Please! Attack some more!

The hijinx continues.  Today I was alerted to an attack on my sacred person, et alibi, at the site of La Croix International by Massimo “Beans” Faggioli of ultra-lib Villanova.  His purple patch and over the top notions suggest that he is pretty upset.  That’s too bad.  “Beans”, unhinged, likened the Catholic social media influence (which played a role in Fr. Martin being disinvited from a seminary) to “cyber-militias”.  You know the drill: The libs are reacting with spittle-flecked nutties to the fact that they can’t simply steamroller everyone anymore with their homosexualist agenda.

The homosexualist agenda is this season’s hottest item.

BTW… another story at La Croix today concerns a couple of bishops who think that same-sex marriage is just fine.  I’m sensing a theme.

Speaking of such, I was sent this via my phone.  We see here a revelatory homosexualist moment on Twitter:


You’ve gotta love that.  And I didn’t hack that site, either!

Folks, to be clear…

I didn’t start a campaign to get Martin ousted from that speaking slot.  What I did was ask some questions.  I didn’t say anything about universities and academic freedom or different points of view.  That’s irrelevant.   I am concerned about the major seminary where he was to speak.

So, the libs are on the attack now, doing precisely what it is that they accuse me of doing which, ironically, I didn’t do.

Even more ironically, Fr. Martin seems to have tried to get Matthew Schmitz of First Things fired.

In a way, I rather enjoy it when the libs attack: they increase my traffic and, hence, my readership.

They also give me a chance to make some money!  

When, a couple years back you readers were called “Zed Heads” in the combox of the Fishwrap by the usual maliciousy vacuous namecallers, I got busy and made these mugs and stickers.


That was fun… and lucrative!

When another lib called us “lockstep sheep and papist throwbacks”, I made another product.  HERE

Maybe I should start a

Fr Z Defense Fund“?

I am going to have to get some dental work done.

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