VIDEO: The new church of Gower Abbey (and the Extraordinary Ordinary)

As we come to the end of the year, many of you are considering your end of year charitable giving for tax deductions, etc.   Hence, I will probably drone on about the TMSM.

However, I want to bring to your attention also the wonderful Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles, who recently obtained the distinction of being elevated to an Abbey.  Since they are near Gower, MO, it seems to me that it should be called Gower Abbey and the Abbess, the “Abbess of Gower”, which has a fine medieval ring.

Gower Abbey is trying to bring its fundraising to completion.  You will recall that they had their new Abbey Church solemnly consecrated (it took 7 hours) and, the next day, the new Abbess of Gower was blessed by the late, great Bp. Morlino.  There are videos of of the ceremonies.

Speaking of videos, the sisters sent out this video, which shows the late Bishop.

I believe that one of the nuns may actually have been flying to get those shots of the church from above.  It happens, you know.

And, because of their work to pray for priests and bishops, they have a “priest tribute” project too. HERE

These nuns are terrific.  They have so many vocations that they have to make daughter foundations.

And that’s the Abbess playing the trumpet.

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  1. mrjaype says:

    Father, that’s not a trumpet. That’s cornet.

  2. tho says:

    Heart warming, and renews my faith in our future.

  3. Jacob says:

    1. Is Gower Abbey in any danger from the recent document on women religious and the moves to close their houses? Does their status as an abbey give them any protection?

    2. With the death of the Extraordinary Ordinary, RIP, is the plan for a daughter house in the diocese of Madison in any danger of falling through?

    Let us pray the answers to these questions are no, yes, and no.

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