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And now for your Friday SSPX news!

The SSPX leadership has been meeting to elect officers and make decisions about their future direction. Recently, they elected as their Superior an Italian priest, Fr. David Pagliarani.  If stories be true, he has some game.  There is an anecdote … Read More

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For your consideration…

This blog works from your donations, especially monthly, subscribed donations. Today, the 20th of the month, there are only two people subscribed. Please consider signing up? NB: Some people had a hard time using the form, below. I figured out … Read More

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The hurly burly of Medieval Studies!

You might think that this is a joke.  It is a joke, but not the kind sane people think up. From Campus Reform (with my emphases and comments I’ll leave links in as texts): Activists demand more social justice in Medieval … Read More

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News especially for P… …from SpaceWeather: SPIDERS AND SPACE WEATHER: Did you know that spiders can fly? Biologists call it “ballooning.” Spiders spin a strand of silk, it juts into the air, and off they go. Airborne arachnids have been … Read More

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ASK FATHER: Mass texts for St. Elijah, Old Testament Prophet

Many of the great figures of the Old Testament are considered saints and have a day in the Roman liturgical book called the Roman Martyrology. I post about them on occasion. The Martyrology says that when the day is clear … Read More

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What could possibly go wrong? – UPDATED

UPDATE 20 July: They opened the sarcophagus and found… “a mummified family of three swimming in red liquid.” HERE ___ Originally Published on: Jul 11, 2018 From Science Alert: A Massive, Black Sarcophagus Has Been Unearthed in Egypt, And Nobody … Read More

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