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The liberal juggernaut … libbernaut? … is well-connected and organized.  They work together. Perhaps you saw the NYT’s piece (aka Hell’s Bible) which managed (through fake news) to make an absurd connection between Card. Burke (whom libs hate with the … Read More

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WaPo and lefty, pro-homosexual advocacy “journalism”

There is an interesting piece at The American Conservative which illustrates an obvious problem in the mainstream media.  Rod Dreher nailed this one. Dreher looks into WaPo‘s commentary an exchange between an editor, a journalist, and a concerned reader.  The point made … Read More

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“Sisters for Obama?” Oh… that’s not… right… no….

My stomach turned as a I saw on the site of WaPo some photos of the preparation for the inauguration of the President – you know the one – tomorrow. No no no.  That’s just wrong. I’d like to know who … Read More

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The Catholic League about Hell’s Bible and WaPo deceptions

From the Catholic League: COVER-UP AT NYT AND WASH POST May 7, 2012 Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on editorials that appear today in the New York Times and Washington Post: Both of these newspapers misstate the facts, fail … Read More

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Curious development with that WaPo POLL about altar girls!

Remember that recent Washington Post poll about altar girls? The poll shifted after I posted about it. An reader alerted me to the fact that something rather odd has occurred. You decide. Here is how things stood and how they … Read More

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USCCB Media Blog: anti-Catholic bias at HHS (Obama Administration)

Over at the USCCB’s Media Blog, Sr. Mary Ann Walsh has an interesting post.  Here is the first part. This gives us another example of how the war on the Catholic Church is manifesting itself in the public square: HHS … Read More

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WaPo on the new translation and an “ineffable” sighting!

Just what you were waiting for.  WaPo on the implementation of the new, corrected translation. Catholics’ Mass liturgy changing; ‘ritual whiplash’ ahead? By Michelle Boorstein, Published: October 27 English-speaking Catholics are bracing for the biggest changes to their Mass since … Read More

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Does this seem to you to be a new journalistic low?

I haven’t ever heard of anything like this, except in my sometime-interest in astronomy, when people were recruited to monitor big listening arrays or perhaps help map the genome. The Washington Post has asked for 100 volunteer readers to go … Read More

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Fr. Z in WaPo on John Paul II’s beatification

I have a piece in the Washington Post today at their invitation.  The typo, rather omission, in the second paragraph (as it appears in the online version as I write) is good for my humility. Many argue that John Paul … Read More

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POLL ALERT! WaPo on religious freedom of military chaplains and homosexuals

POLL ALERT! The Washington Post has a rather slimy question with a poll concerning religious freedom and the US Military, especially in regard to “don’t ask – don’t tell”, which concerns the identity of homosexuals. Here is the WaPo text:  … Read More

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OpEd piece for the Washington Post

Some of the commentators who have added their opinions in the combox after my OpEd in WaPo really need your help. A few contributors can both read and think, but there are some deeply confused people over there.  And a … Read More

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