One of the best titles ever…

From SpaceWeather:

TRANS-NEPTUNIAN COMET APPROACHES EARTH: In only a few days, newly-discovered Comet Iwamoto will split the orbits of Earth and Mars, making a relatively close approach to our planet visible through small telescopes. This is a rare visit. The comet comes from the realm of Extreme Trans-Neptunian Objects, a distant region of the solar system inhabited by strange objects such as “Sedna” and “the Goblin.” Get the full story on

Trans-Neptunian Comet!  Very cool.

But there’s more!

“The Goblin”?

And there’s something out there called “Biden”.

I can hear your minds going whrrrr-pop to assign “The Goblin” to some political figure.



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  1. rcg says:

    They had to call is ‘Biden’ because ‘Uranus’ was taken.

  2. JustaSinner says:

    Well there’s the Hillary-Rodham 666, a wide body ice comet that orbitz Uranus and the third level of Hell. But I digress…

  3. Semper Gumby says:

    A stranger in a strange land, his eyes narrowed, focused on the view-screen in the starship’s lounge. Trans-Neptunian Objects rolled past the starship like tumbleweeds. Ahead, in the distance, Oort clouds. He leaned against the bar, comfortable in his grandfather’s full-length canvas duster (Classic Duster #4307). In one hand a lariat of 59 beads, with the other he raised a glass of single-malt, warm with a peat-smoke finish, to St. Christopher.

    – J. Peterman Catalog, Summer 2097

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