More fun with the 1773 Suppression of the Jesuits by Clement XIV!

In my searching about on the interwebs for tidbits about Suppression of the Jesuits by Clement XVI, Papa Ganganelli, of happy memory – a topic which never fails to delight – I found a wonderful engraving.


Allégorie sur la suppression et abolition totale de la Société se disant de Jésus, French, 1773

The engraving portrays the Catholic kingdoms, identifiable by their coats of arms, as warriors striking at the Society of Jesus, depicted as the Whore of Babylon riding the apocalyptic beast.  Very festive!


You too can celebrate the Suppression of the Jesuits with your very own Papa Ganganelli coffee mug and t-shirt!

For all the selections click (T-SHIRTS NOW AVAILABLE!)


Clement_XVI_Mug_01 Clement_XVI_Mug_02

Be sure also to stock up on your Mystic Monk Coffee and Tea to make every heft of these precious memorials an added joy!


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  1. Pigeon says:

    I hope you’re not going to tell us that the Jack Chick/Scofeld -type protestants were half-right….that it’s a Jesuit pope (not just any pope) would would bring about the apocalypse and such. =:-O

  2. Mike says:

    I like coffee mugs and T-shirts, but a spiffed-up reprint of that engraving would be an especially distinctive and collectible bit of Z-Swag.

  3. Felipe says:

    I was inspired by your posts so I actually went to S.S. Apostoli yesterday here in Rome to visit the Tomb of Clement XIV. It’s too bad there wasn’t a table outside of the church selling your mugs. I’m glad I went because in the same church St Phillip (where I get my name) & St James minor are buried there. Beautiful church! Thank you Fr Z!

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