#ActonU 2019 Day 1 = Day 3: getting up to speed

Once again I have the pleasure of participating in Acton Institute’s summer event, Acton University, several days of outstanding lectures and meeting people from dozens of countries and varying walks of life and religions.

Getting here wasn’t easy this time.  I was in NYC for a previous engagement and then encountered flight nightmare, including mechanical problems that took our plane back to LGA.

As soon as we landed, there was a “ground stop” for weather.  Then they had to find another plane.  Then we had to get out of the tangle of planes waiting to leave.  It was awful.

However, it was deja vu.  The first flight returned to LGA because both the AC units were out.  It was really hot in that airplane.   Sound familiar?  This was the same pattern as when I went to Gitmo, and that plane crashed.   As a matter of fact, when this flight returned to LGA there were lots of emergency vehicles along the runway with their lights on.

But I digress… I arrived.

This morning we had a lovely Missa Cantata with Gregorian chant.

The bookstore always has good stuff.  Lib heads would either get straighten out in a hurry, or explode.

David Clayton, who always comes, also writes for NLM.  And Bradley’s book is a must.

Meanwhile, start ’em young.

The early schedule each day reflects the diversity of the attendees.


Jennifer Roback Morse of Ruth Institute

ALWAYS good.

On “gender ideology”. As you know “gender ideology” is from Hell.

The idea is that gender ideology is putting western society at risk.

Jennifer used for the example of how Fr Cusick was tweet-mobbed for suggesting that women should dress modestly in church.

She also used examples of Drag Queen stuff in libraries and boys beating girls in sports.

Combating gender ideology… remember…

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  1. monstrance says:

    Considering airport ground stops –
    A wise pilot once quipped – “I would rather be on the ground wishing I was up there, than to be in the air wishing I was on the ground.”

  2. mepoindexter says:

    You didn’t to try bless the plane again, did you Father?

    …did you?

  3. justfeddup says:

    I think the reason Fr. Cusick was tweet-mobbed was he used the word “feminists”. Plus they have no obligation for charity only the Satanic need for power and control.

  4. samwise says:

    My question is how does “B” in LGBTQ remain a viable identity? Doesn’t it’s “waffling” between genders make it untenable from one moment to the next?

  5. Charivari Rob says:

    Interesting flight path, Father. Looks like you touched five dioceses and archdioceses in your short round trip, and just missed a sixth.

  6. bigtex says:

    Jennifer Roback Morse is clueless when it comes to the Jewish Question. She thinks it’s just a conspiracy theory. Never mind centuries of Church teaching and dealing with the matter. So many Catholics have been brainwashed by VII and Nostra Aetate. Is it any wonder the Church and the West is on fire?

    [Clueless comment, from beginning to end.]

  7. JDBenedictH says:

    Haha. The OF is in room E/F.

  8. veritas vincit says:

    I find the mention of an “Islamic prayer room” interesting. Are there really devout Muslims attending Acton U who believe in the classic liberal Western values that Acton Institute supports?

  9. Semper Gumby says:

    Thank you for the post on Acton University Fr. Z. Looks really interesting.

    JDBenedictH: Good one.

  10. Ben Kenobi says:

    I saw the photos that Dr. J had of you and her, so was wondering what the view on the other side was like. :)

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