23 September 2017: Look! Up in the sky!

The old phrase forever to be associated with Superman, “Look!  Up in the sky!” denotes wonder and curiosity about something unknown.

On 23 September we will look up in the sky and see something wondrous and curious.

All sorts of planets and stars and constellations will be lining up in way that makes you ponder the significance of heavenly signs.   After all, we are in the 100th anniversary year of Our Lady’s apparitions at Fatima and Our Lord said to watch for signs.

Here is a wiki entry about the 17 Sept event.   YES!  It has its own entry!  HERE

Is this alignment and the patterns of retrograde motion, etc., something to do Revelation 12?

Hard to say.

However, it is going to be beautiful!

Revelation 12 Sign.gif
By Brad – Revelation 12 Daily, CC0, Link

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  1. G1j says:

    There have been other curious signs in the sky, reported in the news, of late. Borrowing from Father Z himself…”Go To Confession”.

  2. Tom A. says:

    if She is “clothed in the Sun,” we will not be able to see the alignment.

  3. dalesquelch103 says:

    That’s correct. I don’t think it will actually be visible.

  4. The Egyptian says:

    Patrick Archbold has an interesting take on this and the the church and signs in the heavens, very good read, in fact a must read


    from Pat
    [Editorial Note: In the following article, I intend to present a series of facts and observations from which I draw no definitive conclusion. Yet, these facts and observations are of such a nature, for no other reason than their observation and reporting, that lend themselves to misinterpretation. So let me be clear, in the following article, I predict nothing. I am offering my observations on some upcoming phenomena, both heavenly and man-made, potentially of great import, that people might find interesting and of which people should be aware.]

  5. Marion Ancilla Mariae says:

    It’s mentioned that the phenomenon will be visible in the night sky over Jerusalem.

    I wonder if we will be able to see the phenomenon from here on the East Coast of the U.S.

  6. Ave Crux says:

    Father Z: in line with “signs”, I recall the blood of Saint Januarius did not liquefy last December. Many were concerned about what this could mean for 2017.

    I’ve searched and searched and cannot find anywhere any information about whether the blood of Saint Januarius liquified in May this year, or today September 19th), as normally occurs.

    Would you have any information on this for 2017?

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  8. GordonB says:

    … and in the Atlantic is hurricane Jose and hurricane Maria (Joseph and Mary) at the same time…

  9. John Fannon says:

    It certainly is an intriguing conjunction. My first thought wondering is how often this has occurred in the Christian era as the Sun, moon, and planets all move in a predictable manner. It’s also complicated by the precession of the equinoxes. So I guess it doesn’t happen often, but I would hesitate to claim it is unique.

    It is worth pointing out that the stars in Leo and the planets will be visible just before sunrise while the crescent moon will be seen after sunset. It’s unlikely that any of the stars in Virgo will be seen as their light will be swamped by that of the Sun. There are two famous stars in this constellation Spica (ear of corn) and Vindemiatrix (mistress of the vineyards).

    Another interesting point is that there is confusion about how the crescent moon is represented in statues showing the Virgin with the moon at her feet. Astronomically speaking the Moon should be represented with its horns down, whereas many statues (including the one we have at home) have the horns facing upwards.

  10. Nightcrawler says:

    It is also the feast day of Saint Padre Pio.

  11. dbrigtex17 says:

    On Saturday, September 23, the Venerable Fr. Stanley Rother will be declared “Blessed” in a ceremony in Oklahoma City. Fr. Rother is the first US born martyr to be advanced to Blessed – he was working at a parish in Guatemala when he was murdered for the faith.
    In the 100 years since the founding of the parish Fr. Rother worked in, there had been not one single priestly vocation. Since his death, the parish has generated 9 priestly vocations and has 7 more in seminary.
    Read more of his fascinating story from the National Catholic Register:
    Perhaps the sky view on September 23 is a crown for Fr. Rother.

  12. q7swallows says:

    Also, somewhat ironically, Hurricane Maria has departed from passing near La Croix (the Cross) and is heading toward San Juan (St. John) and is going to flood it (with tears?) and then follow the gentle Jose (Joseph) out to open seas. Even the hurricanes are repeating the Scriptures! Absolutely fascinating and awe-inspiring.

  13. torch621 says:

    With everything that’s happening and all these signs, I wonder if the punishment spoken of by Our Lady of Akita is upon us.

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