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“Tactical Rabbi”. Why not “Tactical Priests”? “Tactical Bishops”?

Let us begin our reflection on this post with a favorite passage of Scripture from Nehemiah 4:16-18 about the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem, a pivotal moment in salvation history: And it came to pass from that day forward, … Read More

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VIDEO: Conversion of an NFL player and the Traditional Latin Mass

Several kind souls have sent this video and I have heard about this young man from friends in Kansas City for some time now. You can see also my friends Fr. Matthew Bartulica and Fr. Shawn Tunink (who has a … Read More

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Maybe “Pray Brethren that my sacrifice and yours …” doesn’t mean what people assume.

From Fr. Hunwicke, something provocative… with my emphases and comments: ORATE FRATRES “Pray Brethren that my sacrifice and yours …” We find the roots of this formula, which precedes the Prayer Over The Offerings, in Carolingian Gaul, in a rubric … Read More

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Francis and the Deaconess Study Commission

At Crux Charles Collins (quondam Vatican Radio speaker) has some cleared-eye comments on recent remarks made on an airplane trip by Francis about the possibility of the ordination of women to the diaconate. In his view, and I agree, Francis … Read More

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