URGENT PRAYER REQUEST: Deadly house fire

From a reader…

Your prayers are requested for the Seago family. They suffered a horrific accidental house fire last weekend that tragically claimed the lives of the mother and 4 of the children. Only the father and one child were able to escape before the windows blew out and the roof collapsed.

Lucinda Seago, 42, and Nicholas (age 15), Martin (12), Demetria (9), and Peter (7) all perished in the early Saturday blaze in the small town of Warwick, MA (pop. 780). The house was fully engulfed in flames by the time firefighters arrived. Temps were in the single digits at the time. Husband Scott and 10-year old Vivian were the only survivors.

The funeral Mass for Lucinda and the children is this Saturday, 3/11/2017.

My best friend who is Vivian’s godmother says this is a worthy cause if anyone is looking for a Lenten charity to donate to. She is not sure where Scott and Vivian will end up living, but said they have lost most of their family members and all of their worldly goods.


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  1. (X)MCCLXIII says:

    Thank you for passing on this information, Father. I’ve been able to make a small donation and although I normally delete posts from my RSS feed as soon as I read them I’ll keep this one there for a few days to remind me to pray for the Seagos, living and dead.

  2. Semper Gumby says:


  3. Professor Q says:

    Praying for them.

  4. aquinasadmirer says:

    Prayers for them. I’ll engage my prayer-warrior daughters to join in at bedtime.

  5. Mariana2 says:


  6. Sonshine135 says:

    Oh my word! I am praying for the strength of the Dad and the surviving child, and the souls of those who were lost so suddenly. Losing one child or parent would be tragic enough, but Mom and 4 children. It reminds me of Robert Roger’s story. It is most definitely a test of faith and character.

  7. Suffering and loss are never a test of faith, [?] but a call to walk more closely with the suffering Jesus. It is true, as St. Francis says, that we never know how patient we are until our patience is tried. But we can be certain that in suffering and loss we are brought closer to Jesus, even though Satan wants us to feel alone and to despair. I pray that this family will not only receive the financial help that they need–but much more importantly!–that they will, as survivors of tragedy, know the love of the God-Man who bore their wounds. Any of us have only to look to Him in our heart in order to be with Him in prayer.

    I will have at least one Mass offered for this family and their deceased loved ones. May the eternal light shine upon them. Requiescant in pace.

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