Bullying the little guy.

For decade after decade a liberal elite dominated the mass media. People hardly knew it, the domination was so pervasive and complete.  Then, slowly but surely, a few conservatives clawed their way past the massive machine of opposition.   So, it came to pass that some conservative (sane) talk radio hosts and cable news broadcasts managed to get a new voice into the public square.   The libs were not happy.   They still are not happy. All manner of lib trickery was attempted to silence the unwanted alternative voice in the public square which they had dominated for so long without opposition.  It didn’t work.  With the growth of the internet, the whole game has changed.

Right now, in Catholic media, the same thing is going on.  The libs have had near total domination of large Catholic media outlets.  The domination was so complete that barely anyone knew that they were being fed soul-annihilation.   Small but faithful outlets such as The Wanderer kept a fingernail’s hold on the edge of the Catholic public square, as did a few others.  Then voices such as Mother Angelica managed to claw their way through the opposition.  People, who suddenly had an alternative, began to wake up.  The libs were and are not happy. With the growth of the internet, they have no chance to maintain their uncontested hegemony.

You can tell how angry and frightened the catholic liberal Left is right now by how they are rushing higgledy-piggeldy to defend the claim that homosexual acts are really not so bad after all.  THAT, friends, is the issue.  This is about the long-desired goal of divorcing sexual acts from procreation.  Once that can be accomplished, then anything goes in any and every sphere of Catholic life. The Church will forever be transformed into a sort of NGO with broad goals of niceness, providing really good salaries for the ones who run it.

Civil_Rights_dog_01The anger and fright of the catholic liberal Left has recently manifested itself through, among other ways, attacks on converts.  Not long ago we saw that some radicalized catholic liberals, also defenders (at least) of homosexuality, opined that converts really shouldn’t be allowed to voice opinions.  How tired they were of converts saying what they thought!   Of course what they were really irritated with is that converts tend to be more conservative.  Because they made a choice to become Catholics as adults – and indeed during difficult times for the Church – they often are better informed and more faithful when it comes to the Church’s doctrine.   Of course converts have to be silenced!

Now we see the anger and fright of the catholic liberal Left coming out in attacks on “Catholic internet trolls”.  That’s what an editorial at Jesuit (what else?) run Amerika Magazine did on 18 September.   Here is a taste :

It is likewise a mistake to ignore or dismiss those whose so-called evangelization takes the form of online attacks, and whose goal seems to be a purge of Catholic voices who do not meet their standards of purity. Those who lead such efforts are claiming a kind of parallel magisterium, substituting their own outrage for the judgement of those who occupy the church’s legitimate teaching office.

They must be confronted, and church leaders—especially those whose viewpoints may differ from those of the persons under attack—should speak up strongly and clearly against these attacks and attempts at intimidation. The communion of the church needs to be defended—not from the peril of theological discussion but rather from that of being monitored and policed by the loudest and least loving voices among us.

This would be hilarious if it weren’t such a distortion of reality.

If there has ever been an effort to run a “parallel magisterium” it has been from the liberal Left!   Think “Spirit of Vatican II”.

Amerika is worried about those who “occupy the church’s legitimate teaching office”?  Oh, yeah?  Where were they during the pontificates of John Paul II and of Benedict XVI?  Were they out there fighting the good fight to uphold what these Popes taught?  How have outlets like Amerika and Fishwrap etc. been in defending Veritatis splendor and Summorum Pontificum?

The hypocrisy of their concern for the magisterium is pathetic.

And, in their eyes, the crisis is so bad that the “communion of the church needs to be defended”.  It is to laugh.  Think about it.   A small media outlet like Lifesite writes a story about a Jesuit and, “OMG! THE COMMUNION OF THE CHURCH IS UNDER ATTACK!”  A small outlet like Church Militant writes a couple stories and, “OMG!….”  A single little insignificant priest writes a blog post and, “OMG!  If we don’t do something about these people IT’S THE END OF EVERYTHING!”

How about that phrase, “the loudest and least loving”.   Niiiice.  First, they judge the love of others.  Then, “loudest”?  For crying out loud, THEY are the loudest!  Do you want the LOUDEST voices in the Church?   They have to be Amerika and Fishwrap and Civiltà and all these established liberal organs.

To put this into perspective, I am like a guy on a street corner with an open guitar case, busking my little tunes, while Amerika and Fishwrap are a Village People tribute band on top of the Empire State Building with full media coverage.  THEY are the loudmouths around here.

Some days back the some Jesuit Conference or other issued an official statement of full-throated support for James Martin’s notions in his book.

They have undertaken a war campaign of intimidation and bullying against the little guy.

I had questions… questions… about why and for what purpose Fr. Martin was to speak at a national major seminary… not university, mind you… seminary… when his very name these days brings a single thing to mind: the homosexualist agenda.  I asked questions about that.  I’d ask them again.  Speaking at a university or a community college is one thing.  Speaking at a seminary, for their 100th anniversary, is another.  And everyone knows I’m right about that.

And yet the Jesuits are getting out their dogs and firehoses.  The machine needs to silence the voices of those who have a right to be heard.


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  1. James C says:

    Now we have the likes of papal confidant Fr Spadaro publicly attacking the people resisting Fr Martin’s homosexual campaign, comparing them to neo-Nazi thugs.

    Now we have bishops defending Fr Martin and calling his critics a “cancer” in the Church that must be rooted out.

    Where are we headed in the Church? How bad is it going to get? St Paul says only a little bad leaven is enough to spoil the whole loaf. How much bad leaven do we have today, going up to the highest levels of the Church? We are in dangerous times.

    [Doesn’t this have the feeling of a symphonic prelude to … something? There’s a high whiff of coordination.]

  2. pjmpjm says:

    If I had a twenty, i’d toss it into your guitar case, Father! Hey, wait a minute, there’s a way to do that…

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  3. Dad of Six says:

    “It is likewise a mistake to ignore or dismiss those whose so-called evangelization takes the form of online attacks, and whose goal seems to be a purge of Catholic voices who do not meet their standards of purity.”

    When I first read that I thought of the comboxes at the Fishwrap.

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

    [Not to mention Amerika! When I said that I would do an interview for them, they did nothing… nothing to review anything in their combox that was defamatory.]

  4. jschicago says:

    “We Shall Overcome”


  5. Julia_Augusta says:

    Perhaps lapsed Catholics, like me, who have come back to the Church are also more conservative. I came back to the Mass of Ages, not a banal community meal; to the traditional prayers in LATIN, not the Twitter version of the Angelus; and to being reminded, everyday of my life, of the Four Things: Death, Judgement, Heaven and Hell.

    “Modern” Catholics find my daily meditation on the Four Things depressing, a form of self-flagellation that belongs to the Middle Ages (think peasants, superstition). But in my opinion, you cannot get through one day in your life in the proper Christian way, without meditating on the Four Things, even for just 10 minutes. If you pray the Rosary or even the Our Father with deep attention, you will have meditated on the Four Things. And this meditation will guide your thoughts, your words and actions.

    “Modern” Catholics laugh at the paintings of the Last Judgement (by among others, Rogier van der Weyden) which one can see in the Hotel Dieu in Beaune, France and in the Albi Cathedral (not a van der Weyden, but another Flemish painter) also in France. There you see gruesome depictions of people like you and me being dragged into hell and tortured by demons. Afraid? Yes. You should be. Heaven, on the other hand, looks marvelous. Keen on getting there? You should be too. For the “moderns” one should be “positive” and should not make people feel bad or frightened. It is exactly this silly mentality that Barbara Ehrenreich criticized in her book, “Smile or Die: How Positive Thinking Fooled America and the World”. Although modernism arose over a century ago, it had its full flowering in the 1960s and has been propagated through mass media. It has infected the Church.

    So one shouldn’t criticize sinful acts because it makes the people who commit them feel bad? Well, that’s like saying don’t take the medicine which will cure you of a deadly disease because the medicine tastes bitter! This is serious business here: Hell is where one goes if one dies in a state of mortal sin. And you can die any time: on the road, in a plane, in your house . . .

    Or maybe “modern” Catholics don’t believe in Hell?

  6. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    But Father, But Father.

    If they hear your voice over the reverberating din of their self-referential soundscape of media control, it MUST be that you are yelling. They do know how loud their own volume settings are.

    And if what you say challenges their hegemony and brings them emotional discontent, it MUST be that you’re a meanie judgey judger who is the least loving evah.

    Besides THEY are the social justice warriors, how could they ever see themselves as “the man” with the dog or the hose? Where would their deluded sense of moral superiority go then? Against all evidence of reality, they must see you as the bigot with the hose working for the global machine of hatred. You are the bad guy trying to silence the little man.

  7. comedyeye says:

    James Martin, SJ is such a whiner.
    I would LOVE to see a debate between him and Matt Walsh.

    [No one would object to that at a university or even a seminary.]

  8. Fallibilissimo says:

    Very well said Father. This coolheaded and even-tempered article is one of the most important I’ve read on these current issues, and speaks well to the larger reality the Church has been facing. I also find your choice of historical pictures very apt here.

    As for the left, every once in awhile their true colours show. See this paragraph from Massimo Faggioli’s defence of Fr Martin:
    “These cyber militants are not alone. Rather, they are part of the “age of anger” from which the Catholic Church is not immune. These groups and individuals are particularly active and influential in the Catholic Church in the United States. Much of this is the result of more than thirty years of episcopal appointments under John Paul II and Benedict XVI, which recast the US episcopate in the image of the “cultural warrior”.”

    There you have it. They are dissatisfied, maybe even angry, that the efforts of St John Paul II and Benedict XVI bore fruit. I must admit at being really worried now because this is much MUCH bigger than a a mere “cyberware”. I think this Fr Martin affair is marking the beginning of a new chapter inside the Church’s battle for its identity. Will those fruits be destroyed?

    God Bless you Father. You maybe a “small” blog, but as of this moment I see what you’re doing as part of an indispensable service in a great cause in the Church. Although I’m not happy that you’ve been targeted unjustly with calumny and falsehoods, I am sort of happy this has happened to your blog because it demonstrates and recognizes that there is a presence of people who will not so easily go down quietly into the night as dissenters try to pervert Her teachings.

  9. DeGaulle says:

    They have some nerve to judge our love, when love to these people seems nothing more than one’s genital stimulation of choice.

    Keep up the good work, Father.

  10. visigrad says:

    We all need to follow the example of Fr. Z Time to be like St Catherine of Siena…. with family, friends, fellow parishioners, pastors and our bishops ! There is a great interview with Bishop Garcia by Michael Voris…wherein the bishop encourages the faithful to speak up…even at Mass if the priest is preaching heresy, stand up and tell him he is wrong…….even if the usher escorts you out.

  11. hwriggles4 says:

    I wonder if some of these publications like Amerika, the Fishwrap, U.S. Catholic, and a few others have noticed why there subscription numbers are dwindling. Communication “experts” should take note that while many larger organizations had huge budgets, Mother Angelica did more for evangelization on a shoestring budget, a wing, and a prayer.

  12. CatholicMD says:

    When it comes to clerics like Fr. Martin and Bp. McElroy all that comes to mind is the story of the sons of Eli in 1 Samuel.

  13. WVC says:

    It’s Antifa in the secular world, claiming to fight fascism by using fascist tactics. It’s this cabal of pro-homosexual voices within the Church (and it really does boil down to that being the primary issue) claiming to fight the “rigid” and “judgmental” Catholics by being even more “rigid” and “judgmental” than they could ever hope to be. We need a name for this Catholic cabal . . . oh, wait, we already have one. It’s “Jesuits.”

    Dang it – this has convinced me to buy a Papa Ganganelli mug.

  14. hwriggles4 says:

    I don’t know how much attention is given by readers to diocesan newspapers. I will say some are really good but others belong under my cat’s litter box. When I was a one hour Catholic, I would look at our diocesan paper, and had no idea back then that there were many dissenting columnists.

    I will say that our local diocesan paper got much better after a new editor was hired, which happened within a year after a new Bishop arrived. More articles on vocations, life issues, education, etc.

  15. Joseph Revesz says:

    Faithful Catholic media need to continue to oppose and expose the Satanic Gay Mafia in the Church. They are heretics and atheists, with no interest in saving souls. We faithful must continue to pray that Our Lord gives us the strength to support faithful media and keep up the fight. We need to expose and disturb the birds nest on the ground enjoyed by militant gay cardinals, bishops, and priests and their boyfriends, which costs the Church millions and harms our youth.

  16. ckdexterhaven says:

    Remember when Newsweek had Ellen DeGeneres on the cover with the title “Yep, I’m Gay”?

    I think that a similar title on the NYT is headed our way with a priest or bishop. Along with a rollout on the Today show, The View, etc.

    The more shocking thing would be if some of these priests or even bishops came out with “Yep, I believe in the Magisterium.”

  17. RobS says:

    The last gasp of the Jesuit machine appears to be dedicated to sending those with beams out to do the good work of identifying their brothers’ specks.

  18. un-ionized says:

    Thanks for this. I experienced these kinds of attacks for years at my old parish and it’s followed me around the diocese because of the slander mill. I can’t trust any priest here.

  19. LarryW2LJ says:

    It was about a decade ago that I read “Good Bye, Good Men” by Michael S. Rose. Guess we’re really seeing the fruits of what Mr. Rose was trying to warn us about.

    Father, I have this satisfying vision in my head, of Jesus breaking out the ol’ whip and overturning some tables at some seminaries and “catholic”universities and some rectories. It’s the only thing that keeps me sane at times.

  20. jlaws says:

    Michael Coren the homophile was a convert. Abraham Vereide swept many Nazis, most notably Evangelical Minister (and Gestapo General) Reinhard Gehlen, into the Religious Right. The dialectic is not an accurate guide to modernity’s assault on the Church. The “little guys” are opposed by the Goliaths of finance and industry — Peter Thiel, Mark Gill, Tom Cook, and many others. Rupert Murdoch is as much a Bolshevik as his left-wing “opponents”. The homofascist jackboot on our necks is worn by a global power that worships mammon. John Manos asks the right question:

    “Is the Vatican’s war with Mammon limited to doctrine and words, or is money a weapon, too?”

  21. bombcar says:

    The way to “win” if you will, is to do what they’re claiming to do, but do it better than they are doing. And that shouldn’t be hard, and will really get them all riled up.

  22. ejcmartin says:

    I have wondered where Fr Martin’s “bridge” is heading? Is it:
    Diologue and understanding? That bridge should be at least two lanes coming AND going.
    Acceptance of “loving” same sex relationships? Does that bridge then exclude Grindr type same sex behaviour? Would Fr Martin care to make the distinction otherwise it would be divisive LBGTetc… community wouldn’t it?
    Or is the bridge full acceptance of all same sex acts? Well then the anything goes hetero or homosexual.
    I really don’t think Bishops etc have a clue about the destruction sexual “freedom” has brought.

  23. Roy Hobbes says:

    Several years ago, before my reversion, Rolling Stone magazine had PF on their cover. This was a tiny-bit of a wake-up call for me, as I knew pro-abortion RS had no love for Christians (and even less for Catholics). If PF was on their cover, this did not portend well for the Church.

    More recently, I have begun seeing ‘positive’ articles about Catholics in such places as the NYTimes. Mind you, for nearly the past two decades, the only articles one could find in the NYTimes about Catholics was in reference to scandals, namely sexual abuse scandals. Not so much anymore. Instead, the recent positive articles have nearly all been in line with promoting the inclusivity certain churches were having with those afflicted with same-sex attraction. Just yesterday, the NYTimes had a decent-sized article about Fr. Martin, his recent dis-invites, and how the conservative meanies on the right just won’t give Fr. Martin a fair shake. Riiight.

    Personally, I consider leftist rags like RS and the NYTimes to be enemies of the Church. And when they begin to write puff-pieces sympathetic to their cause, especially in relation to the recent incidents of Fr. Martin’s dis-invites, I would say that the good guys are finally on their radar, because such pieces are about nothing but spin and damage control.

    Keep up the good work, Fr. Z.

  24. Peter Stuart says:

    None of the big noisemakers seems to want to build any bridges to people like me who struggle with SSA and want to stay faithful to the church’s teaching.

    The Courage Apostolate, thank God, has been building faithful bridges all along. If Martin SJ, McElroy, Tobin and the rest have even said “thank you very much” I haven’t seen it. The faithful shepherds who do help either get ignored or slandered, and may God bless them all.

  25. Sonshine135 says:

    I think more than ever, it is important that we pray Our Lady’s Rosary daily, and ask for her intercession. The Devil is running out of time and is trying desperately to take as many souls with him as possible. I suspect that the attacks will be relentless. We have to just keep doing what we are doing, because we wouldn’t be attacked if it wasn’t effective.

  26. Today is the Feast of Our Lady of LaSalette. This is what she said to Melanie:

    ““What I’m to say to you will not always be a secret; you can announce it in 1858. Priests, my Son’s ministers, priests, by their evil life, by their irreverence and their impiety in celebrating the holy mysteries, love of money, love of honor and pleasures, priests have become sewers of impurity. Yes, priests call forth vengeance, and vengeance is suspended over their heads. Woe to priests, and to persons consecrated to God, who by their infidelities and their evil life are crucifying my son anew! The sins of persons consecrated to God cry to heaven and call for vengeance, and now here is vengeance at their very doors, for no longer is anyone found to beg mercy and pardon for the people; there are no more generous souls, there is now no one worthy of offering the spotless Victim to the Eternal on the worlds behalf.”

    And then there is this concerning bad books.

    ““Bad books will abound over the earth, and the spirits of darkness will everywhere spread universal relaxation in everything concerning God’s service: they will have very great power over nature; there will be churches to serve these spirits. People will be transported form one place to another by these evil spirits, and even priests, because they will not have lived by the good spirit of the gospel, which is a spirit of humility, charity and zeal for the glory of God.”

    There is more here

  27. makreitzer says:

    What I find particularly sad are the media attacks from Catholics — like on Fr. Bill Aitcheson. Maria Santos Biel was home schooler in my parish. Her parents head up the Legion of Mary and coordinate adoration. I know Maria casually, but I know Fr. Aitcheson well. He is not the monster he is being portrayed as in the media. He has his faults as do we all, but he is a faithful priest who has repented of his past sins. Maria no doubt had no idea she was unleashing a tsunami of hate when she committed detraction against Fr. Aitcheson. But she very may well have destroyed his ministry by her enthusiasm to scoop a hot story. Responding to such trash news is one of the reason your blog (and mine) and all the other solid Catholic blogs are so necessary. Keep informing us, Father. You are a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of swamp gas.

  28. The Masked Chicken says:

    No one in particular is meant to be referenced by this, but…

    This reminds me of a new comic book, soon to hit the stands.

    Welcome boys and girls to the new adventures of SuperVictim and his side-kick, named, what else, Side-kicked. Hiding out in their secret lair, the Victim ‘Hood, where, behind the front desk is their always faithful and teary-eyed secretary, Miss Understood, watch, as they battle the forces of meanydom with their partners in the Just Us Society: Captain Kleenex, the every-lovely foreign beauty, Crimea River, the ethereal spook, Boo-Who, the reverse speedster, EmtruhU, the African prince, Iwanna Fite, and that master spy, Dripping Mascara.

    Yes, for the price of a super-sized half-cafe double-mocha latte (which boys and girls should never ever drink, but having three hyphens in a row in a sentence is just fine), you, too, can thrill as Captain Kleenex bawls out a Congessional hearing and Crimea River libels her ex-girlfriend. Together, united, they stand against the forces of stepped-on toes, everywhere.

    In the next issue, watch, as they combat the guilt-inducing power of The Ultra-InHumanite.

    Available on News Stands, everywhere*.

    The Chicken

    *Oh, who’s kidding who, News Stands have been replaced with digital kiosks, so, borrow your mother’s iPhone and rent a copy, today, because, you know, no one actually owns digital content, anymore.

    P. S. Why shouldn’t I know the distinction between slander and libel? We chickens have had horrible things said and written about us, especially by food critics who have been hitting the garlic too much.

  29. ProfKwasniewski says:

    I almost choked on my breakfast when I read what the Jesuit editorial had to say. The intimidation is all on the side of the liberals/modernists. Your analysis is spot on.

  30. bobbird says:

    I have a hope hanging out there, though if it does not come to fruition, I will soldier on: SOMETHING is going to happen on October 13 or thereabouts. The century of satanic control began in 1917 (merely speculation, of course, but worthy speculation). The Akita messages tell us accurately about what is going on now. Will be it war, natural disasters of a cosmic sort, a new pope, a conversion of many (if not liberal Catholics, then the sincere and devout … if misguided … Protestants?), a schism that gives us a smaller-but-stronger Church, or THE end of the age? In the meantime, aside from going to Confession, pray the Rosary — more than one a day, if you can — with the family — and yes, reflect on the Four Last Things.

  31. The Masked Chicken says:

    One more thing…

    I have the greatest compassion for people who are suffering crosses. Their examples can be truly heroic. Jesus, however, said to deny yourself, take up your Cross, and follow him. It is difficult to recognize, sometimes, and we all have this problem, when we are denying our Cross and taking up ourselves. I have compassion on that state, too, but it needs to be brought to notice, for the good of the person.

    The Chicken

  32. Zephyrinus says:

    The BBC.
    The Guardian Newspaper.
    The “Fish Wrap” Newspaper.
    The Tablet.
    The Left.
    The liberals.
    Etc, Etc, Etc.
    The Poor you will always have with you . . .
    And Don’t We Know it . . .
    Our Lady Of Fatima, Pray For Us.

  33. Aquinas Gal says:

    I have a proposal, something simple we can all do if we are really serious about defeating the homosexualist agenda.
    Pray the rosary every day for that intention. The rosary is the weapon to defeat heresies. Ultimately, the gay agenda is a heresy about the nature of the sacrament of Matrimony, and the nature of the human being as created by God. As Genesis says, “Male and female he created them…”

    Pray the rosary to defeat the gay heresy and for the conversion of its proponents, especially Fr Martin.

    [Good idea.]

  34. Joseph-Mary says:

    An acquaintance of mine was telling me this morning about searching our a Catholic college for her daughter and mentioned some Jesuit institutions and I said to her that if she wants her daughter to remain Catholic to stay FAR away for anything Jesuit run.

    And as far as the liberal– secular or ‘c’atholic– go: David defeats Goliath.

  35. Melissa Johnson says:

    Hi Father–chiming in to say take my 20.00 and keep at ’em.

    Everything I’d like to say has already been said.How about “Pray, hope, and don’t worry?” I keep working on that one. Also I’m working on not reading online comments, although I don’t seem to be able to keep that one down–rather like my stomach when reading certain news items.

    I can’t for the life of me understand how a good and faithful priest–who is also responsible for the welfare of souls–can make the statements or write the things Fr. Martin has written. I understand the need for compassion, but compassion does not mean overlooking or redefining sin. I also don’t get the way people seem to want to re-interpret Christ’s words; to my knowledge, He was pretty specific about how we’re supposed to behave if we want to be in His Father’s kingdom.

    I am afraid at times, but then I remember Christ has already won–it’s by His grace we find our way to Him. And I pray for Holy Mother Church, her sacred priests, and what future lies ahead.

  36. Semper Gumby says:

    Abp. Chaput in his new book ‘Strangers in a Strange Land: Living the Catholic Faith in a Post-Christian World’ has something to say about bullying:

    “…a key feature of our common national life today: malice wrapped in the language of tolerance, sensitivity, and rights. It consists in an appetite to use power not simply to prevail in political debate, but to humiliate and erase dissent…”


    “In practice, earnest-sounding junk thought from opportunists can infect every element of society… And junk thought- from rewriting history, to inventing new narratives of oppression, to sex and gender studies that claim to prove the implausible- is the human intellect weaponized to serve political goals. Especially the goal of silencing different views.”

    While we’re at it, here’s Archbishop Chaput on hypocrisy and virtue signaling- two comrades of bullying:

    “…we may never fully know the acts of deceit and cowardice that have been motivated by the fear of looking insufficiently progressive.”


    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  37. Grumpy Beggar says:

    “The communion of the church needs to be defended—not from the peril of theological discussion but rather from that of being monitored and policed by the loudest and least loving voices among us.”

    Hmmm . . . Apparently in all the excitement while bursting out of the starting blocks, the liberal propaganda machine must have run over that cute fluffy little rabbit named , “Who an I to judge?” and killed it . . . Poor critter !

    @ thechicken : “Crimea river” – FOCL

    To label others (any others for that matter) as “least loving” is a profession of profound ignorance. It is presumption – which smacks of arrogance. No one but God can know what is going on in the heart of our fellow man.
    And in this instance, the presumption goes so far as to imply that anyone who does not agree with the homosexual agenda cannot possibly have any family members, friends, acquaintances, co-workers who struggle with SSA or homosexual tendencies, or who are actively homosexual. They’re presenting a false dichotomy.

    I don’t know who these geniuses think they’re representing – but they certainly don’t represent me , nor do I suspect that they represent too many genuine Catholics at all who are trying to live out their faith in our world today.

    What the heck is with all the condescension today that we get now (from those who should provide counsel) for daring to express an opinion ? Does that not suggest that the spirit of rebellion is alive and well ?

    How is it that we never hear from these same, um, “more loving than thou’s” even one iota of concern for the children – the little ones who are being indoctrinated with the homosexual agenda ?

  38. Unwilling says:

    For me, the Rosary is a door to profound meditation reached by imagination of the traditionally cardinal events involving all or some of the Holy Family. I would express an intention for the prayer insofaras it positively conforms to those wholesome, pure, and holy images.

  39. Deacon Ed Peitler says:

    So who will alert seminarians in dioceses vulnerable to heterodoxy that they ought to look elsewhere?

  40. arga says:

    A real pope would know how to silence the bastards.

    [Oh yeah? And the implication is that, if he doesn’t, he isn’t a real Pope? Keep in mind that Benedict bent over backwards, out respect for theologians, to hear reasons and arguments for different positions. Not a “real” Pope? So, I would be careful with this sort of talk. Not all Popes are, can be, or should be like, say, Innocent III.]

  41. Traductora says:

    They’re really picking up steam now. I’m sure it’s coordinated, since Francis is nothing if not a control freak and this couldn’t be happening otherwise. However, he likes to have his sock puppets out there distracting people while he and his super-Curia prepare more formal attacks, such as the recent liturgical strafing. Once in a while, he takes advantage of his homilies at Santa Marta or elsewhere to get out a few nasty words about his “enemies,” but usually he leaves that to others.

    The bizarre thing is that they are attacking this blog, which has always been one of the most moderate and inoffensive [THAT’S WHY!]
    of those that are not, shall we say, thrilled with the current direction of Rome. I guess all your bases are belong to us…

  42. Mike says:

    I think I’ll be going to Fr Martin’s Talk at Holy Trinity in G-town on the 30th. Will report back.

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  44. Kathleen10 says:

    If you say anything at that event Mike, be prepared to be man-handled by some serious fascists. While it’s mostly verbal now, these guys will use anything, and I mean anything, to get what they want, and what they want is for real Catholics to shut up now. Thanks for nicely articulating the maddening truth of the matter, Fr. Z., progressives/apostates/Communists are amazing at psychological projection. What they accuse you of, is most likely what they think and feel and do in spades.

  45. Benedict Joseph says:

    Society of Judas.

  46. Fr. Vincent Fitzpatrick says:

    When Spadaro-Figueroa-Bergoglio told the world that the pro-life movement is motivated by “hate,” the bottom line was drawn under this regime.

  47. Poor Yorek says:

    One wonders whether S.J. has come to mean Secundum Iudam?

  48. TonyO says:

    An acquaintance of mine was telling me this morning about searching our a Catholic college for her daughter

    Joseph-Mary: You should have them look at the Cardinal Newman Society guide to Catholic Colleges. There are only 18 on the list. But only 6 reeeally and truly merit attention: the ones that do not allow men in the women’s bedrooms (and vice versa):
    Thomas Aquinas College,
    Christendom College,
    Wyoming Catholic,
    John Paul the Great,
    Northeast Catholic,
    Thomas More College.

    All the others, while admittedly have much good to recommend them, have allowed nonsense to undermine their Catholic identity. Interestingly, all but one of these 6 colleges have Mass in the EF.

    Similarly, pay attention to the ones that put a premium on the liberal arts side of education, the ones that strongly promote a liberal arts core. It is only with a strong solid foundation in the education fitting to the whole man – the integrated man who is educated for wisdom, not just a job –
    that the student will be prepared to resist the siren-song of our culture of death. The American Council of College Trustees and Alumni review tells the story there: http://whatwilltheylearn.com/

  49. JTH says:

    Serious question. How about we set a date where we can all pray together for Father Martin’s conversion?

    [Praying for someone in a systematic way is a great idea. Among other good things that it achieves, it helps you not to be angry at the person for whom you pray. However, I will add that I don’t think that Fr. Martin is necessarily in need of “conversion”. He is in error about somethings. So, he needs to be able to embrace the truth about certain things and to be able to let go of others. That might be very hard for him, since he seems pretty firmly in his rut.]

  50. KStich says:

    After allegedly being called effeminate and a heretic, Fr. Martin’s Instagram post yesterday said, “And if they think that will stop me from loving those on the margins, then they don’t know the Jesuits very well.” We already know he loves those on the margins, but our call is to love those persecuting us. He’s grabbed a tiger by the tail. Now, can he tame it with the love of Christ?

  51. Rich says:

    Jimmy didn’t get his way, and these countless articles the last couple of days by other members of his secret club, using language like “militias” and “trolls” pertaining to people who don’t think like they do, constitute an obnoxious tantrum. Such no doubt coincides with pressure on the “daddies” of the Church in its bishops. Let us pray that the bishops’ fatherly wisdom prevails in ignoring the tantrum behavior.

    Of course, ignoring as a means of extinguishing a certain behavior usually means that the severity of the behavior will increase before the behavior decreases in both severity and frequency, so let us pray for the bishops to have strength and patience to persevere through it all, without giving in.

  52. Orlando says:

    Father keep up the good fight . Don’t give up , ever. They are coming for the TLM and all who defend the sacred traditions of our faith. The more vocal we become and the more our youth continue to be attracted to the Mass of the ages, the more hysterical the evil one will become and throw every thing he has at us. It’s coming and soon. Are we ready?

  53. GregB says:

    With the way things are going it would appear that S. J. means Sans Jesus.

  54. Mike says:

    Thanks, Kathleen…I will be prudent and considerate, so I don’t expect any trouble.

  55. Rich says:

    I have had two lite Facebook accounts which I used to sign in to websites using Facebook so as not to give all my personal info. away when registering, and without having to give all my “friends” Facebook info. if I were to use my real one.

    I used these accounts to comment on all kinds of news websites in addition to other forums using Disqus. However, both times these Facebook accounts were deactivated was shortly after I made civil yet substantive comments on Fr. James Martin’s Facebook page in response to his own posts or comments. So, I find it ironic to hear him complain about censorship.

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