TERRIFIC! School Choir accomplished, back to back, Solemn Roman and Eastern liturgy!

This is impressive by anyone’s standards.

The wonderful Lyceum school in Cleveland, has a great choir.  They sang for a Pontifical Mass with Card. Burke and then a Divine Liturgy with Bp.Milan Lach.

Read about it HERE.

I want to offer official Fr. Z kudos.

First, Roman….

Then they got on buses and went to an Eastern church for this!

Firstly, this is serious breathing with both lungs!

Secondly, this is what we are talking about when it comes to proper worship of God.    In this afternoon, it would have been possible to see and to hear and smell the height the Roman Rite, Pontifical Mass at the Throne and then see how it lines up with and is different from (in details, but not so much in spirit) the Divine Liturgy of the East.   Each have their apophatic dimension, that comes through in the hard elements.  Each have their inner genius and orientation.


And I send my greetings to my friend Fr. DI who was involved.  Good on you guys!

What a great story.

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  1. SanSan says:


  2. richiedel says:

    PONTIFICAL High Mass and a HIERARCHICAL Divine Liturgy

  3. Atra Dicenda, Rubra Agenda says:

    The difference between this and the recent “Gay/AIDS” rock concert with topless male rockstars and women dressed like demons that happened under Schönborn’s permission, promotion, and personal attendance in the sanctuary of the Vienna Cathedral couldnt be more stark.

  4. Joe in Canada says:

    I have been dozing or something. Is Raymond Card. Burke persona grata again?

  5. moon1234 says:

    Would love to hear some samples!

  6. MaHrad says:

    I was there (at the pontifical Mass)! It was BEAUTIFUL! My husband is deployed and may or may not have almost cried when he heard about the Mass and realized that he would have to miss it. I am convinced that the more reverent the liturgy, the more grace bestowed, because my to young children were relatively well-behaved as well (considering it was 2 hours long). His Eminence was also wonderful to meet. Truly a humble man and we are grateful for all that he does.

  7. monstrance says:

    Whatever happened to the “Fraternal Correction” ?
    Pray for just one brave Shepherd.

  8. monstrance says:

    Oh, I guess we do have one brave Shepherd –
    But he went into hiding…..

  9. An impressive and beautiful stunt, but still a stunt.
    The Eucharistic assembly is not for stunts. With which assembly of the people of God did they commune as the Body of Christ?


  10. Tara Tremuit says:

    Wow, Deacon Nicholas McScroogersmugson! This choir has no control over when churches schedule their Liturgies. Clevelanders know that when you want a good choir for your liturgy, you ask The Lyceum. The school has both Romans and Byzantines amongst its faculty and student body. They are not ‘bi-ritual’, as the Romans are Roman and the Byzantines are Byzantine. But they all learned all this music and they sang it joyfully and well. Watch out for the ghost of Christmas future!

  11. Luke says:

    I assure Deacon Nicholas that there was no “stunt” in The Lyceum Schola Cantorum singing at the Pontifical High Mass and Hierarchical Divine Liturgy. It was an act of service and love and those who heard them sing felt that.

    We had committed to sing at the Divine Liturgy in the summer when asked by the sister who was making her life profession that day. About six weeks ago, the choir was also asked to sing at the Pontifical High Mass and accepted the invitation when we knew that there would not be a time conflict and in order to provide fitting music at a Mass celebrated by a prince of the Church.

    Our little school is fortunate to attend a Divine Liturgy once a month and the Extraordinary Form Mass several times a month. The Schola sings beautifully at both and every student is a member of the choir. You can listen to them here:


    Another faculty member and I and 8 students are Greek Catholics. We also have a faculty member who is Orthodox and but for what divides us there, and the few non-Catholic students we have every year, the choir members are all part of the Church that is one, holy, Catholic and apostolic.

    If I recall correctly, it was Dostoevsky who said that beauty would save the world and St. Augustine wrote, “Late have I loved you, O Beauty ever ancient, ever new.” I think the Beautiful One was glorified on the feast of the Immaculate Conception/the Maternity of the Holy Anna in Cleveland. Glory forever!

    the headmaster

  12. Nan says:

    @ Deacon Nicholas. You’re insulting my Church. Here were A) a favorite priest and B) my Bishop and you don’t think it’s advisable to go to both liturgies in one day? Both are Catholic. Last year I missed the opportunity to go to Mass with Cardinal Burke and the local ordinary after the Divine Liturgy. Had I been able to, I’d have been on it in a heartbeat. As it is, I’ve most recently seen the local ordinary at my church a few weeks ago, as he joined us for our St Nicholas celebration.

    Yes, I count Cardinal Burke as a favorite priest.

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