Bullying @NCRonline calls for opposing voices to be “neutralized”

Eugene Bull Connor Damn The LawThe root of “liberal” is Latin liber, meaning “free”.  Hence, “liberals”: “Those with whom you are free to agree.”

God help you if you don’t.

At the National Sodomitic Reporter (aka Fishwrap), there is an editorial which reeks of the lib modus operandi: stiffle and crush.

The first hint that nearly every word in this editorial is a lie, “including ‘and’ and ‘the'”, is the title: “Editorial: Stop censoring, have a civil discussion”

They want ‘civil discussion’, do they?

Tell that to their combox fever swamp swarm and their foremost purveyor of “venom”.  HERE.

Speaking of venom, I recall to the readership’s mind the ancient phrase, “in cauda venenum… the poison is in the tail”, that is, the real point comes at the end.

Here is the final line of the Fishwrap editorial:

Leaders of our institutions, in turn, must do their part to neutralize the cyberbullies. They must not capitulate.

“Leaders… must neutralize….”

It’s all about whom they would permit to speak. That’s the real point, the true agenda of their long ramble.

Agree with the Fishwrap and Amerika and you are on the good list, not only permitted but promoted to speak.

Disagree with the Fishwrap, etc., and you are to be silenced by authorities who, through force, must gag you and make you disappear.  You must be neutralized.

You must be neutralized.

They’re terrified over there, friends, because they no longer have iron control over whose voices are allowed to raise questions and make statements.  Hence, they turn to force.  Call the authorities to bring in the dogs and the fire hoses.

Bullying, thy name is Fishwrap.


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  1. Mike says:

    Have USCCB ever condemned NCR’s tactics or its right to call itself Catholic?

    If not, what are they waiting for?

    [FACT: Bishop Helmsing of Kansas City-St. Joseph (where NCR/Fishwrap is located), in 1968 determined that the NcR could not use the term “Catholic”. They defied him and continued to use it. HERE]

  2. The Egyptian says:

    after reading your post I must recommend this post by
    Sarah Hoyt
    The Twilight of the Liberal Gods
    closely resembles the times in the church
    it’s going to get much worse before it gets better, get ear plugs

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    These people are unhinged. Check out what that she-devil librarian in Massachusetts said to the First Lady in response to a GIFT of Dr. Suess books. Seriously, these people have gone crazy with hatred and venom. The cognitive skills no longer work as they should. If you read the librarian’s rude and boorish response to the gracious gift, you will surely be astounded at the palpable hatred not only in the response, but in the comment section, by hateful cheerleaders. Many of the people responding are likely professionals, academics, and they cheer and laud a frankly cruel and condescending reply, whose only quality is the pointedly hateful arrows aimed at the FLOTUS. And all because the First Lady dared to donate some Dr. Suess books.
    The librarian insulted Dr. Suess as well, but records show she wore Dr. Suess gear a few years back. Now Dr. Suess is mocked and dismissed, how ignorant of the First Lady to send these tired old book, they have “no NEED of them”. Ingrate, making cheap political points. Well, what do you expect from Massachusetts.
    Librarians are some of the oddest people out there. Over the years I’ve never noticed any resistance to providing pornography in their media centers, even for children, and they seem perpetually liberal. Whatever happened to the nice old librarians with the hair buns. Those chicks are gone and these angry wackos have taken their place.
    Decency seems to have utterly vaporized in our culture. Hatred has taken it’s place. Hatred and fascism go hand in hand.

  4. Benedict Joseph says:

    I love it when they get rough and tumble.
    The masque flies off and you can observe the filth for what it is.

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  6. Filipino Catholic says:

    Their justification for this is the “tolerance paradox” — the idea that people should be intolerant of intolerance, lest intolerance stamp out tolerance (e.g. not letting neo-Nazis have any say in public discourse to prevent their ideas from spreading).

    The trouble is, the Left seems to class us as being on the same level of intolerant as white supremacists and anti-[insert race of choice here], therefore we cannot and should not be tolerated.

  7. oldconvert says:

    Evelyn Waugh had a run-in with the Editor of a Catholic newspaper many years ago. I wish I could locate the former’s response to the latter’s attempted censorship but can’t find the reference; it was, as I remember, devastating. Can any of Father’s readers help?

  8. makreitzer says:

    Liberals don’t know how to argue. They only state their opinions (usually based on feelings rather than facts) which they consider infallible; and then engage in ad hominem attacks on all who disagree with them. Disagreeing with them proves you are intolerant and mean even if you are correcting an error of fact.

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