The Steamroller of Ambiguity and the Long Term. Wherein @FatherZ rants.

Many these days feel a little helpless as the lib Steamroller of Ambiguity squishes sickeningly forward, reducing clarity to an amorphous goo of permissive self-justification.

What can we do?

Feel helpless no longer.

You have at your disposal – 24/7 – powerful arms against the Enemy and their worldly agents.


Powerful is the Most Holy Rosary.

Powerful are your petitions at Holy Mass.

Powerful are your mortifications and reparations for sin.

We have to think long term.

We should bring back as soon as possible and in as many places as possible the traditional “Leonine Prayers” after Mass.

We should implement as soon as possible and in as many places as possible a tried, tested and true prayer for priestly vocations.

Don’t drift on the tide.

Chart your course.


To this end, I was delighted today to receive images of a sheet of prayers for after Mass implemented in a parish.

IMG_8470 IMG_8471

In their next printing, I hope they will make the language style more uniform (and use the “thees and thous” throughout).   That said, I strongly applaud the priest at that parish for being wise and forward-thinking.

We have to think about the long term.  We need priests – many more priests – with heart and pluck.  We must bring them forth with strong support in prayer and concrete gestures.

We must also get down on our knees and ask the Mother of God and the Holy Archangel to help us in this time of battle for sanity and souls.

¡Hagan lío!

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  1. Ellen says:

    We have been saying the St. Michael prayer after Mass for about 3 years now.

  2. Gerhard says:

    More priest-specific vocation prayers please! Here in some parts of France, good priests pray “Lord, deign to send us priests, holy priests, many holy priests, Amen.” It works.

  3. ThePapalCount says:

    In any updated printing let us include our deacons as well together with priests and religious.
    And at our N.O. parish the Leonine prayers have been restored for a couple of years. May more parish priests do the same.

  4. Elizium23 says:

    My parish introduced the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel just as Barack Hussein Obama imposed the HHS Mandate.

  5. CharlesG says:

    “An amorphous goo of permissive self-justification” — I’m stealing that one…

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