NEW BOOK from Martin Mosebach – Subversive Catholicism: Papacy, Liturgy, Church

German-born Martin Mosebach in an award-winning author who has penned works in many genres, novels, poems, and even opera libretti.   He is an eloquent defender of our Catholic traditions and patrimony.  If you haven’t yet read his exquisite The Heresy of Formlessness: The Roman Liturgy and Its Enemy (Revised and Expanded Edition) you are in for a treat. US HERE – UK HERE

To give you a sense of his subtlety in explaining how changes to liturgical worship disturbs the whole life of the Church, Mosebach describes how a rock feels resentment for centuries after it has been moved.

Mosebach has a new book.

Subversive Catholicism: Papacy, Liturgy, Church


The table of contents is alluring, to say the least.   Mosebach has presented a series of essays.

This is going to be great.  I have moved it up in my reading queue immediately after

The Great Siege, Malta 1565: Clash of Cultures: Christian Knights Defend Western Civilization Against the Moslem Tide

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  1. francophile says:

    Wow…as soon as I finish Cardinal Sarah’s new book Le soir approche et déjà le jour baisse, I will read this.


  2. samwise says:

    His mentioning of “Pious Aeneas” caught my attention and I have an extensive study here:

    I do disagree that a return to Paterfamilias Roman law (lex orandi… ) can somehow save our culture. The Cristo-centric Latin Mass can do that, not Virgil’s hero

    [You have hurled yourself down a totally irrelevant rabbit hole. Mosebach’s mention of Aeneas goes nowhere near the concept of paterfamilias.]

  3. Gaetano says:

    “The Great Siege” is an excellent (and easy) read. It treats the little known subject of the Siege of Malta quite well.

  4. Semper Gumby says:

    Thanks Fr. Z for the tip about a new Mosebach book. That Malta book looks interesting, thanks also Gaetano. Charliebird: thanks.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Any idea why his books aren’t offered in a Kindle version? I’m reading his book The 21: A Journey into the Land of the Coptic Martyrs, a library copy, and have to get used to actually carrying a book around with me!

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