Rube Goldberg Machine

This is how I occasionally see my day develop.

Wow. Right?

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  1. TomGrelinger says:

    After this song came out and became an Internet hit, I was curious where the expression “This too shall pass” and found a Wikipedia entry on it — What I also found interesting is that there is a second video which has members of Notre Dame’s marching band participating in it.

  2. tzard says:

    Wow, I’d hate to live downstairs from you.

    [That would be a bad fate, indeed, given that I live partially underground now!]

  3. Cicero_NOLA says:

    OK Go are a remarkable band who have made several eye-popping videos. I appreciate that the songs we’ve heard are inoffensive and aren’t trying to make you think a certain way, like so much else of Pop culture.

    I direct your attention especially to their videos:
    Upside Down and Inside Out
    I Won’t Let You Down
    The One Moment
    The Writing’s on the Wall

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