Spain: young people dancing a jota in reparation for blasphemy against the Blessed Virgin


It seems that there is a conflicting report about this dance.  It is also said to be a flash mob organized for Children with Cancer Day, or similar.  HERE

I like the other version better, but if it isn’t true….

___ Originally Published on: Feb 20, 2018

I saw something at hated Facebook posted by Regina Magazine.

It seems that a Galician writer and dramatist Carlos Santiago made in public some blasphemous comments about the Blessed Virgin Mary. They were so bad that some people (alas, not all) got up and left the event. Our Lady asks us to make reparation for offenses against her. Hence, young people in Zaragoza, Spain danced a jota (the “national dance”, as it were) in front of the Cathedral and Our Lady of the Pillar, in reparation for the blasphemy.

I’m not sure if this video will work. Try refreshing if it doesn’t at first. I got it to work.

If memory serves, the Spanish and Catalans would dance the jota after Sunday Mass in the square before their churches. There is a scene in that mighty font, the great Aubrey/Maturin series. Stephen speaks of it in The Commodore. I think he also does it in another book

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  1. frjimt says:

    Brings tears to my eyes..
    There is hope!
    Our Lady of Pillar pray for us!

  2. clare joseph says:

    If it’s true, this is extremely cool, and I’ll bet Our Lady loves it.

  3. Emilio III says:

    This was originally posted to YouTube by Fr. Antonio Maria Domenech, a “country town parish priest” @sotanarural from Santa Maria del Campo Rus in Spain. The title was “In honor to the Virgin of the Pillar, the youth of Zaragoza honors its mother”.

    He adds a comment: “How many times does he who dances prays? Viva la Virgen del Pilar! May this serve as reparation to the Holy Mother of God!”

    This was the second annual jota “at the feet of Our Lady” to pray for children with cancer, but Fr. Domenech hoped it would also serve as reparation. At the end of the video he has a link to another: “To blaspheme in Carnival. The sense of reparation”

    So this dance happened to be scheduled a couple of days after the obscene and blasphemous proclamation of the carnival in Compostela by a “comedian” dressed as St. James, clearly intending to be offensive at the request of the communist bastards who are mayors of Compostela and Zaragoza.

  4. clare joseph says:

    Thank you, Emilio III, for clarifying all this so well. It’s a joy to see so many young people dancing so beautifully in honor of Our Lady.

  5. Ave Crux says:

    Its rather astounding. That’s not a simple dance by any means and they’re all in perfect unison. I found it amazing.

    If the Faith could but harness the fervor and enthusiasm of youth to the cause of Tradition! Instead they’re given pablum (and often it’s poisoned) instead of meat to eat.

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