When winter gets reeeeeally long

This is the sort of thing we native Minnesotans get into when the winter starts to drag.

And, in honor of the UM Golden Gophers upcoming defeat of Penn State later today…

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  1. bobbird says:

    Discussion of looooooong winters rings hollow for us in Alaska. Actually, we like them this way. You need to discover the joys of skiing and snow-mobiling at 10:00 pm daylight in April! And no tourists or mosquitoes yet. However, the looooooooooong winter of insipid catechesis, liturgical abuse, heretical sermons and episcopal support for it all, continues throughout this state.

  2. Semper Gumby says:

    Well done to those Minnesotans.

    A few winters ago me and the boys invited Tracer Bullet for some ice-fishing. He showed up at the lake with fishing tackle, a canteen of bourbon, and two coolers marked “Bait” filled with nothing but ice cubes. Clown.

    Good luck to the UM Golden Gophers. Tracer, whose alma mater is Gumshoe College (“Home of the Fighting Shamuses”), would like to share his fight song:


  3. robert hightower says:

    It’s the opposite for us Floridians, we’re having spring weather now. The only winter here is the liturgical winter in the novus ordo churches here too.

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