UPDATE – JUST TOO COOL! Battle Flag of LEPANTO reproduction available!

UPDATE 21 March:

The flag arrived!

Here is the solemn unboxing.

Some literature about the organization is included.

As you can see it is large and vibrant!

A close up, so you can see the fabrics.  It is synthetic, of course, and printed, but it is also tough!

The end is sown such that a poll can be inserted and it can be hung or carried.  To be flown, you would have to add grommets.

I am very pleased.   I want at least a dozen more so that they can be displayed down the nave of the chapel here, alternating with Vatican flags and Old Glory.

UPDATE 15 March:

From the people making the flags:

We have as of today, 73 orders, need another 27 to make it a reality. Thank you one and all. Thank you Father!

Okay, readers.  Get in touch with your inner crusader and get to it!


Originally Published on: Mar 1, 2018

I received this:

A group dedicated for the defense of persecuted Catholics around the globe (Ordo Militaris) has designed a faithful reproduction of the famous flag of Lepanto to
raise funds for their organization.


They have a vendor printing it in Europe currently, and have just found a new vendor to print it in the US for the first time.

*IF* they can secure 100 pre-orders, it will be available to anyone in the US in a doublesided, gold trimmed version for just $135 each.

Depicted on the Flag at the Foot of the Cross are the Heraldic Shields of King Philip II of Spain, Saint Pius V, the Republic of Venice, and Don Juan of Austria.

The actual flag will NOT have the white border.

I want one!

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  2. OrdoMilitaris says:

    Some of you are SO excited about ordering our Flag(s) that you are FORGETTING to click the CHECKBOX which authorizes PayPal to share your Address with us! We cannot mail you the Flag without that! And if you are using an inactive or phone email address, we have NO way to contact you, unless you call our Offices or skype us at @Ordo.Militaris! 5 of you so far are “guilty” of this!

    Many thanks to the 18 who have already ordered a Flag. You can order a Flag for a friend by putting in a shipping address different from your address! — Who will order one for Father Z?

    If you Bishop has certain views on current events which you believe will be corrected by a gift of this Flag, by all means gift him a Lepanto Flag! Say gift in the NOTE section and we will ship it to him with that note (BE RESPECTFUL!).

    Also please consider joining our Order, while you are at it! ordo-militaris.us

    Flag Fulfillment Officer
    Ordo Miltiaris Inc.
    Helena, MT

    [You are WELCOME, by the way, for this boost for your project.]

  3. Stat crux dum volvitur orbis says:

    How about Canada? I’m ready to order but I’m in Canada.

  4. OrdoMilitaris says:

    Those in Canada and Europe can order the American Version, just use the European Version button to cover for the shipping charges, which alas are astronomical.

    Many thanks to Father Z for mentioning this on his blog. A priest who truly senses the pulse of the sensus fidelium.

    We never imagined the level of interest. 42 flags requested in just 48 hours! 58 to reach the goal!

    Sincerely Deus Vult,

    Ordo Militaris Flag Fulfillment Officer

  5. OrdoMilitaris says:

    Dear Father,

    Many thanks, again for your support. Please excuse the nuisance of this reply, but we are trying to reach some of your readers who evidently made mistakes in their order:

    If anyone who has requested the Lepanto Flag goes by the nicknames

    John of Austria,
    or has “Benchmark” in his email address

    You either did not send us your address or you mistakenly ordered the Insignia of our Order.

    Please check you EMAIL, at the address you used during the purchase, if you want to receive your flag! We sent you an email to correct this problem.

    If your email address is not reachable, then call our offices at 1 406 299 9260

    About 25% are still NOT checking the CHECKBOX which authorizes PayPal to give us your shipping address! And if you do NOT do that, we have to contact you by email to get it.


    Lepanto Flag Fulfillment Officer
    Ordo Militaris Inc

  6. pattif says:

    If one is in the UK, how does one order the European version?

  7. OrdoMilitaris says:

    Dear Pattif,

    We have discontinued the UK version, because we can produce a better flag with a quantity order. So if you go to the same page and press the UK button that will cover the excess shipping costs.

    Dear J. S. Bones,

    You ordered a flag from us and never gave us your address. How do we ship it to you?

    To one and All,

    We have received 60 orders so far, we need 100! If you want to see the flag, please spread the word and ask friends to order one. Jihadis have the flag of ISIS. Catholics should have the Flag of Lepanto! Though for entirely opposite moral reasons!

    To Father Z,

    Thanks!& God bless!

  8. OrdoMilitaris says:

    Those who have questions about our Flag should call our offices at 1 406 299 9260, because our Twitter account is no longer active, we were silenced by Twitter


  9. OrdoMilitaris says:

    Dear Father Z,

    A kind reader of your blog, having sent in a donation for the Lepanto Flag and our Insigna Flag, we, having send the latter, have posted the former today, using the first flag produced by the American factory, which has exceeded our expectations in every detail, so you can see it before we make the order. We have as of today, 73 orders, need another 27 to make it a reality. Thank you one and all. Thank you Father!

    Ordo Militaris Flag Fulfillment Officer

  10. LEPANTO FLAG! Very cool. Let’s kick this back upstairs.

  11. Gripen says:

    I’d order one right now if it didn’t seem awfully expensive. But it’s for a good cause, I get paid tomorrow, and I’ve wasted money on more frivolous things before… we’ll see. I definitely would love to have one.

  12. Gripen says:

    Well…I caved and ordered one, because #payday.

  13. teomatteo says:

    oh…i hope i dont get a sour grapes for this but …. what about a tie that is fashion like the flag? i have a papal tie that i wear on occasion… i think a tie would be quite the conversation stsrter.

  14. OrdoMilitaris says:

    Dear Father Z,

    Many thanks to you and to all, we can now announce we have 100+ orders and will be manufacturing the flags and shipping them Easter Week. Everyone in the USA should get theirs about 10 business days later, those overseas 3 to 4 weeks later. The Flags will arrive in our white box with our Blue Cross emblazoned on 5 sides. Look for it!

    God bless!

    [Kudos! I received mine. It’s great.]

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  15. Semper Gumby says:

    Way. Too. Cool. I’d bet my last Combat Rosary that during the Solemn Unboxing one of the musical selections played by Fr. Z was this:


  16. FrAnt says:

    When I hear of the indiscriminate welcome of Muslims into Europe, I am saddened to think of all of the men, women, and children who were slaughtered for their faith. Only to have Europe’s Christian faith slowly and methodically snuffed out from within.

  17. TimFinnegan says:


    I ordered one but I wanted to know if making another donation would be just like placing another order. Also, how might I order one as a gift for Father Z? Thank you in advance.

  18. Lucas says:

    Oh man, this is amazing! I was on the fence, but I kinda think I need it.

    Can these still be ordered? I absolutely love one, but I can’t front the $135 now, I just need to save a bit more.

    I have the perfect place to display it.

  19. OrdoMilitaris says:

    If you want to order one as a gift, in the Message Field of the Payment form, put Ship as a Gift to XXX, where XXX is the name and address.

    5 of you never gave us an address nor an email contact, so we had to reverse charges!

    [NB] NOTE to Father Z, DONT IRON YOUR FLAG!, its polyester and dye sublimation. Hang it up and in about a day the wrinkles will come out…

    [Thanks for the tip.]

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