It’s hard to find a purer liberal ideologue than this one.

Last night on FNC Tucker Carlson had an exemplary guest.  It is hard to find a purer ideologue, deeper into Leftist tactics than this one.   Watch this for a lesson in what we will see increase as the Left gets more and more hysterical, both in civic life and… alas… in the Church.

So, here is your homework for the day.  The event that sparked the interview was the protest at Berkeley (“free speech”, right?) against a speech by Milo Yiannopolous.

In civic, secular life the frenzy is building because of the defeat of their darling and the shift away from their pet policies, such as open borders.  Their strategies about being thwarted.  In the Church, libs sense that they have a shot at victory for their ultimate aims: the overturning of the Church’s doctrine on anything having to do with sexual acts of any kind (more “open borders”).  Their agents, within and without, use similar tactics: vilify opponents, blatantly lie, require all to deny reality, use violence.  In civic life, that violence will be physical violence.  In the Church it is more likely to be persecution of conservative and traditional clergy by bishops and the curia, egged on by the catholic media and donors.

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  1. julieculshaw says:

    What is most disturbing about that woman is that she is a teacher in a middle school. I would assume that is junior high, kids aged 12 and 13 years old. So she is influencing them hugely in their everyday life. I kept wondering why Tucker didn’t press her on what exactly did Milo say that showed he was racist, Islamophobe, etc. People like this need to give their reasons for their positions. Most of them don’t have adequate reasons, they are operating on emotions.

  2. Glennonite says:

    This gal has more moths than butterflies flying around in her head. I imagine the theme from “Looney-Tunes” plays on a loop inside that cavern, as well. She jumped back and forth across the reality/logic fence so many times, even the very capable Tucker Carlson had quite a time trying to keep her on point. The thing that kept me awake last night was that she has been put in charge of Middle-School minds and souls. That’s criminal.

  3. anilwang says:

    The true irony in this interview is that everything she attributes to “them” (the fascists) applies to herself, but she’s got herself worked up into such a frenzy that she can’t see it. I do have to applaud the interviewer. He masterfully let her unspool and show herself for what she really is.

  4. This deluded woman is a Filipina and I pray, not a baptized Catholic. HOWEVER, chances are she is a “Catholic”. If this is the case, then she is in more serious trouble than being a political ideologue.
    There is video of this loon committing assault multiple times and calling it “free speech”. Time for the Justice Department to make an example of her. The Berkeley PD (on orders from the Berkeley mayor) were in a stand down and allowed the assaults. Perhaps a good personal injury lawyer can come forward to make those assaulted “whole again”.
    What a place America has become .

  5. SKAY says:

    “Perhaps a good personal injury lawyer can come forward to make those assaulted “whole again”.
    I agree.

    I kept thinking that she needed to look into a mirror as she continued her accusations non stop.
    I would not want my grandchildren anywhere near this woman’s classroom. Thankfully they do not live in that state although it is becoming clear there are many more lemmings just like her in other

  6. stuart reiss says:

    Bloody fascist

  7. ChesterFrank says:

    Can you imagine being around her in the workplace all day, or being employed by someone who holds an identical ideology? She complains about Fascism, but that is all about a dominant government seizing power and wealth. There are states that have been under the grips of governmental authority that inspired her rant , the leftist party that constantly wants to enforce her social views . Oddly they also are constantly trying to seize people’s wealth too. They have been in control and unopposed for decades. I don’t know what you call them.

  8. joekstl says:

    Actually there is no purer ideologue of the extreme far right than Steve Bannon, who is the poster child of “America First” and projects white nationalism and attracts the fringes of society. And unlike Fr. Z’ s exemplar of pure liberalism Mr. Bannon is at the center of power. Be afraid, very afraid. [Absurd. I suggest that you permit the administration of smelling salts while you seek your fainting couch.]

    Fr. Z – how about a little balance here. I may be the only one offering an opinion I would like to see debated by your more conservative posters. Thank you.

    [Keep in mind my often posted policy that I do NOT permit debates or even questions about what I choose to allow to be posted in the combox. I generally delete at the first mention and then lock out if persistent. This is the only way that someone with my limited time can keep this place from looking like the fever swamp of liberal blogs. This is a unique reminder.]

  9. Sword40 says:

    I was wondering how long it would take before a real Liberal showed up here. Thanks Fr. Z.
    I watched the Tucker show and had to turn it off before I grabbed by pistol and shot the TV.

  10. Gus Barbarigo says:

    Who are the major donors that are fomenting modernism within the Church?

  11. majuscule says:

    Over 20 years ago I enrolled in an evening adult education class at a local high school. It was supposed to be Conversational Portuguese. My first clue that things were going to go wrong was that the teacher was from Bolivia but knew Portuguese because he’d once had a Brazilian girlfriend. His day job was as an elementary school teacher.

    Classes were to be an hour an a half. It seemed like the last half hour was spent talking about social justice. Then that time expanded. Some of us grumbled among ourselves (we had really been more interested in continental Portuguese and were not interested in his socialist views). I don’t know that anyone actually complained to the administration. I just stopped going.

    At the time I wondered what must go on in this guy’s classes during the day. What was he teaching the children? I see it’s only gotten worse.

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