My View For Awhile: Humidity Edition and CQ! UPDATES

I’m heading south and, frankly, I’m not quite sure about my return date. That’s a tale for a different post.

The airport is NUTS this morning, pre-0600. I wonder if Delta changes schedules so that flights leave at the same time. The check in line and TSA snakes around. However, a little voice in my head told me to leave a bit earlier than my originally projected schedule. For future reference!


Watching the tender care of the baggage handlers reminds me of the old commercial. Those of you of a certain age know the one I’m thinking about.

What I can see this time is a green light that flashes as bags pass. I assume this is the scanner. I just had a text message assuring me that my bag was loaded onto this flight. Reassuring. I’ve had the experience of a text that my bag was loaded but on the wrong flight.


I fired up my laptop in the MSP lounge and operated the station remotely. Very cool. Made a contact, too.

Technology is great… when it works.


The next part begins soon… I hope.


Well that didn’t work the way it was supposed to. No AC. So they kept us on the airplane – and its not at all warm and humid in an airplane on the tarmac in Jacksonville – for a looong time. They tried again. After a while the engines shut down again. This time they let us off the plane.

Food wagon nearby.

The guy had to remake my burger. Of course, this doubling the time – I’m sensing a theme.

Yesterday afternoon when I came for my early check-in the clearing process that should have taken 5 minutes, took more like 30. Hmmm.

Anyway the burger was really good.

All around people are seeking power outlets. I, however, thwart this aspect of Zuhlsdorf’s law with a powerbank. And since there were no napkins for the messy sandwich…

Always bring power and antibacterial wipes. Always. Extra-thick if possible and in large quantity.


We aren’t moving for a while because of some ceremony of other that some brass are lined up for.


After killing time we are told that it’ll be another couple hours. They think we are leaving today! Meanwhile, we’ve been asked not to use the sinks in the restrooms. They are backing up.

People are really looking for power now.

The catfish sando at the foodtruck could be good as a supper choice.

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  1. Gab says:

    Bon voyage, Father – and keep clear of motorbikes!

  2. rcg says:

    Safe travels and for a laugh check out “United breaks guitars”.

  3. JustaSinner says:

    Samsonite—gorilla proof?

  4. hwriggles4 says:

    Have a safe trip. Sounds like you are going to Florida.

    Remember to give the baggage handler a banana.

  5. Gregg the Obscure says:

    the open-ended trip while one still has an elderly parent living. i remember those days well. safe travels.

  6. robert hightower says:

    Enjoy your time here in the Sunshine State and come visit the St. Thomas More priory in Sanford sometime!

  7. Kathleen10 says:

    God bless and safe travels Fr. Z. Hope Mom is well, and yes, be careful.

  8. GHP says:

    NAS Pensacola?

  9. Mark Windsor says:

    “The airport is NUTS this morning, pre-0600. I wonder if Delta changes schedules so that flights leave at the same time.”

    They do. When I worked for an airline, we called it a “push”. You’d push all the flights at certain periods of the day. It’s part of the hub-and-spoke system.

  10. Mark Windsor says:

    I just noticed the camo/subdued version of the Vatican flag! Where did you get that?! I have made some patches like with velcro backing, but they’re the seen-from-low-earth-orbit yellow version.

  11. acardnal says:

    Patrick AFB?

  12. Andreas says:

    I may be wrong about this, Father Z., but the two water towers are reminiscent of those where I served my first tour of active duty and learned to fly not far away at NAS Whiting Field. NAS Pensacola by any chance?

  13. SanSan says:

    sigh! Thank God your so patient! ;)

  14. Semper Gumby says:

    Safe travels Fr. Z. Very cool indeed with the remote station.

    Speaking of avoiding motorcycles, per Gab, here’s a news item from today’s Register about the Glorious Socialist Paradise of Venezuela:

    Bishop Mario del Valle Moronta Rodriguez of San Cristóbal de Venezuela said May 1 that “this afternoon a horde of Bolivarian National Guardsmen attacked Our Lady of Fatima church in Barrio Sucre of San Cristóbal.”

    A Mass was ending, he said, “when two (members of) the GNB entered the church on a motorcycle [SG: Nazguls].”

    Bishop Moronta said that “the pastor came down from the rectory in order to stop them,” but “in the attempt to dialogue, a horde of 40 GNB arrived trying to enter.”

    “The pastor, Fr. Jairo Clavijo, stopped them, and after them a general arrived by the last name of Ochoa who started arguing with the pastor, in hardly respectful terms.”

    “Not content with the outrage, the GNB threw tear gas canisters inside the church,” he complained.

    The Bishop of San Cristóbal said, “they were unable to evacuate the sacred precinct where there were a good number of faithful including quite a few elderly people. A nun fainted.”

  15. Charivari Rob says:

    For some reason, the angle of the view of the water towers made me think “Martian Landers”! Not the Rovers from Earth you often write about – I mean the from-Mars, War Of the Worlds type. Must be the appearance of discs and spindly legs.
    Trusting that your travel travail will be limited to one bout of humidity, and not the heat rays and valley of the shadow of death that did in poor Pastor Collins in the 1953 film…

  16. Kathleen10 says:

    I always bring one of those little hand held fans with me for flights. It can make all the difference, that little puff of air.

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