PETITION: Gathering signatures to thank Pres. Trump for DEFUNDING Planned Parenthood

Pres. Trump has made YHUGE moves against Big Business Abortion, especially Planned Parenthood.  It’s gonna be beautiful.  Believe me.

There is a “petition” you can sign to say “Thank you!” for cutting off tax payers’ dollar for Big Business Abortion, Planned Parenthood.


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  1. pelerin says:

    Scientists tell us that owing to what are described as ‘disturbing comments’ from the US President the ‘Doomsday Clock’ has moved 30 seconds closer to midnight.

    Many in the US may praise him for defunding Planned Parenthood but the knowledge that he believes in torture and that he now has access to the nuclear button has left many people elsewhere quaking in their shoes. I understand that some psychologists think that he may have a narcissistic personality disorder. [eye roll] And he is the most powerful man on the planet. It will be interesting to hear our Prime Minister’s views when she returns from meeting him tomorrow. [It probably won’t be that interesting.]

  2. Mary Jane says:


    Exciting times these. We have had several rounds of good news in the political and pro-life world this week. God bless all who are attending the March for Life!

  3. LDP says:

    I happily signed this petition. My hope (admittedly faint) is that pro-lifers on my side of the Atlantic may themselves become emboldened by Trump’s ostensible pro-life views. It is, after all, often said that where America leads (for better or worse), others will follow. Anyway, too frequently do we sign petitions asking for things, how nice – and rare – it is to sign a petition of thanks for once. Pope Francis said he will keep an open mind regarding Trump and judge him on his actions, and though it’s still early days, I hope he’s taking note. One warning though Fr, LifeSiteNews is becoming almost as invaluable as your blog!

  4. SKAY says:


    President Trump pointed out the upcoming March for Life in an interview in which the
    reporter (no surprise)brought up the disgusting women’s march the day after his inauguration.

    The March for Life was probably not where that reporter/interviewer had any intention of going when he brought up the women’s march. :-D

  5. Semper Gumby says:

    Well done Pres. Trump- the death industry takes a hit.

    Pelerin: here is a quote about the utility of the Doomsday Clock from Naval War College Professor Tom Nichols (who appears not to be a Trump supporter): “When the clock is just a general expression of a basket of liberal anxieties, it loses even the small metaphorical power it once had…Personally, I’m hoping we’ve seen the last of the Doomsday Clock. It was a well-intentioned warning during the Cold War, when counting down the minutes to all-out war was understandable. Today, counting down the minutes to—well, to whatever it is that seems to be scaring Nobel Laureates in any given year—makes no sense and trivializes one of the iconic images of the Cold War.”

    As for Pres. Trump “believing in torture,” an insightful book on this topic is by psychiatrist James Mitchell “Enhanced Interrogation: Inside the Minds and Motives of the Islamic Terrorists Trying to Destroy America.” Dr. Mitchell details his participation in EI, the usefulness of EI, and the misdeeds of several officials and interrogators. Cheers.

  6. beelady says:

    Praise God! I’ll gladly sign, thanks for bringing the “petition” to our attention.

  7. Kerry says:

    Pelerin, chalk and cheese again.

  8. tradition4all says:

    Father, would you mind updating your post to clarify that Pres. Trump ended funding for Planned Parenthood *in foreign countries*? The federal government still very much funds them here at home. Charity begins abroad, I guess.

  9. Absit invidia says:

    While the Faithful in heaven and on earth rejoice, there are unfortunately dissident Catholics on earth crying in agony that killing babies overseas using American taxpayer’s hard earned income is being curtailed. I just wish there were more Catholic leaders praising these actions and directing the laity to do the same.

  10. Chris Rawlings says:

    It’s a good thing that American tax dollars won’t be used to fund abortion abroad, but it’s really naive to suppose that Planned Parenthood is now reduced to looking between the cushions for spare change to stay in business.

    In any case, Trump himself is a purveyor of the culture of death, even as his campaign promises compel him to throw the base a few bones. A typically Pavlovian response is to throw oneself at the man’s feet in gratitude. I wish we’d resist that and oppose him until he truly commits himself to an authentically Catholic politics. Until then, enjoy your bones.

  11. AnnTherese says:

    Tradition4all is correct: this was a defunding of American support for foreign abortion services. An executive order introduced by Reagan, it has been repealed during every Democratic presidency and reinstated during every Republican presidency since. He hasn’t done anything new or unexpected here.

    What a great show of democracy we are experiencing now! The women’s marches, the pro-life march, the climate march… tremendous opportunities for non-violent responses to violence toward humanity and all creation.

  12. CrimsonCatholic says:

    Chris Rawlings,

    Which policy has Trump signed that is anti-Catholic?


    Planned Parenthood sponsored marches are not humanity or creation.

    There has been an increase in the number of liberals commenting of Fr Z’s blog the last few months.

  13. pelerin says:

    So ‘enhanced interrogation’ is a now euphemism for torture. Incidentally one of the tortures used by the Gestapo in France during the Second World War was to almost drown the person they were interrogating before bringing them out again. Sounds familiar?

  14. Semper Gumby says:

    Chris Rawlings: Your comment is filled with straw men. Have a pleasant day.

    Ann Therese: The First Amendment is great. It is unfortunate that more than one speaker and organizer of the “Women’s March” called for violence.

    Pelerin: Your phrase “euphemism for torture” is also the Wikipedia definition of EI. Best wishes while you do more research and acquire a deeper perspective on the topic of EI. Dr. Mitchell’s book is helpful here. Speaking of sounding familiar, notice the similarities between the Nazi Party platform and the Democrat Party platform as detailed by Jonah Goldberg in “Liberal Fascism.”

    Thanks again to Pres. Trump for this action against the death industry.

  15. robtbrown says:


    Torture refers to inflicting extreme pain. International law prohibits not only torture but also inhuman treatment. Waterboarding might not be torture, but it can be considered as inhuman treatment.

    After 9-11 the US was faced with the immediate need for intelligence re possible new attacks. There wasn’t time for the beer-cigarette, let’s be friends approach.

    Also: Marcus Wolfe, ex head of the STASI, the East German KGB, said that waterboarding isn’t really effective. He thought the most effective method was sleep deprivation.

  16. Uxixu says:

    Ad extirpanda by Innocent IV allowed interrogations as long as it didn’t cause “loss of life or limb” (citra membri diminutionem et mortis periculum).

    Waterboarding, at least as done by the US, was not torture by that standard. Unlike other examples commonly trotted out (Japanese in WW2 were actually drowning captives), the US always had medical staff standing by and strict training, similar to that done in SERE, to ensure that the interrogator didn’t get angry. The biggest misconception is that waterboarding in the war on terror was used to gain information: it wasn’t. The interrogators only asked questions that they already knew the answers to, while the terrorist had no way to know what the interrogator knew or didn’t. There was no way to lie to make it stop, only to tell the truth. Once they began telling the truth, enhanced interrogation stopped and traditional debriefing techniques began.

  17. acardnal says:

    Semper Gumby, well said.

  18. Elizabeth D says:

    Trump is not our friend if he deports our parishioners and tears their families apart. More to the point for us personally, we are not the friend of our numerous brothers and sisters in Christ who are undocumented immigrants if we are perfectly fine with Trump’s mercilessness. How can our parishes welcome and minister to those souls and be places of trust and kindness if we have hearts of stone about this?

    I am saying, be cautious, of course the pro-life advances are good, great and excellent and need to be praised, but Donald Trump is not a man of Christian sensibilities or principles and it is really wrong if we are gung-ho for him about life and silent about his horrendous immigration intentions.

  19. JuliB says:

    Pelerin, While Trump has indicated support for torture (and what that really means, who knows), he has indicated that he will defer to Gen’l Mattis’ position, which is NO to such things.

    While I lean towards Trump’s opinions, if I were in his position, I would defer to Mad Dog as well. It appears that Trump has a personal opinion that will not influence his actions.

  20. SKAY says:

    pelerin said:

    “It will be interesting to hear our Prime Minister’s views when she returns from meeting him tomorrow.”

    President Trump and Prime Minister May appeared to get along quite well.
    “May opened by congratulating Trump on his “stunning election victory” last November, and said she conveyed to him on Friday an invitation from Queen Elizabeth for Trump and his wife, Melania, to make a state visit to Britain later this year — which he accepted, May said.”

    The Doomsday Clock–pelerin said:
    “Scientists tell us that owing to what are described as ‘disturbing comments’ from the US President the ‘Doomsday Clock’ has moved 30 seconds closer to midnight.”
    “The Doomsday Clock has turned out to be a more reliable measure of liberal angst than the risk of a nuclear holocaust, and it should be treated as such.”

    CrimsonCatholic said:

    “Planned Parenthood sponsored marches are not humanity or creation.”
    Exactly! It turns out that atheist George Soros was also a big supporter of the women’s march.

  21. Semper Gumby says:

    Elizabeth D: You raise a good point about Christian charity, but you overextend your argument. You accused Pres. Trump of “mercilessness” and being “not a man of Christian sensibilities or principles.” A serious accusation. You provided no facts to support your harsh assertions. Differing views on public policy should not automatically make Pres. Trump merciless or unChristian.

    It is not “wrong” for anyone to thank (your use of the term “gung-ho” appears to be a straw-man) Pres. Trump for the pro-life action as described in Fr. Z’s post while at the same time not mentioning immigration. As you are aware, pro-life policies and immigration policies tend to be two different things.

    In regards to your comments on charity and immigration, Christian charity is also due to those citizens who have been raped and murdered and to their families (the news reporting on this is voluminous). Citizens will continue to be raped and murdered due to a seriously flawed (flawed vetting, flawed border controls, flawed enforcement etc.) immigration policy. There are laws on the books that are currently not being enforced in certain cities and by certain politicians (there are many news reports also on this). Semi-anarchy benefits no one, and I’m sure you would agree anarchy and its encouragement of violence is also unChristian. May I gently remind you that your phrase “hearts of stone” is a two-way street. Cheers.

  22. CrimsonCatholic says:


    Why should we allow people to break the law? If you can’t be trusted in small matters, how can you be trusted with the large matters like not murdering, stealing, raping, or driving drunk? What do you say to the families that have lost loved ones to illegal immigrants, who later were ultimately released?

    Also, there are plenty of good people who have waited and paid their dues to gain entry this country. Allowing all the the illegal immigrants to stay or granting them amnesty spits in the face of those that tried to enter the right way.

  23. pelerin says:

    I am pleased to see that Elizabeth D is commenting again. I don’t know which side of the pond she is on but she always brings up some very good points.

  24. jaykay says:

    AnnTherese: “the women’s marches…”

    Including horrible depictions of the Virgin Mary. Not the kind of people I’d want to cite along with the pro-life march, as you did by including them in your comment. There really is no commonality there.

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