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Wile. E. Defarge goes to the zoo.

Something is screwy in the head of Madame Wile E. Defarge. To wit, in his recent twirl into sycophantic papalotry, he compares those who are calling for Francis to make things clear and help us properly to deal with the … Read More

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Petition to His Holiness, Pope Francis: INVESTIGATE!

Some interesting petitions are being created and posted online.  There is one at The petition does not ask for Francis to resign.   However, those of you who strongly favor his resignation should still at least have a look at … Read More


ASK FATHER: Mass for the Space Force in the Extraterrestrial Form

This comes from a reader… QUAERITUR: On a somewhat lighter note, what liturgical changes do you think would have to be made for chaplains of a hypothetical Space Force to celebrate Mass in the Extraterrestrial Form? In particular, the Precious Blood seems particularly … Read More

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Wherein homosexualist activist @JamesMartinSJ tries to deceive you

Scandalous Jesuit and homosexualist activist James Martin has a 1700 word deceptive whine at Jesuit produced Amerika Magazine. Let’s have a look. First, a few comment to hold in mind as you sort through Martin’s claims, bad premises, and distortions. Above … Read More

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IMPORTANT: Letter To Pope Francis From Catholic Women

I encourage all the women who read this blog to read and consider signing this Letter to Francis. This is important.  I’ll post the text below, but you have to click the link and go to the site to sign. … Read More

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30 Aug 1568 – St Pius V’s Bull against “gay” clergy

At The Josias, which a friend and patron of this blog told my about recently there is this post.   It is perhaps a coincidence that today is the anniversary of the promulgation of this document, even as the Roman … Read More

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Francis, generally voluble, now surprisingly mum

Ubi loqui et debet et potuit, qui tacet consentire videtur. Washington Examiner: Pope Francis normally won’t stop talking. He’s picked a funny time to go silent by Becket Adams | August 30, 2018 01:08 PM For a guy who loves … Read More

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Francis dismissed Card. Müller who disagreed about abuse cases

LifeSite says: Pope dismissed Cdl Müller for following Church rules on abuse cases August 29, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A highly placed Vatican source told LifeSiteNews that Cardinal Gerhard Müller, together with his much-experienced three CDF priests, was dismissed by Pope … Read More

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“Gay” Parade in Rome with @JamesMartinSJ and a bishop close to the papal inner circle

Have you ever worked on a jigsaw puzzle where you didn’t have the finished photo?   Slowly enough pieces fit together and you see what is the intended result. This is in today’s La Verità, which broke The Viganò Testimony. … Read More

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Disquiet in Hell over The Present Crisis

Take this story with a grain of salt. From The Onion. Satan Refuses To Accept Any More Catholic Priests In Hell NINTH CIRCLE, HELL—Stressing that the situation in the underworld was quickly spiraling out of control, Satan, the Great Tempter … Read More

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ASK FATHER: If Francis resigned… then what?

I’ve had a lot – A LOT – of emails about various aspects of the possibility of Pope Francis’ resignation.  There is talk about this, since The Viganò Testimony.  More and more people are calling for Francis to resign.  That’s … Read More

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29 August: What are people chanting at end of Francis’ General Audience? Is it “VIGANO! VIGANO! VIGANO”?

UPDATE: They could be chanting “VIGANO!”. I scrubbed the audio a little and slowed it down. I am hearing “ITALO!” There was a bishop there, Lucca Italo Castellani. Still, it is hard to tell exactly.   Here is some cleaned up … Read More

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29 August – Beheading of John the Baptist: exposing corrupt priests who covered Herod’s pedophile lust

I jotted this for the print edition of UK’s best Catholic weekly, the Catholic Herald.  I give them 400 words (exactly) a week. I celebrate as my onomastico or “name day” the Feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist, … Read More

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Italian press in full, spittle-flecked nutty. Malicious idiocy from Beans and Wormtongue.

For those of you who read Italian here are a couple of pages of typical reportage. The images are large if you open them in another tab or window. First, Wormtongue writes for La Stampa.  Notice that breathy Beans bubbles … Read More

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J.R.R. Tolkien to his son in the 60’s about the Church and bad or stupid priests

I saw – HERE – an excerpt from a letter of J.R.R. Tolkien to his son in the 60’s, about the time of the Council.  He writes about the Church and bad or stupid priests. You speak of ‘sagging faith’, … Read More

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Card. Cupich: Francis has better things to do. People who resist him a racists. Rabbit hole!

Okay, that’s it.   I posted this within a different post, but it deserves its own place, for the record. Chicago’s Card. Cupich, who surely owes his rise to a certain someone, has reacted to The Present Crisis and the Viganò … Read More

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Had Benedict XVI made the sanctions known, then creepy McCarrick wouldn’t have been near the 2013 conclave

I know that a lot is coming at you right now.  This made me put my sandwich down and think. My friend Fr. Gerald Murray, whom you see on the web and on EWTN especially with Prof. Royal, penned a … Read More

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Quis custodiat custodes? About a Jesuit in Francis’ inner circle @AntonioSpadaro and his special interest

The Roman writer Juvenal penned in his Satires a line which has become an apophthegm about oversight. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?   Who is keeping an eye on the guards? This could be a byword today in The Present Crisis. Who … Read More

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Bottom line: “the criteria for credible allegations are more than fulfilled”

The MSM and catholic media are running their feet off carrying water for the homosexual mafia, the “gay lobby” as it is called in Italian with borrow words.  The general lines of attack against The Viganò Testimony and the support that … Read More

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Wherein Fr. Z rants: A baptized person in the state of grace is terrifying to demons. 

I’m a bit shell-shocked from the blast of information that is pouring forth.  It took me 3 hours to triage my email. Thank you to everyone who have sent kind notes.   Thank you to everyone who has sent links.  Thank … Read More

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