BOOKS received and read: Sacramental vision and Dystopian hell

I am thrilled that Angelico Press sent me copies of books by true heroes in our struggle to revitalize our Catholic identity through the reclamation of sacred liturgical worship.

First, Martin Mosebach has updated his great The Heresy of Formlessness: The Roman Liturgy and Its Enemy (Revised and Expanded Edition) and it has been republished by Angelico.


This is an extremely important book.   Make sure your priests and seminarians have it.

Next, from the man who gave us the famous BUX PROTOCOL™, Msgr. Nicola Bux, No Trifling Matter: Taking the Sacraments Seriously Again:


A cursory examination is really promising.   This would be a superb book for a catechumen, or a revert or fallen/falling away Catholic.   A priest could find it a good source for preaching and catechesis in a project to bring congregations back to a proper Catholic view of things.

Bux addresses what the sacred is and what its implications are for worship, and the consequences of the loss of the sense of the sacred, the loss of the transcendent and slid into immanentism.

Also, a reader here (and sometime contributor of great tales of Tracer Bullet), recommended a book, which, it being 4 July, I decided to read.


UPDATE 5 July:

I’ve now read the last in the list.  It is humorous… but not.   He describes a situation which could result from the trajectory we are on now.    If you want confirmation, just read the American bashing and gender-bender crap at Fishwrap in the days surrounding Independence Day.  Such as HERE and just about anything by Madame Lafarge or Jamie.

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