cultural_revolutionThe liberal juggernaut … libbernaut? … is well-connected and organized.  They work together.

Perhaps you saw the NYT’s piece (aka Hell’s Bible) which managed (through fake news) to make an absurd connection between Card. Burke (whom libs hate with the intensity of a type O star), and chief advisor to Pres. Trump (whom libs hate with the intensity of a type O star), former Breitbart editor Steve Bannon (whom libs hate with the intensity of a type O star).  It was a tour de force of smear.   The objective: link Burke and Bannon and Trump with the liberal Alt-Right bugbear.  The upshot is that Burke, etc. are white supremacist, LifeSite reading rubes who watch Duck Dynasty. They are “rad-trads”, “church militant” types… real knuckle-draggers who stand in the way of the Revolution!  They must be crushed, publicly humiliated, sent to camps, thrown from windows.

Then there is the surreal piece at WaPo worthy of the Red Guard of China’s Cultural Revolution entitled, “How Pope Francis can cleanse the far-right rot from the Catholic Church”. Guess who’s picture surmounts the screed. But hey! It’s only an opinion piece, right? Let’s see the first paragraph:

Pope Francis needs to take tougher action against the United States’ most influential Catholic in Rome, Cardinal Raymond “Breitbart” Burke. [There’s the Breitbart bit.] The renegade cleric is not only undermining Francis’s reformist, compassionate papacy, and gospel teaching as it applies to refugees and Muslims, but the rebel prince of the church is also using his position within the walls of the Vatican to legitimize extremist forces that want to bring down Western liberal democracy, Stephen K. Bannon-style. [There’s Bannon.] Simply put, the Vatican is facing a political war between the modernizing Pope Francis and a conservative wing that wants to reassert white Christian dominance. [There’s the white supremacy bit.]

Added to this unhinged soup of hate is also the insinuation of Nazism and Italian Facism.  Staying consistent with the Red Guard libbernaut talking points, on the “rad-trad” theme, the writer gets a dig in at the late Archbp. Marcel Lefebvre.

Try a sample of this green-inked purple prose:

The options open to the pope in dealing with Burke are limited. Excommunication isn’t in the cards; Burke is not a heretic denying the Catholic faith. Nor is Burke refusing to submit to the pontiff like French archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, who was cast out by John Paul II after his ultra-conservative Society of Saint Pius X ordained its own bishops rather than take directions from the Vatican. [Because that’s what the libbernaut is all about now, right?  Anyone who doesn’t take directions from the Vatican is bad. And they were yhuge defenders of the Vatican before 2013, right?]

However, Francis, who has full authority over his cardinals, [Papal authority is in vogue again!] could fully remove Burke from his remaining sinecure with Knights of Malta, call him in for a pastoral correction on the issue of his unacceptable political interventions, [which Burke hasn’t made] investigate Dignitatis Humanae with a view to shutting it down for its subversive politicking, [Because free thought and free speech is unacceptable to the libbernaut.] and send the rebel cardinal back home to the United States. [Only the Left is allowed to “rebel”.] As Burke tries to run an insurgency and rebukes the pope for his doctrinal “ambiguities,” with the backing of thousands of priests, Francis could seize the agenda. In time-honored papal tradition, he could write an encyclical on the burning questions of populism and nationalism, with specific reference to migrants, Muslims and Jews, so priests including Burke know they are in breach of church teaching [‘Cause the writer is all about defending the Church’s teachings, right?  I wonder where she stands on abortion and contraception.] when they try to act as power brokers for the international extreme right. [Which Burke hasn’t done.  But don’t let facts get in the way of a good spittle-flecked nutty.]

The stakes could hardly be higher, especially as the pope seems on a collision course with a Trump-Bannon White House that has imposed a form of a Muslim ban and disparaged him during the election campaign for daring to suggest that building a wall on the United States’ southern border was un-Christian. If the pope doesn’t put the reactionary elements such as Burke and his cronies back in their place, [Straight out of China’s cultural revolution jargon.] they could force a real schism during his papacy and leave the church open to justifiable accusations it failed to stand up to enablers of extremism and neo-fascism within its ranks.

I am reminded of the “Four Olds” campaign in the 1960’s in China during the Cultural Revolution, perhaps the most evil of all of man’s cruelty to man.  Old Customs, Old Culture, Old Habits, and Old Ideas – DESTROY!

“Reactionaries” must be purged!  Send them to the country-side to learn from the wisdom of the worker peasants!



About the meeting Card. Burke had.

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Phil Lawler succinctly nailed it at Catholic Culture HERE

The three-pronged conspiracy theory is being promoted by the Pope’s most ardent defenders. (If you doubt me, sign up for the Twitter feed of Father Antonio Spadaro, and notice how often he makes or encourages cheap shots at Cardinal Burke.) From there it is picked up by secular journalists, who do not understand the Catholic controversy and are much more comfortable framing issues in political terms. The goal of the conspiracy theorists is to discredit Cardinal Burke—in this case exploiting the negative image of Bannon and using guilt-by-association to transfer that image onto the cardinal. And why discredit Cardinal Burke? Because Pope Francis cannot and/or will not answer his questions.


Check out Carl Olson HERE. Quote:

I’d bet that some skinheads have been shown more respect and fairness in the pages of the Post. What, then, is her source for much of this? The New York Times piece discussed above, of course! This is the very definition of typical news nepotism, a combination of echo chamber thinking, obsession with politics and cult of personalities, and laziness. Far-right? Neo-fascist? White Christian dominance? I’d say this is hysterical, but hysterical seems mellow compared to this sort of vacuous, shrieking rot.

Also, at the top he includes a brilliant passage from Oscar Wilde about the press:

In old days men had the rack. Now they have the press. That is an improvement certainly. But still it is very bad, and wrong, and demoralising. Somebody – was it Burke? – called journalism the fourth estate. That was true at the time, no doubt. But at the present moment it really is the only estate. It has eaten up the other three. The Lords Temporal say nothing, the Lords Spiritual have nothing to say, and the House of Commons has nothing to say and says it. We are dominated by Journalism. In America the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs for ever and ever. Fortunately, in America journalism has carried its authority to the grossest and most brutal extreme. As a natural consequence it has begun to create a spirit of revolt. People are amused by it, or disgusted by it, according to their temperaments. But it is no longer the real force it was.

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  1. Benedict Joseph says:

    “How Pope Francis can cleanse the far-right rot from the Catholic Church”.
    Why do I believe that reflects the perspective of those presently wielding authority in Rome?
    Nothing more need be said, but plenty need be done.

  2. The Astronomer says:

    I’m done, Father. “Hell’s Bible” Android tablet subscription cancelled.

    The funds will go instead to a worthy Roman Catholic charity of orthodox repute.

    God bless.

    [Check my side bar for a donation option!   o{]:¬)   ]

  3. The Astronomer says:

    I can take a hint, fadda. (I always loved those Bowery Boys flicks).

    Check your email. :-)

  4. JMJLuke says:

    Yep, a clear case of Burke Derangement Syndrome.

  5. JonPatrick says:

    That “conservative wing that wants to reassert white Christian dominance” seems to include a number of African Cardinals and Bishops. Interesting that it is the African dioceses that are conservative, and the liberal dioceses are mostly in the US and Western Europe.

  6. TimG says:

    Excellent timing Fr Z.

    You and others may have noticed, the liberal catholic left is Tweeting about this very subject. I would offer the following article in response, which gives great insight into Steve Bannon’s thoughts;


  7. Mike says:

    Sensationalism sells, and Soros-spawned sensationalism sells spectacularly. It’s time for citizens with sense to seize the script.

  8. Someone please be the Garrigue says:

    They couldn’t very well call Cardinals Robert Sarah and Wilfrid Napier white supremacists, could they?

    [Indeed. Perhaps they are the racists. They don’t even bother to think about them.]

  9. chantgirl says:

    Now that the Left has suffered some crushing defeats (Trump’s win over Hillary, and Brexit), they seem to be looking to the Pope and Catholic bishops to take up their pet causes. I expect the Soros machine to increasingly try to use Catholic prelates to be the standard-bearers of the one world, liberal elite cause. Unfortunately, our prelates only seem to be too happy to oblige.

    What I find truly frightening, though, is not that we have leftist bishops, but that the college-educated youth of western countries seem to have no problem with a crackdown on freedom of speech and thought-censorship. Add the youth’s acceptance of thought-police to the media’s incendiary “purge” language, and we are likely to see more violent means being embraced to accomplish the purge the left is seeking.

  10. Kathleen10 says:

    To use such dramatic and over the top hate speech toward Cardinal Burke, it’s just stunning really. I read two really good articles in the last few days about the fact that the Left is truly and totally unhinged, going for the destruction of the right with their “scorched earth policy”, and using language that appears to seek civil war, military coups against our president (US), and elimination of anyone who disagrees. This is serious stuff. I know there is some kind of criticism of making comparisons to Nazi’s, and that gets thrown around a lot these days, but there is now plenty of ammunition for a charge of violent, dangerous rhetoric and even threats coming from the hateful left. They seem to have gone insane since President Trump was elected. Insane.
    What we see in the political world is mirroring almost perfectly what we see in the church. The intolerant left does no longer want to tolerate a different opinion, and as Ms. Emmon’s words reveal, they are full of diabolical hatred for anyone who holds a different view. You have no right to exist! Furthermore, we will crush you, eliminate you. It is really violent rhetoric, and I am fairly stunned that Washington Post would allow this to be printed. Imagine this kind of hate-filled writing against a liberal cleric. I mean, to have a difference of opinion on immigration, or other topics, but she is completely lying and slandering Cardinal Burke, accusing him of “reasserting white dominance” (??) and being “virulently anti-Islam” (??). To even use the word “cleanse” is so over the top in terms of verbal violence, we all know what she means by “cleanse”, and this kind of hate-mongering can only be termed diabolical. I believe, based on what this woman is writing, that there may be nothing that could be done to Cardinal Burke that she would disagree with. Nothing. She hates him to that level, which is frightening. Nazis hated Jews to that level. De-humanize, vilify “the other”, and you are halfway there. This woman’s heart is overflowing with malice.
    The origin of all this hatred, we know where it comes from. May God cause these demons to slink back into the earth and give us the victory over these dark forces which have permeated our world.

  11. DMorgan says:

    Reminds me of the Regensburg fallout. The Progressive Left(behind) are going into full attack mode. It is going to be an ugly year, we have not even gotten to luther and the 500th yet!

  12. Semper Gumby says:

    Another day, another communique from the NYT/WaPo Politburo. These articles reek of Cold War-era Communist agit-prop. The WaPo writer labelling “Cdl. Burke and his cronies” as “reactionary elements” wins her Chairman Mao’s Red Star award.

    [Tongzhi men zhan qi Lai!]

  13. Grumpy Beggar says:

    And people, wonder why Mr. Trump – when surrounded by media reporters and journalists he allegedly exclaims, “I’m in a room full of liars.”

    Is any more proof really necessary ? Emma-Kate Symons is making that remark by Mr. Trump look truly prophetic.

  14. Prayerful says:

    JMJLuke suggested ‘Burke Derangement Syndrome.’ It really does correlate with ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome.’ The Washington Post piece is frankly childish.

    [It seems childish, yes. But it is a call to arms.]

  15. jaykay says:

    Someone p.b.t.G: “They couldn’t very well call Cardinals Robert Sarah and Wilfrid Napier white supremacists, could they?”

    No, but “Uncle Toms” is probably what they think of the as, in that nice condescending way they have of assuming black people, of whatever nationality, are de jure oppressed and (whisper it) not quite on our cutting-edge level, dear.

  16. iamlucky13 says:

    This is unbelievable. The NYT piece is cunning and almost subtle in its approach. People who want to believe that drivel will not even think to question it. The Washington Post really just takes the cake, however. I’m just about speechless at the flagrant allegations it makes. The worst part is, I know readers will lap it up, too, even because of, rather despite the outrageous levels it goes to.

    This last political season and the Twitter/Facebook news phenomena has entrenched a habit of blind polarization in the US, and there doesn’t seem to be any claim you can make so outrageous that people won’t believe it, so long as it is critical of somebody they don’t like.

  17. Kerry says:

    Hmm, I was expecting a postscript at the Post, saying the author had just turned into a giant centipede. Perhaps it’s already been deleted…?

    [For the reference.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  18. comedyeye says:

    I didn’t get that at all from the NYT article. But I suppose one can read into the secular press whatever one likes.

    [You didn’t? Wow.]

  19. Norah says:

    Slamming the door on delusion by Ciaran J Ryan
    Is a very easily understood explanation of President Trump’s executive order.

    Some excerpts: Order temporarily suspending immigration from seven predominantly Muslim countries…the executive order does not apply to: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria—the five most populated Muslim countries. These countries
    are functioning states, not purely hotbeds of radicalised Islamic terror.
    … nowhere in the order are Muslims mentioned—only ‘foreign nationals’ … In just one year, 2015, migrants committed over 200,000 crimes in Germany and were responsible for a further 90,000 in the first quarter of 2016.

    In Sweden a plethora of fully grown men found their way into the country by fraudulently claiming to be children.

  20. The Egyptian says:

    Breitbart has already labeled it “fake news” or as we know it out here in the country Bull sh–


    You know, Trump and his people are playing the press like a fiddle. Lookie Lookie shiny ball, and off they go into the weeds
    hateful hateful conservatives aren’t we

  21. Semper Gumby says:

    Fr. Z: yunbeh al-kelb wa-lakin yumarru bil-qaafila. (An Arab proverb, fitting for these liberal newspaper pieces: The half-crazed dog barks but the caravan passes on, determined.)

  22. AvantiBev says:

    “Francis could seize the agenda. In time-honored papal tradition, he could write an encyclical on the burning questions of populism and nationalism, with specific reference to migrants, Muslims and Jews, so priests including Burke know they are in breach of church teaching ”

    This columnist and our Church Fathers have had 15 1/2 YEARS to read the Quran, the most reliable Hadiths (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) along with the Sira (life of Muhammed) and the most recent of Shi-ite fatwas and pronouncements by Sunni “authority”, Al Azar University.

    Am I the only Westerner who was more than slightly curious after 9/11 and 15 years of over 30K jihad attacks world wide as to why these &@%$ want me dead? Anyone who read even a little of the above documents would find that Jews and Muslims would never be lumped together by Muslims themselves who are warned never to take Jews or Christians as friends.

    And that encyclical should be written on Islamic IMPERIALISM and the supremacist, totalitarian world view of this socio-political ideology draped in religious trappings…or is that trapped in religious draperies.

  23. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    I haven’t read the full NYT article, yet, but thought Terry Mattingly’s journalistic analysis, “Looking for on-the-record Vatican voices in the New York Times shocker about Darth Bannon”, very interesting (as are various of the comments):


    Thank you for the World Over interview with Edward Pentin! His interesting article, “Who Is Steve Bannon?”, links the same article as TimG, above:


    I don’t see any formal reaction by Benjamin Harnwell on the Dignitatis Humanae Institute website, yet (or, at the NCR for that matter).

    A thought that occurred to me was, in being someone who spoke to Jason Horowitz allowing his name to be reported, that Mr. Harnwell might have been in part engaging in a ‘past watchful dragons’ experiment to alert any actual inquiring NYT readers to a source in himself and the Dignitatis Humanae Institute which they could follow up on their own – and learn something of interest, directly fro themselves.

  24. Curley says:

    A synopsis of the first reading today from Genesis seems appropriate with the current state of affairs.
    Adam/Eve: God told me not to eat of the fruit
    Serpent: did He “really” say that. That sounds so rigid, God doesnt want you bound by commandments. Make your own decision about good/evil.
    Adam/eve: ok then, we’ll eat. We’re at peace with our consciences

  25. Ben Kenobi says:

    Great post. The left is trying to roll up conservatives in the US in the cultural revolution. They believe they are strong enough now. Same tactics, same little red book.

  26. Gratias says:

    I would not have predicted that with all these Amoris Lætitia cultural Marxists have achieved I would still be grounded firmly in the Church. In the end the exchanges of bodily fluids between cohabiting unmarried, divorced, gay, transgenics, is less valuable to me that keeping a small apelarían safe zone until I pass away.

  27. Pingback: World Over – 2017-02-09: Raymond Arroyo and Edward Pentin discuss Vatican News |

  28. benedetta says:

    Remember that the culture of death and rights to everything imaginable hinge on rage which makes abortion a must-have. Rage against others somehow makes killing innocents, in their rage world, justifiable, important, and endlessly consumed. This same rage is now being stoked by the true roots of violence and racism in our country, without judgment, self-control, self-reverence, human dignity, reason, and has far surpassed any hints of fanaticism to be found in other political currents. That they accuse others endlessly of racism, bigotry, Nazism, fascism, would be hilarious if they weren’t so lunatic fringe. This is violent desperation. This is what violent xenophobism really looks like. They have been losing the actual debates on reason and science for a long time, and when that is gone, inciting mobs to violence and mental health level unhealthy outrage with rumor mongering and obsessive rumor mongering becomes the only way to attempt to hold onto some power. I pray for those who are enslaved to the control of all this hype and worthless violence inciting rage.

  29. mysticalrose says:

    Does anyone know how to send letters of support to Cardinal Burke?

    His Eminence Raymond Leo Card. Burke
    Prefect Emeritus of the Apostolic Segnatura
    Via Rusticucci 13
    00193 ROMA

  30. Grant M says:

    “The executive order does not apply to: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nigeria—the five most populated Muslim countries. These countries
    are functioning states, not purely hotbeds of radicalised Islamic terror.”

    The five most populated Muslim countries are Indonesia, then the four countries given above.

  31. mysticalrose says:

    Thanks for the address, Fr. Z!

  32. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Thank you for the Oscar Wilde via Carl Olsen – who also begins with Chesterton. Wilde and GKC were writing in the age of ‘yellow journalism’ – I’d like to see a spectrum of how, over the past half-century, ‘maintream’ English journalism yellowed to the exceedingly lurid shade of the WP piece referred to here. I wonder whether the experience of reading such things is close to the experience of reading the Völkischer Beobachter in the 1920s-40s?

  33. Semper Gumby says:

    Venerator: My guess is pretty doggone close. All the Washington Post had to do was print that propaganda in Gothic type and presto! the Volkischer Beobachter rides again.


    One wonders- considering the fascination of the Left with pseudoscience, crackpot theories about conservatives, and the occult- if the Left has created a new Ahnenerbe. In the 1930s it was Wewelsburg Castle and expeditions to the Himalayas. Today, it’s abortion clinics, guided occult tours of the Nile, and journeys to Peru for astral experiences with hallucinogenics and shamans.

  34. OldLady says:

    Please have a Mass said for the Cardinal who is a scapegoat. The venom from the left will only grow stronger if given more safe space. Time to build a wall of prayer and Eucharistic Adoration.

  35. Venerator Sti Lot says:

    Semper Gumby,

    I often think how much our world of ‘settled science’ seems to have in common with how real archaeologists et al. had to go along with Karl Maria Wiligut to get along in the Department for Pre- and Early History which was created for him within the SS Race and Settlement Main Office (RuSHA).



  36. dallenl says:

    It seems that many of our worthies have not yet learned that often the best action to take is do defer all action until more clarity is achieved regarding the “problem.” Something sorely lacking on several occasion lately.

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