Wherein Fr. Z is sore tempted – UPDATE

UPDATE 13 March:

I am delighted that one of my priest friends is able to come to help with our Triduum!  However, I really would like to have one more priest come.

So, I’ll give in to the temptation.  Fathers?


Originally Published on: Mar 7, 2017

I am having a temptation.   I am tempted to put out a notice to any priests out there who would like to have an experience of serving as a sacred ministers (deacon, subdeacon) in the Triduum in the traditional rite.

Were I to do so, I would probably put out a note on this blog and ask priests to write to me.  Such a priest would, of course, have to have traditional interests, strong singing skills and would need to be able to work with Latin… and he would have to come to Madison, of course.  That would mean suitability letter, etc.

HA!  What a thought.   As if there would be any priests not already engaged.



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