How bad was the Three Days of Darkness this year?

How bad was the Three Days of Darkness (3DD) this year?

It seems that the LA Religious Ed Conference hits new nadirs every year, and there is no end in sight.

Couple the heterodoxy, the teachings offensives to pious ears, the sentimentalist goop oozing with every bass-guitar throb together with what Card. Sarah rightly calls “demonic” gender ideology and you have a complete disaster.

Joseph Sciambra has posted a graphic that was used during the 3DD.  And he has the horrid details.

LA REC: Very young children should be allowed to transition from one gender to another

On March 16, 2018, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, during their annual Religious Education Congress, offered a workshop entitled “Transgender in Our Schools: One Bread, One Body.” The moderator was Arthur Fitzmaurice and the presenters included Shen Heckel, a female-to-male transsexual, Peggy Ehling, a Catholic mother whose daughter was born a biological female but identifies as male, and Bryan Massingale, a professor of Theology at Fordham University. Fitzmaurice is openly gay and currently (since 2010) serves as Resource Director for the dissident Catholic Association of Lesbian and Gay Ministries (CALGM.)


What a nightmare.

Here’s the graphic.

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  1. maternalView says:


    This is offensive. And so very hurtful to faithful Catholic families dealing with family members who have rejected their families and Catholic upbringing and adopted the so-called gay lifestyle.

  2. YoungLatinMassGuy says:

    Here are four letters that’ll “trigger” every SJW:


  3. Ave Maria says:

    To promote homosexuality and “transgenderism” is damnable and even more so when it is done under the gaze of the Catholic Church.

  4. ChrisP says:

    You know, this kind of thing is enough to trigger the southern San Andreas fault.
    And Joseph Sciambra is doing a fantastic job of bringing this kind of craziness to light.
    He is a fantastic guy and kind of Paul-like for our age.

  5. Sawyer says:

    There was also a prayer at the Saturday morning prayer service that expressed disappointment that families that once accepted and loved their daughters shunned them when they became “sons”. The message communicated to all was that parents should accept their daughters who attempt to transition to “sons” and accept them as “sons” instead of as the daughters they were born as and always will be. Archbishop Gomez and the director of the Office of Religious Education, who also coordinates the REC, were both on stage during that prayer service. If they do not reject and disavow what was done and said at the REC, you can infer that they agree with it. The responsibility to clean up the event and throw out the heterodox archdiocesan personnel and workshop speakers is theirs.

  6. Charles E Flynn says:

    The “Genderbread Person” graphic is missing the thought balloon above the head that contains “When I grow up, I will sue every person involved in making genderblather-based modifications to my body or behavior. I will not even need to work, so wealthy will I be.”

  7. CatholicNerdGirl says:

    How sad that Catholic institutions promote such things! Unfortunately, we have the same garbage being taught in “Catholic’ schools in the name of tolerance. God help anybody who speaks out against such things…they certainly won’t be tolerated. I was “invited” to leave my religious community (after final vows, no less!) because I stood up for Christ and Church teaching and against such insanity as that which they promote at LA REC. it got me blackballed from teaching in Catholic schools, as well. So much for mercy and tolerance!

  8. JabbaPapa says:

    It’s quite openly demonic — pray for us Michael, Saint Athanasius, Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich.

  9. Geoffrey says:

    Where is Archbishop Gomez?!

  10. David says:

    They can’t try to sneak this junk in under the ‘Francis Revolution’ banner. The Holy Father has consistently condemned contemporary gender theory in the harshest terms.

  11. boxerpaws63 says:

    I can’t take can we fight back? You tell us HOW Father Z.we’re there.

  12. cpt-tom says:

    The fact that is from a CATHOLIC event, much less one sponsored by an Ordinary in a diocese called the “City of Angels”, is just astounding and evil. Demonic indeed. How could anyone think that was a good idea and be a Bishop and Prince of the Church?

    Sts Joseph, Michael, Peter, and Jose Maria Pray for our Lord’s Holy Church in Los Angeles.

  13. Lucas says:

    I can’t believe this hasn’t been stopped yet.

  14. boxerpaws63 says:

    they left that critical element[BIOLOGY] out of their ‘chart’.

  15. richiedel says:

    “The recent proposal to advance the dignity of a person by radically eliminating sexual difference and, as a result, our understanding of man and woman, is not right. Instead of combatting wrongful interpretations of sexual difference that would diminish the fundamental importance of that difference for human dignity, such a proposal would simply eliminate it by proposing procedures and practices that make it irrelevant for a person’s development and for human relationships. But the utopia of the ‘neuter’ eliminates both human dignity in sexual distinctiveness and the personal nature of the generation of new life. The biological and psychological manipulation of sexual difference, which biomedical technology can now make appear as a simple matter of personal choice – which it is not! – runs the risk of dismantling the energy source that feeds the covenant between man and woman, making it creative and fruitful.”

    – Pope Francis, Address to the Participants in the General Assembly of the Pontifical Academy for Life, October 5, 2017

  16. TonyO says:

    They just make it up as they go along. A couple of years ago, they did not identify 5 criteria, it was 3. Next year it will be 6 or 7. In 3 more years, someone will say “it’s not based on any SPECIFIC list of criteria”, and the “space” is the whole plane, with infinite variations in every direction. A year after that, it will be 3-dimensional space, and one year later an infinite-dimension space. You will have nutcases declaring that their whole “who-ness” involves at a minimum 57 characteristics, and that they are “a minority” that gets “victim” status. There will be 10 times as many minority classes as there are individuals.

    And in all the nonsense, nobody will be allowed to point out that Johnny / Jonie / Jonhya can rape Betty with “its” penis REGARDLESS of what sex, gender, orientation, or expression Jhonie decides on.

    And remember, in all of your discussions, that the new letters for the victim status should change EVERY DAY, but every single time they should start with the letters KGB: KGBLTQ, KGBQVX, KGBTQLY, etc. “Young people kind of judge how you pronounce acronyms, they know that if you are able to say LGBTQ without hesitation, that you are accepting. So get used to saying KGB followed by any 3 or 4 letters after, let them trip off your tongue as freely as the “IRS.” Or. even easier.

  17. Malta says:

    Let’s get the acronym correct, it’s “LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP” (source:
    Pretty soon we will have to have a small book to teach these kids what kind of gender they are!

    Diabolical, in my limited opinion.

  18. Spade says:

    “Geoffrey says: Where is Archbishop Gomez?!”

    There, at the meeting, approving of it all apparently.

  19. jaykay says:

    Malta: “Pretty soon we will have to have a small book to teach these kids what kind of gender they are!”

    Gosh, could you mean a Biology/Science textbook? Or the Bible? Sadly, both will probably have been put to the bonfire before too long. Tolerance, don’tcha know. Since Nuremburg. Or the Moscow Show Trials. Brought to you by lefties, loving “science” since… it got in the way.

    Yours truly (or your personal definition thereof… Ooops, sorry, the Party’s definition thereof),

    Comrade Lysenko.

  20. ChesterFrank says:

    Schools, including Catholic Schools are being fed this garbage by Federal and State Governmental elected officials and regulatory ($$$) authorities, along with Big Unions like the American Federation of Teachers. Add to that the ever present MSM and one can see how this happens. I didn’t even mention that Jesuit Priest, and his entourage amongst the religious communities. You would think the Bishops would step in to see that Catholic education follows Catholic teachings. There atre some pretty powerful lobbyists working here !!

  21. Kathleen10 says:

    That this is being done under the auspices of the Catholic Church is nothing short of a horror and the most egregious scandal. These men are committing deal-breakers.
    What did we ever have a pope or a Vatican or a magisterium for, if every kind of outrage can be committed with no consequence. Words mean nothing. Cardinal Sarah got an immediate rebuke from the pope when he dared to say Holy Mass should be celebrated ad orientem. That correction came within milliseconds. We ignore the obvious when we wonder why, why. The answer is, they agree with it. There is no other reasonable conclusion. Not any more.

  22. maternalView says:

    We have to stop playing by “their” rules. They relish coming up with new labels and acronyms as if their behavior is legitimate. They actually are amused at us trying to chase after them by getting their labels right! Stop using their labels. That’s not showing respect. It’s playing their game. They are sinners just like the rest of us. They needed to be accepted as that and we need to remain firm and unapologetic that the Church is the refuge of sinners but you have to form your life to the Church’s teachings. You have to remove all sin from your life not just the ones that are easy to overcome.

  23. tho says:

    This is how every, for want of a better name, revolutions start out, kind words and platitudes to make what they would like palatable. Then when we say, what the heck lets give it a try, we wind up with the spirit of VII. Liberals will lie and obfuscate the truth until they have achieved their goal. Their goal is to turn us into a modern Sodom and Gomorrah, but if you were to confront them with that reality, they would throw up their hands and accuse us of homophobia, and with a lack of love for people who are different.
    We need a strong figure in our hierarchy, who could confront these modernists with the clarity of church teaching. Meanwhile, they are developing their Robespierre’s and Trotsky’s and waiting for us to give in. The conscience of good people are scattered in the wake of these two faced reformers.

  24. yatzer says:

    I’ve seen that graphic before, but never expected it to show up in a major Catholic event. How can this be?

  25. JustaSinner says:

    Did I wander into my old parish with the ‘In’ priests circa 1968? Were there guitar songs about baking chocolate cakes? Sheesh, sounds like that wedding I went to at the Univrrsal Unitarian wannabe-church.

  26. JustaSinner says:

    The entire acronym is LGTBQCDUALPVCFUN…get ALL the perversions in or the perverts you forgot will be peeved!

  27. Akita says:

    Actions speak louder than words. Pope Francis welcomed a “married couple” to the Vatican which was composed of two biological woman. One of the women claimed she was now a man and Pope Francis concurred calling her by male pronouns.

  28. Akita says:

    Pope Francis met with a woman who thought she was a man in 2015.

    The meeting, which took place Jan. 24, was first reported Monday by Spanish daily Hoy. According Hoy, Lejarraga wrote to the pope last year, saying he had been “marginalized” by church officials in the city of Plasencia in the Estremadura region. A practicing Catholic, he said local clergy had rebuffed him and said one parish priest had called him “the devil’s daughter.”

    It was then Lejarraga reportedly wrote to Francis, hoping he could explain to the pope transgender issues and even possibly receive a papal blessing.

    “After hearing him on many occasions, I felt that he would listen to me,” Lejarraga told Hoy.

    Hoy reported Francis phoned Lejarraga twice in December, and during the second phone call, invited him to come visit at the Vatican. A date was arranged for the meeting.

    According to Hoy, Francis told Lejarraga in an initial phone call that God loves all his children “as they are.” He went on: “You are a son of God and the Church loves you and accepts you as you are.”

    The message of hope reportedly bowled over Lejarraga. He was even more surprised when Francis invited him to come to the Vatican for a personal meeting and offered to pay for it.

  29. Akita says:

    I cite the occurrence which took place in 2015 below.

  30. ServusChristi says:

    Looks like Jesus Christ himself was very confused when he talked about God creating them man and woman, the two becoming one flesh and the inseparability of marriage in Matthew 19. Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to a seminary near you unlike the ‘ecology courses’ on Laudato Si which I have a LOT to say about, and not exactly words of commendation either.

  31. Mariana2 says:


  32. JonPatrick says:

    I wonder what would happen if at the next WRECK conference, all of the faithful Catholics in the LA metro area were to show up and practice a little nonviolent civil disobedience e.g. sit-ins at the conference site to put a stop to this nonsense or at least draw attention to it. After all, Ghandi was able to defeat the British Empire in India this way and MLK brought down southern segregation, forces that seemed a lot more powerful than the catholic libs.

  33. Carrie says:

    Re: the prayer about parents accepting their transgender children—

    I can’t imagine how difficult this experience is for a parent. And, from working with families, I have witnessed the deep pain from all parties that results from years of estrangement between parent/s and child— pains that extends way beyond that family.

    “Love one another,” “love the sinner even if you hate the sin”— maybe it wasn’t a demonic prayer, but a prayer recognizing that in the midst of darkness, we will choose love as a response.

    Maybe the bishop supports this conference (imperfect as it might be) because he’s seen and experienced its fruits.

  34. Suburbanbanshee says:

    Remember, these are the same kind of progressives who supported lobotomies and electroshock. It’s even the exact same people who dismantled a religious order through enthusiasm for irresponsible psychological counseling and reprogramming by outsiders.

    The more dangerous, disgusting, and unproven that the medical fad is, or the psychological fad, the more they like it – for other people, not for them. And when the fad finally goes away, they will not apologize or pick up the pieces. They will progress to the next fad.

  35. Michaelus says:

    Massingale has perfect “catholic” credentials:
    S.T.D., Academia Alphonsianum (Rome)
    S.T.L., The Catholic University of America
    M.Div., Saint Francis Seminary
    B.A., Marquette University

    His department at Fordham is run by a man who pretends to be married to another man. He recently published something called “The Erotics of Anti-Blackness: Police Sexual Violation of Black Bodies”. Some places refer to him as “Father”.

    This is a desperate war indeed…..

  36. Simon_GNR says:

    I like the translation of LGBT as “Let’s get b******d tonight”!!

    Catholics should simply refuse to engage with “gender theory” as, I believe, Pope Francis has said. Except for a very small number of unfortunate people whose physical development in the womb went wrong and who may be described as “intersex”, human beings belong to one of the two SEXES, and the sex to which one belongs is determined biologically. Readers of this blog may wish to read the views of the feminist academic Germaine Greer who dismissed the idea of changing sex very pungently indeed. See here:…it-doesnt-make-you-a-woman.html

    Some of her language cannot be be reproduced on this blog but I entirely agree with what she has said.

  37. HeatherPA says:

    This kind of garbage… well, if these people were capable of any kind of thoughtful reflection, it serves to underline why we faithful Catholics in the trenches, so to speak, will not listen, will never listen, to their shrill insistence that the Pope’s AL means what it says they want it to mean (regardless of the Pope’s stubborn refusal to make public orthodox clarification, which is frustrating for all of us). It’s also not an Encyclical, either, as much as they try to confuse the less informed into thinking it is. I realize many bishops are just as on board with this smoke and mirrors act as the sorry souls in the above post.

    Pope Francis has been very clear, however, regarding “gender theology”. He has condemned what they propose in the strongest terms.

    Why they conveniently ignore what he says about that, but insist that they know he wants gay Catholic marriages and adulterers to receive communion unchecked, despite those words not coming out of his mouth to the faithful, is quite a dilemma for them, because one either accepts all the Pope actually says publicly to us as true or one picks and chooses. They are Protestants in Catholic clothing, acting that way. They can’t blame Pope Benedict XVI for Pope Francis’s “views” on the satanic nature of gender theories.

    That is why no faithful Catholic will ever take these people seriously. I wish the bishops would stop giving them public forums for their nonsense, because it’s a scandal to us all and we are beyond weary of it. They can also take Pelosi and Co. with them.

  38. CharlesG says:

    Funny how most cultures currently and historically have gotten along with two sexes (i.e., “genders” in the non grammatical sense). Anything else is just pandering to people’s pathological fantasies. Perhaps one can feel sorry for people who feel they don’t fit in, but it cannot be at the price of denying the truth of the objective reality of two sexes.

  39. padredana says:

    I CANNOT, just CANNOT understand why the Archbishop (who supposedly is orthodox) doesn’t do something about this. He could make this go away very quickly. If he continues to do nothing about this abomination his soul is in serious jeopardy. Please, Archbishop Gomez, DO SOMETHING!

  40. hwriggles4 says:

    If parishes within the diocese (and neighboring dioceses) are “required” to send catechists, school teachers, DREs, adult faith formation, etc. to this “conference “, parishes need to take a stand and say “no”. The first argument should be, “our parish is not going to spend $xxx per catechist because these sessions are a waste of time and contradict Church teaching. ” Money can be better utilized elsewhere.

    Besides, if a conference loses money due to low attendance, there’s a chance it could either be discontinued, or valuable feedback can result in positive change.

  41. mwa says:

    Malta: “Pretty soon we will have to have a small book to teach these kids what kind of gender they are!”
    That’s not even a joke anymore! In a cbc news program with U of Toronto professors Jordan Peterson and A. W. Peet, Peet (a female who calls herself non-binary and trans) suggested as a helpful tip that the rest of us follow her example and keep the preferred pronouns of all our other-identifying acquaintance in our smart phones contacts so that we can just look it up when we can’t keep track of them all. at 4:55

  42. Carrie says:

    I don’t know if LA parishes are forced to participate. Participants come from all over the country. Maybe it’s a huge income source for the archdiocese, and not so easy to shut down for that reason. Maybe there’s more good coming from it than bad, and the Archbishop is working on eliminating the bad-Catholic elements.

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  44. Mike says:

    Bishops like Mahony and Gomez who allow this sort of disfigurement of Catholic teaching are no shepherds. And their see, robust and exemplary though it may have been only a couple of generations ago, is no longer a diocese—it’s mission territory. As is most of post-Vatican-2 Christendom.

  45. maternalView says:

    I propose a counter-conference held at the same time. Its theme would be something like “Do not be afraid. Embrace your Catholic faith”. An outdoor procession would be mandatory maybe right past this one. Open to families who are the first teachers.

  46. LeeGilbert says:

    What maternalView said:

    “We have to stop playing by “their” rules. They relish coming up with new labels and acronyms as if their behavior is legitimate.”

    Because we want to be polite, nice, mild-mannered, Christian and MOST OF ALL accepted, we Catholics always do play by the rules of our opponents. For example, when pro-abortion forces referred to “the fetus” in the aftermath of Roe vs. Wade, we too referred to “the fetus,” in our arguments with the moneyed snobs who don’t want people cluttering up their world and in our pro-life literature. It sounded so much more scientific and educated. This capitulation had the unfortunate effect of obscuring the fact that unborn babies were being slaughtered.

    Instead of throwing our televisions out fifty years ago, we played by the rules and wrote pathetic letters to networks, producers and advertisers, saying in effect, “Please Mr TV Executive, don’t force immoral programming on us. We are too weak to throw you out of our lives altogether. Please don’t take advantage of us and pipe your filth into our homes. Please, please, please.” This of course was very acceptable and did not cause any waves.

    Now, instead of being offensive and using the highly descriptive anglo-saxon terms available to describe homosexuals and “gender theory” we use what ineffective euphemisms are permissible. I wonder what St. Thomas More would think of this strategy who was not afraid of using scatological language in his controversy with Luther.

    For that matter, we have totally, throughout the length and breadth of the Church, and from top to bottom, accepted the very unhelpful, but the socially acceptable concept of “the homosexual person.” Is there any other mortal sin that enjoys personhood status, such as “the adulterous person,” “the larcenous person,” “the murderous person”? Of, course, we accept and love murderous persons. It is only murderous acts that are sinful. In fact, Fr. X has formed a group called Meekness which is trying to help these people overcome their murderous tendencies. This is not like that unapproved group formed by Sr. X, who thinks that so long as people are trying to remain charitable, the occasional removal of one’s enemies should not be condemned.

    Perhaps it is within this context of never-ending acquiescence to the ethos of the times that the Pope is urging us to “make a mess.”

    Here in Portland the opportunities are both endless and perilous. For example, the local Medical Megaplex, OHSU, has a center specializing in transgender surgery. Sometimes I wonder how long a person would live were he to stand outside this center with a sign reading “Center for Sexual Suicide.”

    Meanwhile the victims of this charade are multiplying. One sees, for example, a bear of man dressed in pink from head to toe, with his pink backpack, and other “women” in skirts with the telltale knobby knees and hairy legs and masculine faces.

    There is good reason to believe that many of these men are on a fast track to actual suicide. But to take a child and ply him with hormones and set him up psychologically for later surgery is beyond tragic. It is criminal, and at least in my view should be a capital offence. Very few would agree, but then we have grown up in the re-education camp that is, or was, Western Civilization.

  47. tamranthor says:

    Generally, when confronted with these sorts of nonsense which claim that it is loving to confirm afflicted people in their confusion, I point directly to the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. I ask these folks why they think it is merciful and loving to watch poor, confused and misguided folks march into hell. I ask them what they truly think Jesus would do. Would he let the moneychangers be, since they were “made that way?” Would he watch happily while his flock ran into the mouth of hell?

    Sometimes it gets a favorable response, and sometimes it just triggers a bunch of blather, but either way, the seed gets planted.

    And then I follow it up with lots of prayer. It isn’t me who can fix this–it is Him.

  48. Bob B. says:

    Having gone through a decade of attending the REC (it was mandatory for Catholic school teachers), I’m not surprised by all the reaction most people have – I felt and feel the same way. The archbishop knows what’s going on at the REC – letters and phone calls haven’t done any good. The bishop of Orange hasn’t done anything either, though it’s held in his diocese. The education departments in LA and Orange know about it, but it is still required that you attend.
    The major problem is that principals and teachers seem to absorb what heresies are being lectured on and almost then require everyone to believe the same way. For those who attended Loyola Marymount University, it was of little problem – some of the things they were and weren’t taught is nothing short of amazing until you remind yourself that it’s a Jesuit school. For others, it varies. Unfortunately, many need their jobs, so they are often mute. Not I, of course – the Army (especially Vietnam) taught me not to obey unlawful orders, so I was asked to leave.
    Another generation of students are not being taught about the true Church and it pains me to know that they will, in turn, lead the Church in the future.

  49. Emilio says:

    I second maternalView’s excellent suggestion above. We need to start stepping up. To counter the heterodox “Call to Action” conferences held in Detroit once upon a time, many orthodox Catholic leaders countered it by holding “Call to Holiness” conferences across the STREET. We need an infusion of that kind of strength and spirit within us today. Many of the strong Catholic figures who stood up to the heterodox in the 80s and 90s: Mother Angelica, Father Groeschel, Cardinal John O’Connor, etc. are no longer with us. We need to pray that God will send us more true shepherds and prophets for our times!

  50. kurtmasur says:

    Geoffrey wrote: “Where is Archbishop Gomez?!”

    To those who wonder why Archbishop Gomez hasn’t spoken up, especially since he is considered orthodox, maybe he sees this as an opportunity to finally receive the red hat from Francis? Unfortunately, this is what it takes to impress the current pope :-/

  51. TonyO says:

    Archbishop Gomez, obviously, is part of the problem, not part of the solution. Set your compass accordingly.

  52. TonyO says:

    Let me clarify: you can’t have lived 60+ years in the Church in this day, AND be educated and smart enough to make it to the office of archbishop, without being able to see and know who’s doing what in this Church. There are no any longer smart, educated, but naive and innocent dupes merely being led by the wrong people. That’s not a possible picture anymore. Maybe the bishops and cardinals of the 70’s and 80’s were duped. A few of the bishops of the 90’s were still in that category. By the 00’s, such men were being retired out. Now, a priest either opposes the nonsense, or he’s part of it. You can’t have it both ways: if a priest is a GOOD man and a good priest, the goodness in him will naturally abhor the evil being wreaked in conferences like this. Naturally. If he is not repelled by it, then he has not that inner spirit that sees good for good and evil for evil. Innocent, naive ignorance can account for not seeing the difference. But bishops can’t be that.

    We are not talking here of a simple lay person who graduated from high school and asked nothing more of life than to just be straightforward. Every priest goes to college and then seminary. Virtually every bishop has a post-graduate degree. Many have more than one. These are all highly educated men. Either the education enlightened them, or it ruined them. You have to do SOMETHING with all those hours of study. You can’t remain a blank slate in that environment, you have to become formed INTO some more definite person. You have to make a choice to enlist for the enemy, or for God. By their fruits you will know them. We all know some of the priests who chose to remain with the light: Fr. Longenecker, Fr. Scalia, etc. (Fr. Z, too.) DOES YOUR BISHOP ACT LIKE THOSE PRIESTS?

  53. Chaswjd says:

    The content of the teaching merely confirms the adage “lex credenda, lex orandi.” While this is from years past, I have no information that things have changed:

  54. Semper Gumby says:

    Diabolical, and prayers to St. Michael and other Saints indeed.

    Carrie wrote: “Maybe it’s a huge income source for the archdiocese, and not so easy to shut down for that reason.”

    Which only adds to the diabolical nature of the Three Days of Darkness, as money would be more important than ending the exploitation of children. It’s an unhealthy gospel that LA REC is peddling.

    Chaswjd: Yes, thus the Extraordinary Form, rather than the (mostly Russian) Orthodox Church.

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