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17_06_26_coin_obverse_02_det-200Firstly, I am having a great time with my Challenge Coins.  I’ve been sending them out to a select group of military, LEOs, and others, including NASA and CIA types.  I’m getting notes back that they’ve been received.  I have another going out today to a cop in my native place who was just promoted.  Other coins have gone to priest friends.  I sent a few out to some long-time benefactors and also one to a fellow who used the donation link on the sidebar where the Challenge Coin image is: it is a specific amount and those donations will hopefully, eventually, offset the cost of making the coins.  Anyway, it’s fun sending them out.  I hope to have some good exchanges.  All the coins are numbered and I’m keeping track of where they go.

Also, it seems that suddenly people who wanted Gregorian Masses said for their loved ones woke up!  Channeling my inner yenta I have facilitated connections between priests and people to get these Masses arranged.  That is deeply satisfying.  More on that HERE.  I usually have a link for this on the upper menu.  So, if you are looking at the blog on a mobile device, check the full version too.

17_07_08_biretta_seminarian_anon_03Remember to pay attention to the BIRETTAS FOR SEMINARIANS PROJECT!  Summer is passing.  There will be new crops of seminarians.  Birettas are required.  Do you part!

Please donate generously to our Pontifical Vestment Project.  I want to get those folded chasubles made in time for them to be used.  We also are going to have eventually new black, rose and even BLUE sets for Pontifical Masses.

Today I corrected (I hope) a redirect problem from the main domain page.  I hope it works better now.  fatherzonline.com comes straight to the main page of this blog.  wdtprs.com goes to a page that redirects.  It was “hanging”.  The blog needs an overhaul.  Also, there are problems with search engines that mystify me… but also don’t mystify me.

Don’t forget ALWAYS to use my Amazon search box on the sidebar when you shop online.  That helps enormously.  Repeat to yourselves before shopping… “Must help Fr. Z… Must help Fr. Z…”

If you are regularly using the blog, please consider subscribing to a monthly donation.  Even small amounts help.  I regularly offer Masses for the intention of benefactors and I remember you all in my prayers daily, with gratitude.

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