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The image of the badge of the Vendée came to mind today

The other day, I saw a stage of the Tour de France that was in the Vendée. Today is the anniversary of the martyrdom of the Carmelites of Compiègne. I’ve been watching the lunatic frenzy and eruptions of malice from … Read More

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Fr. Z’s Kitchen: Garofolato!

Summer notwithstanding, I have had a hankering for something Roman that I haven’t had for a while. Garofolato. In Italian, chiodi … “nails” are cloves… but indifferent cloves.  They could be cloves of garlic (which are spicchi).  However chiodi di … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Cremains in funeral Mass, Traditional Requiem

From a reader… QUAERITUR: Thank you for all that you do and say, on this blog and beyond. Here is my question: Since cremation is permitted, what would be the ritual for cremains if the funeral mass were an EF … Read More

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Pontifical Mass in Lake Charles. A brief and yet optimistic rant from Fr. Z.

I saw a great entry at NLM about a Pontifical Mass in Louisiana.  There are good photos. Check it out. His Excellency Glen Provost, Bishop of Lake Charles celebrated a Pontifical Mass in their cathedral. Writing about it, Greg DiPippo … Read More

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The last 10 minutes…

The last 10 minutes… Haydn’s Farewell is playing. Request from a priest via text message for the blessing of beehives. Email from a priest asking about baptizing the child adopted by homosexuals. Delivery of a deep cycle 12v battery. Roast out of … Read More

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17 July 1794: “Permission to die, Mother?”

In 1794, the Place de la Nation on the east side of Paris was called the Place du Trône-Renversé… Toppled Throne Square. In 1792 a guillotine was set up here and the killing began. Robespierre and Barère made terror an … Read More

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17 July 2018 – 100 years after

The day after Pres. Trump met with Pres. Putin in Finland, today, is the 100th anniversary of the execution of the last Tsar Nicholas II and his family.  

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