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Jesuit-run Amerika props up new Socialist Dem candidate from NY. The Red Sun still rises in the East.

You’ve probably heard that recently a twenty-something Socialist (well… Communist) trounced a congressional veteran of some twenty years in a Dem primary.   He ignored his campaign until too late. She’s a Communist and pro-deviation who got out the young (aka sorta … Read More

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“Rome, we have a problem.” Ed Peters on … surprises?… in new document on Consecrated Virginity.

TIMING is everything. Right now the US Association of Consecrated Virgins is in their annual meeting. THAT’s when this happens? Some time ago, Holy Church decided to revive a state in life, a vocation, that was once identified and lived … Read More

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Benedictine Brick by Benedictine Brick

Reminders. First, there is a great photo of the building going on near Norcia, Italy, where the mighty Beer Monks are constructing their new lives after the horrible earthquakes.  I like this photo: What is really exciting is that the … Read More


“Do you remember a time when…”

At The Catholic Thing, Anthony Esolen has again posted a clear-eyed piece about effeminacy in the Church.  Here’s a foray into his piece: Vesting in Lavender Do you remember a time, readers, when you could spend a whole day, actually … Read More

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