CQ CQ CQ – #HamRadio Saturday: ZedNet possibility and June Field Day potential

ham radio badassOne of our frequent commentators here, WB0YLE, who is my online Elmer, has been lavishly generous with technical knowledge and skills.   He is the one who set up the Echolink node for our use.

WB0YLE is taking our networking possibilities to a new level, with the possibility of creating what he calls “ZedNet”, which might be activated on a regular basis.  It would be a net that connects, say, at 8 PM EST (or perhaps a bit earlier for those of you in different parts of the world).

ZedNet will be available on Wires-X room 28598, if any of you ham readers are near a Wires-X repeater.  It will also be available on DMR Talkgroup 31429 for those near a Brandmeister multimode repeater.  I am also pretty sure that you can join through Echolink, which he has patched in.  That means that even if you are out and about, you could access the net through your smart phone if it has an Echolink app.

I guess that that would make participants ZedHams rather than ZedHeads.

He is working on all the mechanics.  However, people can monitor the network now:


There is pretty cool stuff going on with the digital side of things.

Also, we had a discussion about the upcoming warm weather Field Day at the end June.   Something needs to be done.  It would be quite the thing were priest hams (and lay hams) to descend on Madison, and on St. Mary’s in particular, for a combination of Field Day, potential ultra-blognik, Solemn Masses in the Extraordinary Form for the participants (and maybe even coaching in how to say the traditional Mass) along with good cheer and lots of real life and radio QSOs.  Just thinking out loud.

So, on my slate of things to do are 1) finally get those QSL cards made (along with my challenge coins), and 2) figure out Field Day, which will coincide with the Vigil of St. John the Baptist with its blessing of fire and perhaps even the joy of the old tradition of burning (in effigy of course) a witch, 3) form the club/society and 4) sort the new shack. Yes, Morse is in there too.

To refresh:

For those of you who are digitally active, WB0YLE set up the Echolink node available to us (554286 – WB0YLE-R  – Thanks! – Remember: You must be licensed to use Echolink.

I created a page for the List of YOUR callsigns.  HERE  Chime in or drop me a note if your call doesn’t appear in the list.




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