Idea for “Play Mass” kit for boys – UPDATED

UPDATE: 5 April:

From the nice folks who have this business.

We have had quite a few phone call orders for censors in the last several days…. I should have realized much quicker than I did that you were helping us.  Thanks!

The promo code has been causing some issues, so I HAVE SIMPLY CHANGED THE PRICE ONLINE TO 50% SALE PRICE, NO PROMO CODE NEEDED.  Do you think you could write one sentence after your post stating that please.


Also, you might look around at other items which they have at 50% off.

__ Originally Published on: Apr 3, 2017

I occasionally post about children “playing Mass“.

Recently I received an email about a family owned and operated business which specializes in incense and incense hardware. Agnus Dei.

They have lots of kids, so explore their site!

Right now they are clearing out at 50% off and already low price a high quality brass censer which is only 4″ in diameter in gold or silver.

This might be a good addition to a high quality “playing Mass” kit.

COUPON 355 047 – offer expires (goes up in smoke?) on 30 April.  Give them a call: HERE


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  1. Red_Shirt_Hero says:

    These are ideal for training young servers as thurifers, perhaps at a Mass in a school setting or for use in a small chapel. They only hold a couple of charcoals, but the jewellers’ chains are wonderful as they don’t snag. One priest commented it was the nicest thurible he’d ever handled as a celebrant.

  2. Louis Tully says:

    Is that coupon code correct? I can’t get it to work…

    I’m trying to assemble a nice play Mass set as an Easter gift and this would be perfect.

  3. Gabriel Syme says:

    Speaking about kids playing as a means to learn more about mass, check this out:

    It seems to be a novus ordo mass lego set – I would SO buy one of those for my kid(s), if there was a traditional latin mass set.

    (I know this kit could likely be modified, but then my astute kid(s) would ask why the priest is facing the “wrong way” on the box!)

  4. roma247 says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Father! I have long been searching for a nice but affordable censer for home use and I am so pleased to be able to patronize a small family business.

    God bless you!

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