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ASK FATHER: Proper Form of Address for Former Cardinal McCarrick

From a reader… Following the resignation of Cardinal McCarrick from the College of Cardinals, I have noted various articles that refer to him now as Mr McCarrick. It occurs to me to wonder what the correct style would be in … Read More

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Signs of the times

Australia passes a law to require priests to violate the Seal of Confession. HERE Then L’Affaire McCarrick flares. Today I read that in India, a government agency, the National Commission for Women, wants the Catholic Church to abolish the Sacrament … Read More

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NRO: The Latin Mass Endures.

From the National Review Online: Despite Misunderstanding, the Latin Mass Endures By LIAM WARNER The same riches that profited Saint Teresa of Ávila and Saint Francis de Sales are available to Catholics today. Not a small group of people will … Read More

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McCarrick resigned from the College of Cardinals. Wherein Fr. Z rants.

Before anything else… Lots of people are really angry, indeed enraged.  Horrid situations such as those caused by men like McCarrick are painful.  We can make choices about how to view them.  Anger is appropriate, but not to the point … Read More

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