ASK FATHER: 2018 traditional Confirmation in @MadisonDiocese ?

From a reader…


The last two years about this time of year you have posted a letter from the Extraordinary Ordinary, Bp. Morlino, announcing that he will do Confirmations in the EF. Do you know if he will do them again this fall? (My 8 year old son and I have spent the summer going through the Baltimore Catechism in the hopes that he will do it again.) Thanks for all you do for our Holy Mother Church!

Yes!  That’s right.  Thanks for thinking of it.  We’ve had quite a few confirmands over the last couple of years in November.  People were so happy and grateful and they came from all around.

We’ve been working on a date for traditional confirmation.   From what I understand now, His Excellency has considered May 2019 rather than this November, as in the past.

I’ve had quite a few inquiries, actually.

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  1. RichR says:

    My godson asked me to be his confirmation sponsor. I was surprised when I found out it was going to be done in the EF by the Bishop emeritus. It was a beautiful ceremony and the bishop was very supportive of the children and their families wanting this traditional rite.

    I remember, during the ceremony, turning to my godson, normally very quiet, and asked him why he prefers the EF Mass. The 8 year old quietly said, “I’m able to think and pray better.” Whenever our parish has harmonicas and 70’s campfire songs at Mass, I think about my godson’s words and hope the next generation will rid our temples of such sappy noise.

  2. HighMass says:

    Wonderful to see such beauty with so much bad things happening

  3. therecusant says:

    Hoping to bring my 15 year old up this year. Praying it’s not in late May, which can get so crowded with end-of-school activities (finals, graduations, open houses, etc).

  4. r7blue1pink says:

    Yepp Yepp Yepp… Im in.. My last two 10 & 11 will be ready!!

    Keep us posted Father!!!

  5. HezzerK says:

    What a blessing! I am praying that my husband and I will be having all 3 of our children confirmed this spring.

  6. msuchomski says:

    Hello Father!

    Does a person need to be in the diocese of Madison to receive the sacrament there? We are in Milwaukee and I’d love for our kiddos to be confirmed before receiving their first Holy Communion, but it isn’t allowed in our diocese.

    [A diocesan bishop can confirm any person who is in his diocese, whether that person has domicile in his diocese or not. However, if the bishop of the place where the person comes from objects, then the local bishop ought to demure. Were the local bishop to confirm that person anyway, over the objection of the person’s bishop, the confirmation would still be valid. However, unless there were a serious reason still to confirm, that would be a real violation of manners and protocol, etc. So, bottom line, provided that one’s own bishop does not object, anyone could be confirmed in Madison. I know for a fact that, in past, when another bishop objected, Bp. Morlino estabished that that confirmand was not included in the group. We do things carefully around here!]

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