Rome Day 1-2: Views, fabrics and eats

Yesterday morning brought a smooth landing at Fiumicino – not to be underestimated – but iffy weather. As a matter of fact, it rained hard yesterday morning and again in the evening, with some sunny moments in between.

My apartment wasn’t ready, so I parked at a nearby bar for some morning chow.

My view for awhile.

And my newer view for awhile.  Campo de’ Fiori, the quondam place of executions.

Right away it was off on errands and a bite to eat.    First, I got some initial photos of colors of silk to send to Fr. Johnson, the chaplain who lost his vestments in that crash into the river at NAS JAX.   We are replacing them and the project is underway!

Say hello to Abate Luigi, one of the “Talking Statues”.  He lost his head… again.

Lunch was tonnarelli with artichoke and swordfish.

And after that, fried anchovies.

For my fellow hams, there was a great old radio nearby.

Off to the stand where I’ve bought my veg for years.  La Signora had already gone home, so I’ll catch her later in the week.

Masses will be at Ss. Trinità dei Pellegrini.   I said my first Mass here for my benefactors. I will have other Masses for you as well.

Supplies at the store for upcoming meals.

The jasmine – not to be confused with a certain Jesuit named Martin – is in bloom, which makes the transit in some streets more pleasant.

And the night view, in panorama.

This morning off to the fabric store again.  I sent photos to Father to consult on shades and got back good responses.

Here, an action shot: The Cutting Of The Rose.

At Gammarelli a little while later I matched up the combinations for the three sets of travel vestments.

And we consulted about fabrics for the great pontifical set in black the TMSM will have made – SEND MONEY!  Right now, I am leaning to this, which can be done in black and sliver.


The coat of arms on the back of my chasuble for the new “Morlino” set, which one of you readers donated for in particular.

Gammarelli has a new line of clerical stockings for future prelates.

Meanwhile, back to what’s important.    CHEESES.

Today I picked up some serious mozzarella for una caprese.  Yes, that’s the aged balsamic.  And prosciutto “San Daniele”.

Cooking for myself saves a lot of money. One reader opined to me, via ZedNet, that if I wasn’t eating out in Rome, I was doing it wrong. Yes, that’s an approach, but not one I can easily afford. Rome is expensive. I can have three meals – good meals – for the price of one at most decent places I know. And I get the pleasure of going to the shops and stands that I know, getting the ingredients I can’t get at home and then working on them myself! And I can do that.

Lastly, this morning while walking around on errands I realized that I was smiling. I was walking around smiling. That occurred a couple times at Gitmo, recently. Before that… not so often.

And now a short siesta before hitting it again. Mass this afternoon after 5 again, for those of you who have donated and sent things from my wish list. You are not forgotten here in the Eternal City.


Mass for Benefactors

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  1. carndt says:

    My vote is for the fabric you’re leaning towards. Absolutely beautiful.

    Secondly, thank you for your prayers for us as you celebrate Mass. Know that many prayers are offered for you.

  2. SanSan says:

    That’s good Father, keep smiling!

    I like the purple/gold brocade!

    Thank you for the Masses. I really need them!

  3. Antiquorum says:

    Both options look gorgeous! I’m partial towards the alternative set.

    Love the use of your arms on the chasuble. The church has such a wonderful heraldic tradition. I wish we would see more of it than just on the about us page of the diocesan website.

  4. JamesA says:

    Always good to see you back “home”, Father.
    My goal is to eventually see the Eternal City in some Pilgrimage with which you are associated.
    Thank you so much for the benefactors Masses. I am in a dry spiritual place and that spurs me on.

  5. Diana says:

    I think both sets are lovely!

  6. Julia_Augusta says:

    Thank you for posting food photos. It is indeed less expensive to cook for yourself, especially when there are so many different kinds of fresh vegetables in the market (did I see one courgette flower in the photo?), plus a vast selection of cheese at the fromagerie, and of course, prosciutto at the macelleria.

  7. AureEntuluva says:

    Just exploring, sampling, and learning about all that cheese and charcuterie could probably keep me occupied a while. And real Italian espresso! Although if it is true that Italian coffee/espresso is more bitter, I wonder if I could handle it.

  8. Charles E Flynn says:

    This is what Father is avoiding by making use of his own cooking skills and his knowledge of local sources for ingredients (admittedly an extreme example):

    Outrage as restaurant in Rome charges tourists £70 for two burgers and three coffees

    Fr. Z's Gold Star Award

  9. Gab says:

    The rose-gold, black and silver combination will look stunning. And the blue/gold patterned done in a black/silver will by outstanding. Good choices, Father.

  10. acardnal says:

    Seeing that old set-top radio caused my mind to think of Mussolini’s voice coming out of it.

  11. acardnal says:

    That old radio is probably loaded with vacuum tubes (valves in England). I started my career in electronics with tubes: diodes, triodes, tetrodes, pentodes with their filaments, cathodes, plates, grids, anodes, suppressors, screens, etc. Ahh, the good old days.

  12. RichR says:


    These posts remind me that there are beautiful things in this world. It also shows people that you aren’t a mean old curmudgeon who sits in his home hating Vatican II ;-) You seem like the kind of priest that has a balanced view of the world and your place in it as a shepherd of souls. Thanks for the foodie stuff as well. You’re a very creative chef.

  13. MrsAnchor says:

    As for the Black TMSM Set, the Alternative Fabric is Gorgeous reminds me of ICKSP flare…
    I did like the Purple Version of Filigree below it, as it had subtler Range of color that would compliment the Black contrast.

    It definitely carries an enchanting nod to those Glorious Days where the Religious had vision of a Heavenly Court surrounding the Holy Sacrifice

  14. Mrs Anchor: You perhaps misunderstand. That Purple which is held up, with the waving gold floral pattern is an example of what can be made. I am thinking to have that same pattern woven in black with silver pattern, instead of purple with gold.

    I hope that’s clearer.

  15. MrsAnchor says:

    Fr. Zuhlsdorf:

    The Alternative Black Fabric with the Colored Ted Flowers & Greens etc? That’s the Photo I was commenting on. Below to the Right there’s a doppelgänger purple fabric same motif of the Black in which the tones of the Black version are subtler.

    That’s ICKSP flare…

    The Purple & Gold which would be done in Black & Silver is done at times in FSSP… but certainly for Diocesan Priests… so for me a traveler. That combination isn’t as appealing as the variations of the Alternative Photo. That Tonal Floral Motif on Black has a Baroque Renaissance nod.
    With #MakeTheLiturgyGreatAgain & such movements to restore our Glorious Patrimony I think the “ostentatious” fabric is fitting to give Greater Glory to God here on Earth.

    If I still misunderstand. I apologize
    I’ll take breaks & re read what you wrote. Perhaps that will bring a different perspective

    Thank You Father for all that you do!

  16. MrsAnchor says:

    R* and below to the LEFT (is what I meant)

  17. MrsAnchor says:

    Hoping this photo shows. There are layers of fabric underneath the Black & Colored Damask.

    To the left there’s a replica done in purple (that’s the one I speak of) I consider if that one can be replaced with Black Background & Silver it would be enchanting.
    Because It’s a Middle ground, but if not. I stand by your Choice of the Alternative Black with Tonal Flower Motif
    In any case… I tried. You have Gammarelli’s and It’s a Treasure Box to be sure!!!
    May Our Lady Queen guise your pick!

    [You can also guide the pick! Simply send a check for about $10k, because, given the narrow width of that fabric, and the amount lost to match the writing when assembling vestments, it will probably take that much more on top of my budget to star with the fabric that you like. NB: I like it too.
    Make it $15K. The Society’s address is on the right side bar. Thanks in advance!]

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