PODCAzT 154: Card. Sarah in La Nef on 10th Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum

17_07_18_La_Nef_cover_SarahRecently the great Robert Card. Sarah had a piece in the French magazine La Nef.  Only fragments were out on the interwebs.   I eventually got my hands on the entire thing in French.  I now also have a translation into English which I will make available to you.

The translation into English was sent by a young priest in France, to whom I am grateful.  It isn’t a perfect translation in every English respect, but it is very good and it won’t trouble us in the least.

So… here it is!  You don’t even have to turn pages.  I’ll read it for you.

I think that many of you will not agree with everything that the Cardinal offers.  I don’t.  However, this is thoughtful, helpful, and worthy of prayerful consideration.  I mean that sincerely… prayerful consideration.  I am going to take a few of the things that I find challenging in his piece to prayer and see what happens.

Otherwise, I resonate strongly with most everything Card. Sarah offers in this piece.  As a matter of fact, on some points I wonder if he hasn’t been reading this blog, or perhaps we have a Vulcan mind meld going.  Of course a simple explanation is that we have some of the same influences.

Also, please consider getting these books, if you have not already.

The Power of Silence: Against the Dictatorship of Noise.


God or Nothing: A conversation on Faith


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  1. Unwilling says:

    Thank you for both the text and introductory commentary. I don’t see anything to not be on board with. But the final sentences raise a conceptual problem about where too define the line between desirable and undesirable uniformity. I cannot see, except as ideal, the certainty of any Catholic anywhere, whether then native or visiting, to confidently enter a Church and worship God with fellow Catholics in the Mass. This was what I was unknowingly privileged to enjoy before the late 60s. And it is what I thirst for, as the hart…

  2. jameeka says:

    Bold, outstanding, a ‘cri de coeur’…where do we sign up?
    Thank you, Cardinal Sarah! ( you as well, Fr Z –and the kind translator)

  3. Michael says:

    From the talk (thank you for your recording Fr.Z), I took these main points for reforming the Ordinary Form as most important:

    *Restoration of the prayers at the foot of the altar (or at least a simplified version).
    *Restoration of the traditional offertory prayers.
    *Restoration of genuflecting before the elevations of the sacred species.
    *Restoration of a silent Canon.
    *Lastly, of course, a restoration to Ad Orientem worship.

    Cardinal Sarah has BIG (YUGEEE) plans for the future of the Liturgy. I pray he continues in his post for many more years to come so that the above, and more, may come to fruition.

  4. BenH says:

    Fr. Z,
    How does one approach your pastor about implementing the changes that Cardinal Sarah has been suggesting/requesting? Our previous pastor was moving the parish in that direction and even happily agreed to celebrate our O.F. wedding Mass in Latin and ad orientem. He had also learned the E.F. and had begun using when requested during daily Masses. With our new pastor, it feels like we have stepped backwards 10 years.
    It would seem that our current pastor is open to these changes, but how do we as parishioners start a discussion with him? I have thought about sending him this article along with past articles from Cardinal Sarah. I should note that the orthodoxy of the liturgy at this church is still the best in the area. The E.F. parishes in the area seem to have fallen into the grave error mentioned by Sarah in this article, making it hard switch.
    Any advice would be appreciated!

  5. Swedenhorse says:

    In our church in Ohio, our priest does most of what Micheal was askiing to happen at mass. I personally feel that our returning or answering in Latin is going to make no difference. I read once that no matter how many masses are offered after you die the most important, rather mass that will assist you at death is the mass in which you personally attended and assisted. I was in the era when mass was said in Latin, yes I was a child but I got nothing from the mass. I of course waited for the conscration and to receive the host. You can’t order people to pay attention, be more reverent it is sad to see many people have little or no respect for what they are receiving. Thanks to listening to Christian radio and then the Catholic TV I became aware of how shallow I was in attending mass. I am better at REALLY be aware of the “Sacrifice of the Mass” and offering up my prayers. being aware that we are united in praising God. I would like more silence in the mass but think that is to draw us together. My trust is in you Lord who made heaven and earth.

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  7. Steven says:

    Father, would share the written text? I personally prefer turning pages :)

  8. Semper Gumby says:

    Helpful Podcazt, thanks Fr. Z.

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