Rome – Day 3: Summorum Pontificum 10 Years ONWARD!

I’m in the hall at the Angelicum for the day conference on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum going into effect.

As we start… in one view Martin Mosebach, Cardinals Burke and Müller.

The place is packed.

So we start.

Archbp. Pozzo gave a good talk.  He included stats about the growth of the use the Vetus Ordo over the last 10 years, without the SSPX and occasional.  One thing that stood out were the numbers for the USA.   And yet at this conference the is not a single American voice scheduled.   Once again, it is Eurocentric.   Pozzo said that in Columbia in 2007 there were 5 Masses available for Sunday.. Now there are 40.  Small but good growth. In France there were 104 which grew to 221.   Italy 30 to 56.  In USA 230-480.

Might there have been some American presence?



With Archbp. Pozzo.

I shared my concern that, while we rightly praise the work of institutes set up under the umbrella of Ecclesia Dei, diocesan priests are the ones who really suffer and risk a lot to implement SP.  Also, while the institutes, etc., do great work, the real gains will come when diocesan priests really dig in.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Burke listening to Cardinal Sarah.  Does it get better than that?

With my old friend John Allen of CRUX.  We are trying to figure out a lunch time.

On the way to church for Mass, I spotted this.

Well… okay!

Column of Trajan, old, but never gets old.

Our Lady Loretto.

More adventures tomorrow.

I really enjoyed talking to great people today, some readers of this blog and folks and allies whom I’ve know for years.

I need to absorb a couple good points from the day.

Everyone should know that there were people here from HONG KONG!  I must seek them out.  I would love to say Mass for them in Hong Kong.

There was also a representative from women religious from waaaaaaaay far north in northern SWEDEN.   That’s cool.  And we had a message from Catholics in Tanzania.

However, as far as the conference is concerned, I would have hoped that it was help at a center that was better suited for the crowd and the temperatures.  It was terribly uncomfortable.  They needed a place like the Augustininaum, with its state of art meeting place.  That greatly diminished the day.  Also, the lack of an American – South or North – was a terrible lacuna, bordering on, well, insulting.  Europeans… the world doesn’t revolve around you in this thing we have going with SP.  

The talks had some good points, but in the main there was nothing particularly electrifying. Card. M had some good side comments on issues concerning translations.  Card. Sarah, at the very end, gave an insight about whether or not we should refer to ourselves as traditionalists or just as catholics.  A canonist gave a great talk on legal issues, from the time of the first changes in 1965 to the present day: I learned a few things!   Were it not for the horrid heat and uncomfortable locale, it would have gotten more than three stars for the day.

Still, what a great pleasure to be with so many good people.

And I am getting texts from the Diocese of the Extraordinary Ordinary!  They are getting ready for the Pontifical Mass at the Throne!





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  1. Mike says:

    Your voice or Professor Kwasniewski’s, among others, would have been most welcome, Father. Of course it’s term time for him. It would also be interesting to hear Pater Waldstein’s Cistercian perspective.

    It was a pleasure to meet you this morning!

  2. PhilipNeri says:

    Fr. Z., who’s the Dominican? I don’t recognize him. . .

    Fr. Philip Neri, OP

  3. un-ionized says:

    Fr. PN, OP, I don’t think he’s a Dominican though he is wearing a similar habit.

  4. hwriggles4 says:

    Fr. Z and others:

    This is good news. Hopefully, media outlets outside of EWTN, CNA, and Catholic World Report will print an objective article that the Traditional Latin Mass is alive and well, and it is a gift. Attendance is increasing, and young people attend.

    I was disappointed this morning that my news feed circulated an article from the Associated Press with the title, “Latin Mass Celebrates Ten Years with Conference on Rome – Pope not in Attendance.”

  5. Ignatius says:

    In Argentina, very few. None in the Buenos Aires Archdiocese. Card. Poli, following very closely the line of then Card. Bergoglio, is not at all keen to the idea. Not even to NO in Latin.

  6. mepoindexter says:

    I think the real number of masses is a lot bigger. We have a priest that says a low mass every Wednesday morning and I guarentee you masses like that aren’t taken into official numbers.

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  8. acardnal says:

    While I am VERY grateful that Bishop Morlino of the diocese of Madison celebrates the TLM/EF Mass frequently and promotes it among his priests, I would like to see more diocesan priests celebrate the EF daily or at least a few times during the week. Thus far, I am aware of only ONE diocesan priest who does so. I implore the diocesan priests to celebrate weekly, if not daily, in their home parishes. The Tridentine Mass Society of Madison will support them!

  9. acardnal says:

    EWTN is broadcasting LIVE tonight, 7 PM ET, the 10th Anniversary TLM/EF Pontifical Mass from Philadelphia. The celebrant is Bishop Perry of Chicago. It will be streaming on their website, also .

  10. Well, despite the venue difficulties, that looks like fun. I need an excuse for a visit to Rome. Maybe next year? Plus, the Archdiocese will pay for continuing education!

  11. Kathleen10 says:

    Lovely pictures Fr. Z. You do lots of interesting things, and see many incredible sights. I’ve not been to Europe, will never go, and so it is very nice to see what you see.

  12. jmvbxx says:

    Which ‘Columbia’ now has 40 Sunday masses in the Extraordinary Form? I live in Colombia and I wish we came anywhere close to that! There is no TLM within a 1,000km from where I live!

  13. Mike C says:

    I’m from Hong Kong! We’d love to see you here! Please let us know how we can get you to Hong Kong!

    [Yes, please. Let’s work on this. I very much would like visit Hong Kong again.]

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  15. Ceile De says:

    Good group here in Rome from Hong Kong and Una Voce Japan will be here tomorrow morning. Singapore is also represented.

    [JAPAN? Great!]

  16. dcntodd says:

    Father Z:
    I really like John Allen. He was the opening keynote speaker at a ministry conference and he started with one of the best lines I’ve ever heard. He said, ” I will tell you the same thing King Henry the VIII told each of his wives: “I won’t keep you long.” It took a while for the room to quiet down enough for him to go on. Pax Christi.

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