My friend Fr Gerry Murray has an analysis piece at The Catholic Thing which could be useful in your discussions about Amoris laetitia. There are elements of Chapter 8 which are objectively unclear.  Many want clarifications, as is reasonable.  Some … Read More

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My View For Awhile: Snow Scare Edition

Off again despite the warnings of a civilization ending winter storm.  I burned miles to keep warm. Honestly, the weather reports and reactions thereto have become ridiculously hyperbolic.  I suppose everyone is trying to cover their posteriors because of something … Read More


St. Daniel and the Fiery Furnace Boys

Some don’t know, and understandably so, that the Church recognizes many great figures of the Old Testament as saints, and she gives them feast days.  They may not appear on the general calendar for liturgical observation, but they are listed … Read More

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Helpful liturgical note for servers (and priests) for Ember Days Masses

At the site of Romanitas Press there is a useful post with tips about how to serve Ember Days Masses.   On Ember Saturday there are a lot more things to do and a server can get scrambled around. The tips … Read More

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Did Canadian Bishops “sacramentalize” direct killing, euthanasia, assisted suicide?

Did you hear that the Bishops of the Atlantic region of Canada, the Atlantic Episcopal Assembly (Archdioceses and Dioceses of Antigonish, Bathurst, Charlottetown, Corner Brook and Labrador, Edmundston, Grand Falls, Halifax, Moncton, Saint John (NB), St. John’s and Yarmouth) veered towards … Read More

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Video interview with Card. Burke about the Five Dubia stemming from ‘Amoris laetitia’

Raymond Arroyo interviewed His Eminence Raymond Card. Burke about the “state of the question” concerning The Questions.  Card. Burke is one of the Four Cardinals who submitted Five Dubia about Ch. 8 of Amoris laetitia to His Holiness Pope Francis. The … Read More

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A bishop’s suggestions to families for a holy Advent and Christmastide

The other days His Excellency Most Reverend Robert C. Morlino, the Extraordinary Ordinary, Bishop of Madison held one of his regular, usually monthly, “staff catechesis” meetings.  He is also generous in forthrightly answering questions about the topic he chooses to … Read More

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Peters on Popes and Heresy, Personal and Public

Famed canonist Ed Peters today at his exceptional blog In The Light Of The Law has a piece that you will want to peruse. He doesn’t have an open combox, but I do. Read, re-read, pause to think, think again, … Read More

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Tradition = More Fun

The only thing that would make this better is if they also were wearing saturnos.  HERE I received this from a reader… The annual firing of the “potato cannon” with the men of Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary in Denton, … Read More

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“Down with Rigid Narcissistic Pelagian Prelaticism!”

Fr. John Hunwicke of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham has of late been applying his customary perspicience to matters current over at his fine blog Mutual Enrichment.   Today he tackles the wifty notions of the libs who yock “Clericalism!” at … Read More

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ASK FATHER: The 100th anniversary of Fatima

From a priest… QUAERITUR: The 100th anniversary of Fatima: I don’t really know anything about the apparition or the message.  I am careful with what I read.  Especially on this topic things can derail into the realm of the kooky … Read More

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