Bp. Morlino’s clear commencement address: “let’s be politically incorrect”

There is a plentiful lack of clarity these days.  How refreshing it is when we hear or read something that is faithful, true and clear.

I offer for your attention a commencement address given at Thomas Aquinas College in California by the Extraordinary Ordinary, Most Rev. Robert C. Morlino, Bishop of Madison.  LifeSite has a summary.

A huge attack is mounting against the teachings of Humanae vitae.  This address is timely.

The whole text is HERE.  There is a link to the AUDIO.


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  1. jose.a.0121 says:

    It brings great joy to see and hear a bishop or a priest speak to the flock clearly about truth and the teachings of our Lord. It shows that he is truly concerned about their eternal salvation and not concerned about riches or seats in high places.

    Kudos to Bp. Morlino and to Fr. Z!
    Thank you for sharing this Audio with us and God bless,


  2. Elizabeth D says:

    At the Madison transitional deacons’ ordination last night Bishop Morlino’s homily instructed the men to be ordained deacons (Stephen and Lawrence, I kid you not) that St Thomas says it is a work of charity to hate wickedness (not wicked people… we don’t hate people… but wickedness itself and the devil), and the men should make sure that is integral to their carrying out their ordained ministry. I attended a first homily today and the Gospel was about “let the little children come to Me” and the newly-ordained did not come up with anything fiery to say about that.

  3. LeeGilbert says:

    This was well worth a listen this Sunday afternoon. Thank you!

  4. roseannesullivan says:

    I was at that commencement, and I was blown away by Bishop Morlino’s talk. You don’t expect a commencement address to be exciting and forcefully state truths that are usually unmentioned. I think it’s the best talk I’ve ever heard. Bishop Morlino is quite overweight, and he made several references to being fat, but there is a surprising wisdom and strength behind that obese exterior. He even told a story about how when he was first chosen as a bishop and went for his first Ad Lumina visit, as the youngest bishop there, he was the last to see Pope St. John Paul II privately. His aide asked Bishop Morlino if he would help him get the pope onto his chair, and Morlino joked, “Can I hitch a ride with you?” The pope looked him up and down and said, “No! Too fat!”
    One of the things the Bishop said that I liked the most was: You young men who are thinking about getting married, you should propose this way, “Will you let me be the man who lays down his life for you?” I was delighted with this, because too often, men will focus on the part of the marriage instructions from St. Paul that instruct women to obey their husbands as the Lord and ignore the instruction to men, that they love their wives as Christ loved the Church and lay down their lifes for her.

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