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Card. Müller on deaconettes. “No.”

I am reminded of years in the past when I would sometimes be challenged again and again for decisions I had made.   I eventually would say, “I have two answers.  There’s a short answer and a long answer.”  “What’s the … Read More

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Rome Day 3: Roman trash talk, perspiration, and prostitutes – UPDATED

UPDATE: Below, I inserted the Great Roman’s reading of the Belli Sonnet.  It’s a hoot. ___ In the rush to get a few things posted yesterday, I forgot this.   I saw this chasuble at Gammarelli.   I don’t in general like … Read More


Requests for GREGORIAN MASSES and PRIESTS who can say them

Sometimes when I post this, people send emails about various places that take Gregorian Masses.  That’s not what this post is for. Also, I am on the road, so I might not react immediately. ___ People sometimes write to me to … Read More

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Persecuted Fr. Kalchik responds to homosexualist Jesuit Martin

At Church Militant, there is a response by Fr. Paul John Kalchik – who was notoriously tossed from his Chicago parish after an infamous and blasphemous “gay” flag was burned – to homosexualist activist Jesuit Fr. Jasmine Martin, SJ. More … Read More

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Anniversary of a turning point in Christian history

Precisely in this time of year, it is the anniversary of the Great Siege of Malta, by the invading infidel Muslim under Suliman, called by some “the Magnificent”. This was a key moment in Western history, given the strategic importance … Read More

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