On the topic of Challenge Coins, I received a text from an NYPD cop who will be at tonight’s game between the noble small-market, well-deserving Twins and the arrogant, effete, big-market hated Yankees.  He is, woe betide, unrepenting in his support of That Team and I will pray for his conversion to light, freedom and virtue.  In any event, he and another Gotham cop finally inspired me to get my challenge coins made and to start exchanging them.  It has been a kick.

Today, I received a pair of lovely coins from a highly placed operative in the NRA.  One of them is intended for my mother (retired MPLS LEO), which is very gracious.


It is an interesting coincidence that they arrived at a time when the NRA is under vicious attack by the Left.  (I almost wrote “liberal Left”, but that would have been redundant.)

The two coins, reverse and obverse.


Very handsome and much appreciated.

I’ll fire off one of my coins to the sender tomorrow.

Today, however, I mailed two coins to long time reader/donors here, with my compliments.


The adventure continues.

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  1. Dimitri_Cavalli says:

    “Small market?”

    “Big market?”

    What are you, a Communist, or some liberation theologian?

    I’ve tolerated your disrespect of fish and fishing by your association of them with the National Catholic Reporter.

    Now you’re attacking my Yankees.

    What may I ask is next? [I’ve just begun!]

    (Since the Yankees came back to win, I will let these slights pass.)

  2. JonPatrick says:

    I didn’t know what a challenge coin was so had to resort to Google. Apparently they have been around for a long time possibly dating back to Roman times. I particularly like the story about the WWI soldier who got captured by the Germans, escaped back to allied lines, but was accosted by French troops who suspected him of being a spy and were about to execute him when he produced a challenge coin with his unit insignia and one of the French soldiers recognized it and let him go.

  3. Kathleen10 says:

    Those are very cool.
    Please consider abandoning those teams and coming over to the wonderful world of the Boston Red Sox. At least consider a game at the beautiful and historic Fenway Park. By the time you’re doing the wave, you’ll be a believer.

  4. graytown says:

    And despite the MSM’s unrelenting attacks on the NRA – it’s a worthwhile organization that does much good.
    Everything from gun safety to police training.
    I’m sure that the 2nd Ammendment would have been gutted years ago without the NRA’s diligence.

    [Anyone who has a media-driven negative reaction to the NRA should look into why it was founded in the first place.]

  5. KateD says:

    Father Z,

    Thank you for the suggestion to look up the history of the NRA. We have always supported it, and certainly enjoyed the benefits it provides, but I had no idea it was intentionally formed to ensure proper firearms training for militia, which is obviously directly a constitutional purpose. It really illustrates how unAmerican the left’s all out hatred for the organization is. And it is particularly interesting that the New York Legislature provided the initial funding!

    It has been our firm belief that our charitable dollars and time are best spent on the NRA. Reading the history just confirms what we already intuitively understood.

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