26 May – St. Philip Neri: Hearts on fire!

Today is the feast of the great co-patron of Rome with St. Peter: St. Philip Neri.

From a couple weeks ago.

The tomb of the saint in the Chiesa Nuova.


Here is his…


Deus, qui fideles tibi servos
sanctitatis gloria sublimare non desistis,
concede propitius,
ut illo nos igne Spiritus Sanctus inflammet,
quo beati Philippi cor mirabiliter penetravit.

Sublimo, according to the thorough Lewis & Short Dictionary, is “to lift up on high, to raise, elevate”.  Penetro is, in the first place, “to put, place, or set any thing into any thing”. You might use this verb to describe a person putting his foot inside a house. It can also mean “to betake one’s self” or “go” in some direction. For example, one way to say “to take flight” as in “run away” is se in fugam penetrat. After that, it is “to pierce into any thing; to enter, penetrate any thing”. In a related sense, penetralia are the interior of a place, or the secret places, even a sanctuary or chapel.

O God, who by the glory of sanctity 
do not cease not to raise on high
servants faithful to You,
propitiously grant,
that the Holy Spirit inflame us with that same fire
with which He wondrously entered into  Saint Philip’s heart.

We could say “pierced” instead of “entered”, but with fire I think that is the wrong image.

Where St Philip said Mass:

And here is the relic of the praecordium of St. Philip Neri in the chapel in the Oratory in Rome where the saint said Mass. The praecordium is not the heart itself, but it is close!  I said Mass there many times… until recently… especially on my anniversary of ordination (today, in 1991).  The Oratorians have become rather stingy.
Praecordium S. Philippi Neri

O God, who never cease to bestow the glory of holiness
on the faithful servants you raise up for yourself,
graciously grant
that the Holy Spirit may kindle in us that fire
with which he wonderfully filled
the heart of Saint Philip Neri.

I don’t like that “filled” for penetravit, but you can see how they chose it.

This is my relic of St. Philip.



Last year was my 25th.  HERE

And… just for fun… my 1st Mass vestment…


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  1. introibo2016 says:

    Happy Anniversary of your ordination, Reverend Father. Ad Multos Annos!

  2. Sandy says:

    Happy Anniversary, Father! May St. Philip Neri grant you and all of us all the power of his intercession on this feast day.

  3. Clinton R. says:

    Happy Anniversary, Father. Thank you for answering the Lord’s call
    to His Priesthood. Thank you for the concern you have for the well being of our souls.
    May Our Blessed Virgin pray always for you. May St.
    Philip Neri pray for you. May all the Saints pray for you. +JMJ+

  4. Siculum says:

    Happy Anniversary.

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    Happy Anniversary Fr. Z! I hope the Lord sends you many blessings today!

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    Happy Anniversary, Fr. Z. Ad multos annos!

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    Happy Anniversary Fr. Z!

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    A blessed anniversary to you, Father– you will be in my rosary later!

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    Cent’anni, Father Z. Happy Anniversary!

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    Fr. Z –

    God bless you and your brother priests faithful to The Lord – because of your sacrifice – we and our children can live in the light of Christ.

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    Happy Anniversary, Father! May God continue to bless you!

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    Congratulations on your priestly anniversary father z. God bless you with many more. Mother Mary keep you.

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