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Fr. Z’s Kitchen and Remembrance of Things Past

Each year when the Feast of St Mary Magdalene comes around, I remember certain people, and not just those named Magdalene. I remember, for example, a certain priest and his mother. On a hot Roman summer evening in 1989, on … Read More

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22 July: Mary Magdalene and the Creed at Mass – POLL!

At NLM there is a really good post by Greg DiPippo about the roller coaster history of the liturgical observance of the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene. You might recall that in 2016 Pope Francis made her day – in … Read More

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Can you imagine bishops doing something like this today?

Can you imagine more than a handful of bishops today doing something like this? In the days of the King’s Great Matter, only one bishop in England stood fast. Today at The Catholic Thing, Nicholas Senz has a good piece … Read More

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