Maltese Bp. Scicluna: The Church’s teachings on contraception has softened

UPDATE 10 April:

A friend in Rome texted me that he had heard that Malta Today retracted the article about Scicluna.  I went to look at found this.  The story was still indexed, but you couldn’t reach it.

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ORIGINALLY Published on: Apr 7, 2017

17_01_18_maltesefiasco3I provide this as motivation for your own deepening of prayer and mortifications for Holy Church and for the protection of sound bishops and priests.

From Malta Today:

Archbishop on contraception: ‘Only if within marriage and not abortive’

The Church’s teachings on contraception, though always tied to the tenet of sex belonging within the marriage, had softened in the past few years, as long as no life was lost in the process, Archbishop Charles J. Scicluna said on Thursday.  [Is that so?]
In a recorded interview on Xtra on TVM, the archbishop told Saviour Balzan that he was not condoning contraception at large. [Oh no.  Of course you aren’t.]
“One must remember that the Church always placed the argument in the context of marriage, and it holds on to the tenet of sex belonging within the marriage,” he said.
“What we are saying is that if you have to use a contraceptive, make sure it is not one that kills life.”


Scicluna is part of the “Maltese Fiasco”. He and the other bishop in Malta issued guidelines on chapter 8 of Amoris laetitia which, effectively, abolish the Magisterium of John Paul II. He is, apparently, now emboldened to go after Paul VI.

They never just come straight out and say it.  They insinuate.  People then hear what they want to hear and that becomes the new truth.   Bit by bit they chip away at doctrine.

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