What the H is up with that? Does this have bearing on The Present Crisis?

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  1. Charles E Flynn says:

    The video is from 2011. Phil Lawyer has an explanation of just what is going on, and why it is not what it appears to be to us:


  2. arga says:

    Thank you Charles Flynn. And thanks for the date and Lawler’s explanation.

  3. Spinmamma says:

    I followed the link posted by Charles Flynn. Is t here any corroboration of that explanation? I must wonder why some shook his hand and some did not–even raising the hands in a gesture of rejection., if there was a set protocol. I also do not perceive the Pope’s hand moving in the familiar gesture of introduction at all. Why would he be trailing behind if he were presenting those in line to the Prime Minister. I am afraid I am not convinced by Phil Lawyer’s explanation standing alone. Is there video of another such receiving or introductory line elsewhere in the world where the persons in line react in a similar manner to Pope Benedict after shaking the hand of a political figure?

  4. Gab says:

    I’ve always suspected that Benedict was forced to resign. That video does nothing to disabuse me of the notion.

  5. Malta says:

    Those bishops and cardinals are jerks; I bet they would have enthusiastically embraced ‘pope’ Francis’ hand enthusiastically with both hands.

    Well, read Akita.

  6. Gab says:

    @Charles E Flynn bless you. I feel much better now. (I shall harbour suspicions about Pope Benedict’s resignation though).

  7. ex seaxe says:

    @Charles E Flynn Thank you for pointing us to Phil Lawler’s clear exposition. This clip does NOT show German bishops snubbing Pope Benedict.

  8. Laurelmarycecilia says:

    Right as the results of the result of the 2005 Conclave was announced on the TV, I was in a position to see and hear an anguished response to the election of Cardinal Ratsinger. Those mourning his election were connected Jesuits…………… did they know that the Conclave vote had almost resulted in Bergolio? and he lost? and that wasn’t supposed to be?

  9. KateD says:

    Didn’t Cardinal Ratzinger request to retire and return home during the pontificate of Pope Saint John Paul II multiple times?

    Haven’t watched the video yet, but just thought I’d throw that out there.

  10. Kathleen10 says:

    The first time I saw it I wanted to go through the screen. But thanks to Charles Flynn, I didn’t have to. It’s pretty incredible to me how my own interpretation of it changed once I looked at it the second time with an explanation.
    But look where we are. It’s not fantastic to consider bishops being cruel to a little frail pope, not a bit. I know I thought that’s what it was, right away. Hardly a glowing review.

  11. robtbrown says:

    I don’t know anything about the video.

    On the other hand, in 2005 BXVI went to Germany for World Youth Day. During the visit he met with all the German bishops. I was told that during the meeting the German bishops make it clear that they did not want the SSPX regularized nor any document like Summorum Pontificum.

  12. frjimt says:

    thnks, that makes sense!
    sometimes, in our outrage at all the terrible things that are happening, both sides appeared to be coming to conclusions that i believe come from hos satanos…
    none are spared….
    Ab insídiis diáboli,
    líbera nos, Dómine.

  13. JonathanTX says:

    Since Charles E Flynn has showed us that not only was this from 2011 (why is this a thing now?) but it is taken out of context and is in fact not a diss of Pope Benedict, will Fr Z’s post be edited to reflect this information or removed altogether?

  14. majuscule says:

    For some reason I am unable to get to the link that Charles Flynn shared (it’s very slow and may open yet…)

    I am just so tired of listening to excuses for why this or that is happening. “Oh, he did/didn’t do this because…” “What he really meant to say/write was…”

    This goes for both the “look they are snubbing him” and “they are not snubbing him” as in, for example, this video. I’m tired of bouncing around like a ping pong ball. Do I stop reading the news and blogs? Do I try to do background research myself? Do I go with my gut feeling? Who to believe?

    I do not stop praying.

  15. Father G says:

    As Charles E Flynn pointed out, this video is from 2011.
    Father Federico Lombardi, the Vatican spokesman at that time, addressed it: http://www.ewtnnews.com/catholic-news/Vatican.php?id=4144


  16. Charles E Flynn says:

    To those of you who appreciated my thirty-second-long quest to provide a context for the video, and especially to Father G, who provided additional helpful research, you are welcome.

    I work in an academic research library in a support staff job that used to be the highest union position, and is now deservedly one level down, due to the demands of supporting computer systems from Microsoft.

    If I recall correctly, at least one graduate student in our American Civilization program cited a book titled “Flushed With Pride: The Thomas Crapper Story” in his master’s thesis. There is no doubt that Thomas Crapper had a company that made toilets, and there is no doubt that toilets have contributed greatly to the reduction of disease.

    Years after the publication of “Flushed With Pride” its author published a history of the bra. A sharp-eyed physician thought that the author might have gone too far this time, and outed him as a purveyor of hoaxes. This article does not credit the physician:


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