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Cobblestones, new vestments, and swag for Zed Heads

The last couple of days have involved a lot of TV coverage.  The person who invented the DVR deserves prayers.  Everything is recorded, so I can blast through commercials and jump around.  Yesterday I tuned in – sort of – … Read More

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More shallow, angry, cliché feminist rubbish from Fishwrap

The Fishwrap is a disgrace.  The National Schismatic Reporter today proudly displays: Yes, Fishwrap pays people to write that. Notice also their “same-sex marriage” post.  Coming from liberal RNS, it is not objective, which suits Fishwrap’s agenda just fine. Jamie Manson, openly lesbian, disciple of Margaret … Read More

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The demographics of church participation are shifting.

The demographics of church participation are shifting. In these USA… The numbers of active priests will drop, impacting the number of parishes open.  The number of millennials going to church will drop, thus impacting parish income.  The number of conservative … Read More

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