Nuncio in Switzerland, “The Old Latin Mass is the future of the Church”

From Gloria.TV:

“The Old Latin Mass is the future of the Church”, Archbishop Thomas Gullickson (67), the nuncio to Switzerland and former nuncio to the Ukraine, said in September during a meeting with old rite priests in Sankt Pelagiberg, Switzerland.

The quotation is reported by Father Michael Wildfeuer, a mathematician and former member of the Priestly Society of Saint Pius X, in an interview published on (December 23).

Wildfeuer describes Gullickson as a very educated and easygoing American.

I met him once, years ago, in Camden.  A fine gentleman.

I concur.

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  1. Matthew the Penitent says:

    OMG! REALLY? I would love to see this future in other than my imagination. Love the Latin Mass but I also see a place for vernacular especially in English. A Liturgy like the Anglican Ordinariate one which is just as beautiful in its own way as the TLM. I’m betting the pope doesn’t want to hear this!

  2. Pope John XXIII, Apostolic Constitution
    Veterum Sapientia – On the Promotion of the Study of Latin.
    Feb 22, 1962, The year Vatican II opened.

    “The employment of Latin has recently been contested in many quarters, and many are asking what the mind of the Apostolic See is in this matter. We have therefore decided to issue the timely directives contained in this document, so as to ensure that the ancient and uninterrupted use of Latin be maintained and, where necessary, restored.”

    It is my understanding that an Apostolic Constitution is the highest level of decree issued by a Pope and an Apostolic Exhortation like Amoris Laetitia is among the lowest.


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